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iiNet is one of the premier NBN providers in Australia and has a suite of competitive plans to suit many. Even since being acquired by TPG, iiNet seems to have lost none of the qualities that customers loved beforehand – and now it’s part of the second largest telco in Australia. Find out what iiNet has to offer in the NBN space and how it stacks up against other providers.


iiNet NBN Plans

iiNet has a range of fixed-line, fixed wireless and SkyMuster satellite plans to suit many Australians. The iiNet’s plans across fixed-line and fixed wireless are much the same, except that its fixed wireless plans max out at NBN 25, while the fixed-line plans go all the way to the NBN 100 speed tier. Here is a brief selection of the most popular plans:

iiNet Fixed Line NBN Plans

iiNet has two base data caps – 500GB and unlimited data – with faster speed tiers getting unlimited data only. There are three speed tiers, which are:

  • Basic – NBN 12: 11Mbps typical evening speed
  • Turbo – NBN 50 (+$10): 8Mbps typical evening speed
  • Max – NBN 100 (+$30): 8Mbps typical evening speed

‘Typical evening speed’ refers to internet speeds between the hours of 7pm and 11pm when networks are typically quite congested. Prices start at $59.99 a month for 500GB on the Basic speed tier. The next speed jump is a big one:

  • Prices for unlimited data on NBN 50 and above start at $79.99, and this includes calls to local and national lines.
  • Prices typically jump $10 a month if you want calls to mobiles thrown in as well.

An international call pack to 20 countries costs an extra $10 a month. Set-up is $0 on 24-month plans, while it costs $79.95 for month-to-month plans.

iiNet Fixed Wireless NBN Plans

Fixed wireless plans feature similar value as its fixed line counterparts, but speeds max out at NBN 25. There are four plans in total, which are:

  • $59.99: 500GB on NBN 12
  • $69.99: Unlimited data on NBN 12
  • $79.99: Unlimited data on NBN 25
  • $89.99: Unlimited data on NBN 25 plus calls to mobiles

Both NBN 25 plans feature local and national calls as standard, while the slower plans feature pay as you go (PAYG) rates. International call packs can be added for $10 a month, while month-to-month contracts incur an $80-odd activation fee.

iiNet SkyMuster NBN Plans

Those living in rural locations aren’t left out, with iiNet providing a strong bevy of SkyMuster satellite plans. Two speed tiers are now available – NBN 12 and 25 – and data caps are generally split between peak/off peak times. Details are:

  • 30GB + 120GB (peak/off peak) data: $39.99
  • 45GB + 155GB: $49.99
  • 60GB + 190GB: $59.99

To jump to NBN 25 you can expect to pay $5 extra a month. Off peak times are 1am-7am, meaning if you have something relatively large to download, you may want to schedule it to the wee hours. An international call pack can be added for $10, while a local/national/mobile pack can be added for $20. Month-to-month contracts mean you pay a $100-odd activation fee and $89 for a modem if you don’t BYO.

iiNet TV by Fetch

iiNet fetch and remote

The fun with iiNet doesn’t stop at internet – the telco also gives customers the opportunity to bundle in a streaming video on demand (SVOD) service – Fetch. Fetch provides a combination of set top box/PVR with streaming entertainment.

  • On 24 month contracts on fixed line and fixed wireless connections, iiNet includes a Fetch ‘Mini’ box at no extra cost. This makes it easy to watch Netflix, Stan and more, and you also get access to 30 free movies per month.
  • Channel packs can be bought from $6 a month extra, and packs include, ‘Kids’, ‘Vibe’, ‘Variety’, ‘Knowledge’, or the option to bundle all four for $20. BeIN sports can also be added for $14.95 extra.
  • Streaming of Netflix, Stan, YouTube and catch up TV can usually be done so data-free, which is a huge bonus for 500GB plans.

As mentioned, this is available on fixed connections only – SkyMuster customers tend to miss out. Month-to-month customers may also have to pay $5 extra.

How does iiNet NBN compare to other providers?

iiNet typically stacks up pretty well against the bigger providers such as Telstra, Optus and others, but other smaller guys may beat it to the punch on price.

iiNet Fixed Line NBN Compared

For fixed line NBN, iiNet is pretty squarely positioned in the middle of the spectrum when it comes to the cheapest providers. If we take iiNet’s NBN 50 plans for example, unlimited data costs about $80 a month, which is certainly not bad, but there are some providers offering cheaper plans.

Still, there is merit to iiNet. At these low prices providers often charge hefty set-up fees or make you BYO modem. iiNet charges a relatively modest set-up fee if opting for a month-to-month contract and includes a modem on 24 month plans.

iiNet Fixed Wireless NBN Compared

Fixed wireless plans feature most of the goodies as their fixed line friends, but in iiNet’s case speeds max out at 25Mbps. Aside from Mate and Barefoot as mentioned above, other leading providers include Flip TV, Hello Broadband and Amaysim.

  • Unlimited data on NBN 25 can be found for around $60 a month, while NBN 12 can be found for about $10 cheaper.

While certainly not a slouch in the price war, iiNet may fall behind by a few dollars when it comes to price. Overall, many of the same conditions apply to fixed wireless as they do to fixed line NBN.

iiNet SkyMuster NBN Compared

SkyMuster is the latest in NBN Co’s arsenal, but users don’t get to experience unlimited data goodness. There also a lot fewer providers to choose from with iiNet being one of the leaders.

All three providers generally split data between peak/off peak periods, and all have their unique selling points. For any appreciable amounts of data, customers generally have to pay $50+ a month, especially if they want that data in peak times.

Is an iiNet NBN plan worth keeping an eye out for?

iiNet is one of the leaders in the NBN industry with competitive internet plans and five-star customer satisfaction. However, this does not mean it’s the ‘cheapest’ provider. Arguably there has never been a better time to hop into a new NBN plan, and there are many providers offering similar plans to what iiNet has but at a few dollars cheaper.

  • You can go for a big brand such as iiNet or go with one of the smaller providers – perhaps for a few dollars cheaper.
  • iiNet also bundles in entertainment TV packs at no extra cost on 24 month plans, potentially adding some value.

Overall, iiNet is not among the ‘cheapest of the cheap’ but it remains a leader across fixed line, fixed wireless and SkyMuster NBN plans. The next time you’re shopping around for a new NBN plan, iiNet is worth a look into.

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