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Review of Palmolive dishwashing detergents

Palmolive is a soap company that has been around since 1898 and is now a brand under the Colgate-Palmolive Company. While it may be best known for its body cleaning products, Palmolive also produces cleaning products for your dishes.

Colgate-Palmolive claims to be committed to providing clear information about ingredients used across its full range, including Palmolive washing detergents. It lists ingredients used in all products on its website with a description of what it does in the formula.

Palmolive Regular

Palmolive Original

There are five dishwashing liquids in Palmolive’s standard range, all designed to smell fresh and appealing.

  • Palmolive Original – available in 500mL, 750mL or 5L
  • Palmolive Dry Skin (with aloe) – available in 500mL
  • Palmolive Lemon Lime – available in 500mL or 750mL
  • Palmolive Antibacterial Lemon – available in 750mL
  • Palmolive Crisp Cucumber Melon – available in 750mL

Palmolive Ultra Concentrate

Concentrated formulas are designed to use less detergent when doing dishes. Palmolive has two concentrate detergents including Palmolive Ultra Concentrate Original and Palmolive Ultra Concentrate Antibacterial Lemon.

  • Palmolive Ultra Concentrate Antibacterial Lemon – available in 400mL or 750mL
  • Palmolive Ultra Concentrate Gentle Care Dry Skin with Aloe (low fragrance) – available in 400mL
  • Palmolive Ultra Concentrate Original – available in 400mL or 750mL
  • Palmolive Ultra Concentrate Sensitive (hypoallergenic) – available in 375mL

Palmolive Ultra Concentrate Fusion Clean

Palmolive FusionClean

Palmolive has created a fusion blend of ingredients with baking soda, to better attack tough stuck-on food on your dishes.

  • Palmolive Ultra Concentrate Fusion Clean with Baking Soda & Lime
  • Palmolive Ultra Concentrate Fusion Clean with Vinegar & Lemon

Standard size is a 375ml bottle.

Palmolive Divine Blends

Palmolive DivineBlends

Palmolive produces a number of dishwashing detergents in its Divine Blends range that are stated to ‘tantalise’ the senses and help make the cleaning process feel like a breeze. There are three main fragrances to choose from:

  • Palmolive Ultra Concentrate Divine Blends Vanilla & Berries – available in 700ml
  • Palmolive Ultra Concentrate Divine Blends Summer Peach & Hibiscus – available in 375ml
  • Palmolive Ultra Concentrate Divine Blends Lotus Flower & Sea Minerals – available in 375ml

Limited Edition fragrances also make an appearance throughout the year, which you may like to look out for if you fancy some more variety in your floral and fruity scents. A fragrance may sometimes add to the experience of doing otherwise unexciting cleaning tasks.

Should I use Palmolive dishwashing detergent?

Palmolive has an extensive range of dishwashing detergents to choose from, giving options in a variety of fragrances as well as detergents for particular washing needs. Palmolive dishwashing detergent is in the high end price category but may still provide the quality you’re looking for. If you are after a finding a summer or floral fragrance, Palmolive may have a dishwashing detergent to consider. There are many online reviews that may help to see how other Aussies find using Palmolive dishwashing liquid and online ratings – such as ours – that may give a helping hand to see what other brands are out there to choose from.

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