The Best Modems for Mobile Broadband

Best 4G Mobile Broadband Modems in Australia

Posted by February 28th 2024

Whether you have home wireless internet as an alternative to the NBN in your home, or if you’re looking to a mobile broadband plan to take when travelling or to supplement your home internet during …

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Tangerine hacked: Personal info of 230,000 customers exposed

Posted by February 22nd 2024

Tangerine is the latest Aussie telco to suffer a major data breach, after the personal details of 232,000 customers were stolen by hackers.  Tangerine said in a statement that the hack occurred February 18, with management …

How to change NBN providers

Posted by February 21st 2024

The completion of the NBN rollout means most Australians might already be on an NBN plan. But with so many plans on offer, it can be hard to choose which provider is right for you, …

NBN Speed Test

Posted by February 20th 2024

How do you know if your NBN speed is slow or not? Speed tests are easy to do and can reveal a lot about how good your internet is.

Gaming internet speeds

What is the best internet for gaming?

Posted by February 15th 2024

Compare gaming internet plans from MyRepublic, Telstra, Aussie Broadband and more in this Canstar Blue review. Gaming internet reviews.

Low Wi-Fi signal

WiFi extenders and boosters review and guide

Posted by February 14th 2024

But when it comes to actually looking at what’s available, where should you start looking, and what should you be looking for? Find out all you need to know about WiFi extenders with this Canstar …

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Cut your internet bills: Australia’s cheapest NBN plans

Posted by February 21st 2024

This where Canstar Blue comes in. If you're on the hunt for the very cheapest NBN plans from providers big and small, we've got you covered. Using our extensive NBN database, we've picked out the …

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Upgrade to fast NBN with TPG, score $250 off your bill

Posted by February 13th 2024

Ready for faster home internet, but concerned about paying more on your broadband bill? TPG's newest deal for upgrading customers offers superior speeds, as well as a sweet discount on plan prices. For a limited time, …

NBN satellite base station in Bourke

What is NBN Satellite?

Posted by February 9th 2024

With Australia’s NBN rollout now mostly completed, there remains a lot of confusion around just what the NBN is, and what certain parts of the NBN do. One of the big things that people are …

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NBN Evening Speeds

Posted by February 9th 2024

But between the available NBN speed tiers, and the jargon used to describe each option, it can be hard to figure out which plan is your best match. To pick the right NBN plan and …

New financial hardship rules from the ACMA

Regulator cracks down on telcos failing struggling customers

Posted by February 7th 2024

Telco customers experiencing financial hardship will have improved safeguards, thanks to new industry rules to be introduced from late March. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has announced it will begin to hold telcos to …

5G vs NBN

5G vs NBN: Is 5G better than NBN?

Posted by February 5th 2024

It's full steam ahead for 5G in Australia, with the next-gen mobile technology able to reach speeds of well over one gigabit (that’s 1000Mbps!). In comparison, the NBN continues to be met with controversy — …

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Expert Picks: Best NBN Plans (February 2024)

Posted by February 5th 2024

And while price is important, opting for the cheapest plan available doesn't always mean you'll be getting the best value for your money. Finding the best plan means working out not only your monthly budget, but …

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Guide to your NBN connection box

Posted by January 29th 2024

If your property is connected to the NBN, it will have specialised equipment installed outside and inside to allow you to access to the internet — and depending on your technology type, this may include …


4G Home Internet Plans in Australia

Posted by January 18th 2024

The NBN is well and truly the number one choice in the internet world for Australians, but as with any avenue of internet connectivity, it certainly has its downfalls. There are a couple of alternatives, …

Good NBN speeds

What is a good internet speed?

Posted by January 17th 2024

Choosing an internet plan for your home can be a difficult decision. But thanks to the introduction of the NBN, customers have more choice, and the ability to select a speed that better reflects their …