What are the best phone plans on the Telstra network?

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Did you know there is more to the mobile phone plan world than just the ‘Big Three’ – Telstra, Vodafone and Optus? There are, in fact, more than 30 mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) that piggyback off these three networks. The end result is that you have a lot more choice and the ability to bag a bargain if you shop around.

As the largest network in Australia, it’s little wonder a lot of MVNOs want to get on board the Telstra train. The telco giant has the most expansive network in the country and given its great reception in many rural areas, it’s a claim that seems to hold true. Despite some high-profile outages in recent times, Telstra serves several million Aussie customers. However, there are several third-party providers which also utilise Telstra’s network services to provide their own mobile phone plans – and in many cases, provide similar or superior value. Most are SIM-only and operate online, but offer convenience and great prices.

If you’ve been thinking of switching services, but love the Telstra coverage, then you may want to consider other providers that use the Telstra network. Read on for our list of providers using Telstra’s nationwide networks, or jump straight into our SIM-only comparison tool below to find a great deal.

Best mobile plans using the Telstra network

While Telstra might not be the cheapest telco on the market, you can still pick up a cheap phone plan from many of the MVNOs using the Telstra network. However Telstra often makes up for the price with a range of bonuses and extras generally not available through other telcos, not to mention access to its full mobile network and expanding 5G network.

Postpaid plans on the Telstra network

The table below shows a selection of postpaid plans from Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of standard advertised monthly cost, lowest cost first, then by data allowance. Use our comparison tool to see a wider range of plans from other providers. These are products which may contain links to referral partners.

Prepaid plans on the Telstra network

The table below shows a selection of prepaid plans from Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of standard advertised monthly cost, lowest cost first, then by data allowance. Use our comparison tool to see a wider range of plans from other providers. These are products which may contain links to referral partners.

Phone Providers on the Telstra Network

There are a handful of operators on the Telstra network, with both prepaid plans and postpaid plans. If you’re having trouble, we can help you work out whether prepaid or postpaid plans are better value for you.

The leading mobile providers that use the Telstra network include:

Belong Mobile

As a direct Telstra subsidiary, Belong offers a dead-simple approach to its postpaid plans, offering three plans. Starting at $25 and going up to $45 over a one-month period, all plans feature unlimited national calls and texts and if you need international call inclusions, you can add an international calling pack to select countries for an additional $5 each month.

The big plus for Belong users is access to unlimited data banking. This means that any unused gigabytes will roll over and can be stashed away for future use and you can even gift your data to other Belong mobile users. All Belong plans are offered on a monthly basis, with no lock-in contracts. The below table includes Belong’s postpaid plans and includes sponsored links.

Boost Mobile

A prepaid service provider that, historically, has marketed to a younger demographic, Boost Mobile has ‘matured’ a little since the early 2000s, growing into a great-value telco across the board. It ceased using the Optus network for phone plans in 2013, and jumped ship to Telstra. Currently, Boost is the only MVNO to make full use of the Telstra 3G and 4G networks – others only use parts of it.

Boost Mobile offers a range of prepaid plans running across different expiry periods, with the main offerings running on 28-day cycles. Boost packs a lot of value into the plans with generous data, and most plans include unlimited international calls and SMS to select countries, plus the option to roll over unused data to the next recharge. All in all, you get get some fantastic value for money and all with full access to the Telstra network. The below table includes all of Boost’s 28-day plans.


A small service provider that offers both SIM-only and handset phone plans, TeleChoice differs from its competitors in a number of ways. Unlike most MVNOs, TeleChoice maintains brick-and-mortar stores nationwide and offers its postpaid plans on various plan periods, including month-to-month plans, 12-month and 24-month plans. Another way TeleChoice stands out is its Prepay plans (not to be confused with the standard 28-day and 180-day prepaid plans also offered by the telco). Essentially you prepay the minimum monthly charge upfront for several months access to your ‘postpaid’ plan —either seven or 13 months of service— and if you go over your inclusions, you pay the excess on a post-paid basis.

TeleChoice offers six postpaid deals across all of the plan periods, with prices for the month-to-month plans starting at $19 up to $49 per month. If you sign up to a 12 or 24-month plan, you can expect a lower monthly fee, and you can save even more by opting to prepay. If you’re looking at a new handset, TeleChoice will give you six different plan and phone bundle choices. The below table features the 12-month plans, and includes sponsored links.

Woolworths Mobile

As a grocery giant in the mobile phone market, Woolworths Mobile offers three 30-day prepaid plans and three long-expiry prepaid plans across 180 and 365 day expiry periods. As for postpaid, there are also three SIM-only monthly postpaid plans available, priced at just $25, $35 and $45 per month. You’ll have access to up to 500GB of data banking with each option, and Woolworths Mobile often includes bonus data on some plans. Unlimited international calls and SMS to 22 select countries are also available on the $35 and $45 plans.

Postpaid plans can also be paired with any Woolworths Mobile device plan. Plans bundled with a phone are available on 24 or 36-month payment periods, and you can choose from a selection of Samsung or OPPO devices. Woolworths Mobile also offers prepaid plans, with some similarities to the postpaid options such as data banking.


Known more for selling refurbished phones, Numobile has a simple range of SIM-only postpaid phone plans that run month-to-month. The simple suite of five plans starts at $15 per month for 3GB of data, $25 for 20GB of data, $30 will get you 30GB of data, $35 plan includes 40GB of data, while the top-level plan is $45 for 60GB of data. All plans include unlimited national talk and text, while all plans except the $15 plan, include unlimited international talk and text to 15 select countries including China, India, New Zealand, the UK and USA.

