Amanda Horswill

Amanda Horswill From interviewing Dr Who to describing award-winning homes to dissecting monetary policy, Amanda Horswill’s two-decade-long journalism career has seen her cover an entire rainbow of subjects. She’s served as the Editor of Brisbane News, Deputy Features Editor for The Sunday Mail, Books Editor - The Courier-Mail, Deputy Editor – Digital at Quest Community News, and a host of other senior positions at News Corp, prior to joining Canstar. When not at work, you will find her looking for her next renovation project, binge-watching far too much subscription TV, or looking for her next foodie addiction.

Jack Ryan Hero

Jack Ryan Review: Spy action with a side of despot

Posted by April 13th 2021

Jack Ryan is the U.S. answer to James Bond (minus the martinis and misogyny). He came all guns blazing to our screens on Amazon Prime Video in season one, when he transformed from a desk-bound …