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Review of Nature’s Way Protein Supplements

Nature’s Way is an Australian owned company that has been operating for over 75 years. Nature’s Way aims to encourage Australians to live life “nature’s way” by providing a wide range of health products with a commitment to quality. In its sport and fitness line, there are several protein powders on offer that are targeted towards supporting active lifestyles. Nature’s Way protein supplements can be found in several local stores and online. Let’s have a look at the range and see how Nature’s Way lives up to its mission statement.

What protein powders does Nature’s Way offer?

There are several protein types available in the market. Nature’s Way produces protein powders made from brown rice protein, soy protein, and pea protein.

Brown rice protein powder

Natures Way Brown rice protein powder

Brown rice protein is an alternative for those who are intolerant of or avoiding whey (dairy) protein, soy protein, or egg protein. Nature’s Way offers one brown rice protein powder – the Nature’s Way Super Green Protein in choc cacao flavour. It combines two different plant proteins of raw brown rice and pea protein as well as the following super foods: kale, broccoli, barley grass, wheat grass, spinach, spirulina and chlorella. It is naturally sweetened with stevia.

Nature’s Way Super Green Protein is free from gluten, wheat, dairy, nuts, soy, and GMOs, and is suitable for vegans. Nature’s Way recommends this product for those who exercise regularly, follow a healthy diet or have busy lifestyles and want an easy snack option. Nature’s Way Super Green Protein is designed for fitness and exercise support before, during or after exercise with up to four servings per day. Standard packaging size is 300g, with 22g of plant protein per serving.

Soy protein powders

Soy protein, while considered an alternative, is still a complete protein similar to whey. It is suitable for vegetarians and acts as a multi-purpose protein for overall health and nutrition. There are two soy protein options available in Nature’s Way product range – Nature’s Way Figure Protein and Nature’s Way Instant Natural Protein.

Natures Way Figure Shaping

  • Nature’s Way Figure Protein is formulated for active women and has two flavour options – vanilla and chocolate. Nature’s Way Figure Protein contains iron, chromium, probiotics, folate, calcium and vitamin D. Nature’s Way recommends this protein shake for women who live active lives and want to support their exercise habits, or are looking for a reduced carbohydrate snack. Nature’s Way Figure Protein, delivers 32.5g of protein per serving (27g of powder mixed with 250mL skim milk) in the vanilla flavour and 32.2g of protein per serve in the chocolate flavour. Standard packaging size is 400g, or about 15 servings.

Natures Way Instant Natural Protein

  • Nature’s Way Instant Natural Protein is formulated to suit adults as well as older children. It contains thiamine to help support health and comes in two flavour options of vanilla or chocolate. Nature’s Way Instant Natural Protein is reduced in fat and contains no animal products. If you are looking for a shake for the whole family, you may like to consider this as an option. Standard size is 375g and provides 22g of protein per 35g serving.

Pea protein powder

Pea protein is rich in plant protein and contains branched chain amino acids, which help to keep energy levels up. Pea protein is free from gluten, milk, eggs, wheat, and soy, and is suitable for vegans. In the pea protein category, Nature’s Way offers its Instant Natural Protein Organic Pea Protein. It is plant based and contains probiotics to help with digestive wellbeing. Standard packaging size is 300g, with 22g of protein per 35g serve.

Does Nature’s Way offer protein bars or snacks?


Nature’s Way does not produce protein bars or snacks. It does, however, offer several recipes on its website suggesting how to make your own protein balls using their protein powders that you may like to check out.

Should I choose Nature’s Way protein supplements?

Nature’s Way seeks to empower people to live as healthily as they can with its product range. With its protein supplements, Nature’s Way aims to support active lifestyles and exercise regimes. There are several types of protein powders that Nature’s Way offers, including brown rice, soy and pea protein. If you’re looking for a particular type of protein, Nature’s Way may have a protein supplement for you. There seems to also be a large focus on adding other nutritional ingredients to the protein powders in order to enhance performance, which may be of interest to you.

As it also offers a protein powder claimed to be suitable for older children, as well as adults, it may provide a supplement option for your whole family to share. There are many online reviews that may help to identify if Nature’s Way protein powders can help to achieve your specific health and fitness goals. You may also like to have a look at online ratings – such as ours – to see how other protein supplement brands compare with Nature’s Way in the eyes of customers.

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