Each plan also includes a data bank of up to 300GB of data, so any unused data for that month will roll over into the next month. If you run out of data, you can use gigabytes stored in your data bank, or you can purchase a data add-on.


Pennytel has had an interesting history, having relaunched on the Telstra network in early 2018 after the telco liquidated back in 2013. This small telco keeps things simple with four postpaid plans available, all of which come with unlimited calls and SMS. Plans begin at $10.99 per month for 1GB of data, up to $69 per month for 100GB.

Pennytel prides itself on comprehensive customer service, with service hours on Monday to Friday from 8am to midnight, and from 9am to 9pm on weekends. All Pennytel plans are SIM-only and contract-free, with both 4G and 3G Telstra coverage. The below table includes all seven plans and sponsored links.

ALDI Mobile

ALDI Mobile offers a solid range of prepaid phone plans, including pay-as-you-go options and a family pack, however there are four ‘Mobile Plans’ that are the main offerings and aimed at the average phone user. All of the Value Packs include include unlimited standard national calls and SMS.

Starting from $15 with 3GB of data and going up to the $45 for 65GB of data. Most of these packs also include unlimited standard calls and SMS to 20 select countries. ALDI Mobile does have some competitive rates with good included value.


Lycamobile’s prepaid plans are all contract-free, and are ideal for anyone looking for great international calling inclusions: selected plans include unlimited calls to up to 53 countries. Even if you don’t have family or friends overseas, Lycamobile’s plans all feature unlimited standard national talk and text and generous data.

You can get a couple of cheap plans with no international call inclusions, but the XS, S, M, L and XL plans are where the value for money really is with international call inclusions. Lycamobile uses the Telstra 4G and 3G networks, and offers multilingual customer service.

Tangerine Telecom

Perhaps more known for its NBN service, Tangerine Telecom also offers a straightforward selection of eight postpaid SIM-only plans. All plans are available month-to-month and include unlimited standard national calls and SMS. Data inclusions start at 1GB and go up to 100GB so there are choices for a range of data users. Unlimited international calls to 15 select countries are available on all plans except the $9.90 plan and $19.90 plan.

Think Mobile

If you’re thinking of getting a new phone plan, Think Mobile is an interesting proposition. It’s based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, and is yet another dual-carrier postpaid MVNO (the Vodafone network being the other one used), with plans on the Telstra network starting at $15 per month, but not including data.

Think’s ‘Classic’ Telstra network plans all offer 4G coverage, but the data amounts aren’t huge; the maximum included data is 2GB on the $35 plan. Think Mobile’s Vodafone network plans are a little more competitive, so if you’re not set on a network, you may prefer the ‘Ultimate’ Think Mobile plan options.

Telstra (prepaid)

This list wouldn’t be complete without Telstra itself. The telco giant has a decent selection of prepaid plans with expiry periods starting at seven days and going up to 365 days. Prepaid plans include continuous data rollover and some plans may include some international call and text inclusions.

Telstra (postpaid)

Telstra offers four main SIM-only plans, all of which are available on month-to-month contracts. These start at $55 a month for 40GB of high-speed data, and all four options include unlimited lower-speed data (capped at 1.5Mbps). While these plans are technically postpaid, you’ll pay for your plan upfront automatically each month, so no need to worry about checking that monthly bill.

Telstra may seem expensive, but it is of course the only provider here to offer unbridled access to its own network – others only receive parts of it, or in Boost’s case, do not receive the full 4GX LTE speed range. Currently Telstra is the only telco to benefit from the Telstra 5G network, as MVNOs have not been granted access. Telstra also sweetens the deal with the ability to add on entertainment extras like Kayo sports (and sometimes with a discount) to your plan so you have everything on the one bill, so there is extra value that could make these plans more appealing to you.

What are the best mobile plans on the Telstra network?

Choosing the best Telstra network mobile plan for you should be decided by three factors:

  1. Do you want a prepaid or postpaid phone plan?
  2. What is your budget?
  3. What inclusions do you need (call, SMS, data, etc)?

Once you’ve narrowed down if you want a prepaid or postpaid plan, compare the plans from those providers using the Telstra network and see which providers offer plans around your budget and the inclusions you need. For example, if you only want to spend $20-$30 on your phone plan and you need a minimum of 10GB of data, compare plans from these providers to see which telco matches your criteria the best. If you have your comparison narrowed down to a few providers, you might then look at the length of the plan (whether its on a contract, month-to-month or the expiry period if prepaid), and any other perks available from the provider, such as data banking, entertainment extras, etc.

To help you compare phone plans on the Telstra network, our comparison tool at the top of the page can display plans from a range of telcos and you can filter by cost and inclusions.

Which Telstra network provider should I choose?

Choosing one in this large range of providers can be confusing. In the end, it’s all based on what your call, text and data needs are. With more than 60 plans to choose from, chances are there’s a plan on the Telstra network out there for you. Telstra may be Australia’s dominant telco provider, but it is by no means the only option if you’re after a great-value plan on the Telstra network.

However, if you want to explore more plan options across other mobile networks, Canstar Blue allow you compare mobile phone plans from over 30 other providers to help you find the right mobile phone plan for you.

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