Do you need a phone line for NBN

Do you need a phone line for the NBN?

Posted by May 10th 2024

Having a phone line in the home may have been more common with older internet connections like ADSL. With the rise of the NBN, phone lines started to become obsolete, especially as many of us …

An NBN junction

FTTC NBN: Everything you need to know

Posted by May 3rd 2024

While the NBN might be the most popular way for Aussies to access the internet at home, each home may have a different experience depending on what NBN connection type they have. Fibre to the curb …


FTTN NBN: Everything you need to know

Posted by May 3rd 2024

When it comes to choosing an NBN plan, the technology type used to connect your home to the NBN can have a big impact on what speeds and plans you can get at your home. Fibre …

HFC NBN: Everything you need to know

Posted by May 2nd 2024

When it comes to the NBN, not every NBN connection type is equal. With different connection types available to different households, it can be confusing to not only work out what connection you have, but …

Best internet plans and best internet deals

Best Internet Deals [May 2024]

Posted by May 1st 2024

Compare internet deals from providers such as Belong, SpinTel, Amaysim, MyRepublic, AusBBS, MATE, Barefoot and Telstra with Canstar Blue.

Woman happily using laptop while sitting cross-legged

Expert Picks: Best NBN Plans (May 2024)

Posted by May 2nd 2024

And while price is important, opting for the cheapest plan available doesn't always mean you'll be getting the best value for your money. Finding the best plan means working out not only your monthly budget, but …

A happy young couple looking at a laptop

Average NBN Speed: What is the typical evening speed?

Posted by April 29th 2024

The NBN offers several different speed options, but it's important to make sure you're on the right speed tier for your needs. If your NBN speed tier isn't fast enough to handle your home's daily …

NBN 12

Compare the best NBN 12 plans

Posted by April 24th 2024

When choosing an NBN plan, one of the biggest decisions is which speed tier you should choose. There are several different speed tiers available and it can be tricky to decide which speed tier is …

Young man looking at laptop computer against light grey background

What is the average internet bill per month?

Posted by April 23rd 2024

Having a good home internet connection is essential for many of us, especially if you work from home or love to kick back and watch some Netflix. However, broadband isn't free - so just how …

Do i need NBN for internet

Do I need NBN for internet?

Posted by May 10th 2024

Just because it’s the most popular — and perhaps easiest — way to connect to the internet, it doesn’t mean you have to use NBN for your home internet. In this guide, we’ll cover those …

Woman floating in pool with laptop

Best internet for travelling Australia

Posted by April 19th 2024

Thankfully, there is still remote internet access in Australia, no matter your internet usage needs. In this guide, we take a look at your options for internet while travelling Australia. The best internet for travelling Australia Travelling …

White modem/router in the home

Can I use my own modem with a new internet plan?

Posted by April 16th 2024

Many internet providers include modems with their plans, but there are often added costs involved. So if you already have a modem, can you use it with a new internet plan? In this Canstar Blue …

NBN phone

NBN phone lines explained

Posted by April 16th 2024

The Fibre Phone (your NBN phone service) has been introduced as a new way to make your phone calls. Learn how it works and if it's worth buying.

NBN installation costs

How much does NBN installation cost?

Posted by April 15th 2024

While the first round of the rollout technically concluded in 2020, upgrades are still being conducted across the country to give more Aussies access to the fastest and most reliable internet speeds possible. This whole …

A person using a laptop

What is an ISP?

Posted by April 12th 2024

Essentially, an ISP is your go-to retailer for signing up to NBN and broadband plans. If you're wondering 'who is my ISP' and if it’s the best provider to be with, read on to find …

Australia owned telcos

Which telcos are Australian owned?

Posted by April 12th 2024

If you’re looking for a new service provider, then supporting an Aussie company may be your answer. Find out which telcos are Australian-owned.

FTTB NBN plans

FTTB NBN: Everything you need to know

Posted by May 10th 2024

If your home is connected via an FTTB NBN connection and you want to know more about this connection type and the FTTB plans available to you, read on to compare a range of FTTB …