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Officeworks launches mobile and NBN plans through new telco, Accord

While the Aussie telco landscape is already fairly competitive, there’s a new provider on the block – and you might be surprised to find it’s from stationery and office supply giant, Officeworks.

Known as Accord with Officeworks, the new telco is branched into two services: Accord Mobile and Accord NBN. Accord Mobile operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) on the Optus 4G network to deliver its postpaid mobile services with both voice and data and data-only plans. As for NBN plans, Accord NBN is offering personal and business plans across three NBN speed tiers.

Accord Mobile plan features and comparison

There are three Accord Mobile plans to choose from, all running on a postpaid month-to-month basis, which is handy if you’re not keen on contracts.

  • The Small plan is $15 per month, and includes unlimited standard national calls and SMS, plus 3GB of data.
  • Jump up to the Medium plan at $25 monthly, and you’ll get unlimited standard national calls and SMS, 10GB of data, along with $45 of international call value per month.
  • The Large plan is $45 per month, and includes unlimited standard national calls and SMS, 30GB of data, and $450 of international call value each month.

International call rates are available on the Accord Mobile website, and excess data is charged at $10 per GB.

If you’re after a data-only SIM, there are three month-to-month choices, starting at $20 for 7GB, $55 for 50GB, and $75 for 100GB. Excess data is charged at $10 per GB.

These phone plans from Accord Mobile offer some decent value for money. While there are cheaper plans out there with more data on offer (across both prepaid and postpaid), there are plenty of other telcos offering similar data at similar prices. Accord Mobile doesn’t jump out as being the cheapest or the most expensive. Having some international call inclusions is a bonus, but there are plans from other telcos that might offer more generous overseas calling extras.

Take a look at how the plans from Accord Mobile stack up against other telcos. The following table includes a selection of postpaid plans from Canstar Blue’s database for $60 or less, listed in order of standard cost, lowest to highest, then by data allowance, largest to smallest, then alphabetically. Use our comparison tool to see a wider range of plans from other providers. This table includes products with links to referral partners.

Accord NBN plan features and comparison

If you’re looking at NBN plans for your home, there are three 12-month plans to choose from, each operating on a different speed tier. You’ll also have the choice to ‘BYO’ modem or add-on one of three pre-configured modems for an extra upfront cost.

If you want to add on a modem, you’ll have the choice between a NetComm NF10WV for $79, a TP-Link VR500V for $119 or a NetComm NF18ACV for $139, currently all with free delivery.

Accord’s NBN plans start with the Standard plan for $69 per month on the NBN 25 speed tier with a typical evening speed of 20.91Mbps. The next step up is the Fast plan at $79 per month on NBN 50, with a typical evening speed of 43.6Mbps. If you’re after the top-level option, with the $89 Ultra-Fast plan you’ll be on NBN 100 with a typical evening speed of 80Mbps.

These NBN plans, much like the Accord’s mobile offerings, are not the absolute cheapest on the market, but they’re also not the most expensive. However, one area where Accord NBN falls behind is in extra value. Some telcos will offer entertainment add-ons, or a $0 modem, if you sign up on a contract. These Accord NBN plans are no frills, no added extras, but reasonable value for money.

To give you an idea of where Accord NBN stands, the following table shows a selection of published unlimited Standard Plus Evening Speed (NBN 50) plans on Canstar Blue’s database from the above providers, listed in order of monthly cost, from the lowest to highest, and then by alphabetical order of provider. Use our comparison tool above to see plans from a range of other providers. This table may contain links to referral partners.

Is an Accord Mobile or NBN plan right for me?

Accord does seem to offer some simple and straightforward plans for both mobile and NBN. But if you’re after extras, such as data-free streaming or even big data bonuses, you might prefer to look at plans from other telcos. Same goes for the NBN plans, although these prices seem to be fairly on par with what you can expect from many other providers, and also include unlimited data as standard.

If you are looking at a postpaid mobile plan or NBN service, it’s always worth comparing plans to see what is out there. Whether you’re after the cheapest plan you can find, or one with lots of added value, there are plenty of choices – so it helps to look at what will best suit your mobile phone or NBN needs.

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