Maddy Morwood

Maddy Morwood Maddy Morwood is a Canstar Blue journalist and avid Netflix binger who brings years of experience sitting in front of the television to the team as the go-to for all things streaming. She holds a degree in communications from the Queensland University of Technology, majoring in journalism and is currently expanding her knowledge in the writing industry as she undertakes a Masters degree in writing, editing and publishing at the University of Queensland. Maddy is passionate about combining her arguably two only talents to help Australians remain up to date on the 411 of streaming content.

Selection of Netflix documentaries on laptop computer

The best documentaries on Netflix

Posted by September 30th 2020

Documentaries is an area where Netflix has really found its niche. It seems like ever month or so, Netflix has that new great doco that everyone is talking about and much of it has become …

Westworld season 3 image

How to watch Westworld in Australia

Posted by September 21st 2020

Can you afford to purchase a ticket? Well, if you haven’t jumped aboard the Westworld hype train yet (or dived head-first into the exclusive amusement park), consider this a sign: Westworld is calling your name. …

Doom Patrol poster

How to watch Doom Patrol in Australia

Posted by September 12th 2020

If you’re a hardcore fan of DC, chances are you’ve read the comics and are well-acquainted with the Doom Patrol – a heroic squad of misfits from the DC Universe whose superpowered ‘gifts’ are the …