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Microsoft has plenty on offer when it comes to the latest tech – ranging from tablets, headphones all the way through to gaming consoles – but if you’re looking to expand your setup or pick up a few accessories to make your work and playtime a bit easier, should you stick with the brand or look to go elsewhere?

While there’s no shortage of options available in the tech accessory market, Microsoft hold their own when it comes to keyboards, mice, adaptors and all range of accessories, making them a strong contender if you’re looking to upgrade. Read on to find out just what accessories Microsoft have to offer in this Canstar Blue guide.

Microsoft Keyboards

Microsoft Keyboards & Mouse

Microsoft are known for its diverse range of products, with keyboards being one of the many computer accessories the company has on offer. Below are what Microsoft keyboards are currently available for purchase:

  • Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard
  • Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard
  • Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900
  • Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 850
  • Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600
  • Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000
  • Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2050
  • Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 5050
  • Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop Keyboard

Microsoft All-In-One Media Keyboard

Microsoft All in One Keyboard

Microsoft’s All-In-One Media Keyboard is a great addition to any working space, with an integrated multi-touch trackpad and full-size keyset, allowing you to get the job done from the office or your home work station. Accompanied with personalised media hotkeys that keeps your favourite content one click away, the All-In-One Media Keyboard is a keyboard you don’t want to miss out on, particularly if you’re looking for something more than just a standard model.

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Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard

Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard

The Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard offers comfort that is hard to be matched, with improved cushion and an ergonomically tested palm rest helping to reduce fatigue when you’re spending long hours on the computer. With innovative smart shortcuts built-in and featuring function keys for emojis, Cortana and more, the Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard is designed to last with a wired connection for reliable accuracy and speed, and ideal for those looking for a standard model with additional comfort.

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Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard

Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard

The Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard offers an impressively-long battery life of two years, and is an ideal fit if you’re after a sleek wireless keyboard that you can take on the go with you. Also featuring built-in shortcuts, this keyboard has dedicated Office 365 and emoji keys alongside quick access to media controls, apps and more, aiming to give you the best of everything to keep up with your workload. The Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard is recommended for people wanting a reliable, lightweight keyboard that offers Bluetooth connectivity, and for when you don’t want to reach for the charger every few uses.

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Microsoft Mice

Microsoft Mice

With Microsoft one of the big players within the tech industry, it’s safe to imagine there’s plenty on offer in its collection, including computer mice. Below is list of the current Microsoft mice available to purchase, and a breakdown of some of the more popular models.

  • Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse
  • Microsoft Arc Mouse
  • Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse
  • Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse
  • Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse
  • Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse
  • Microsoft Precision Mouse
  • Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500
  • Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000
  • Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500
  • Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850
  • Microsoft Wireless Mouse 900
  • Microsoft Ergonomic Mouse
  • Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse
  • Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse
  • Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse

Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse

Microsoft Pro Intellimouse

The Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse provides high performance in both work and gaming, as its speed, responsiveness and durability makes it one of the premier mice Microsoft has to offer. With customisable buttons and taillight colours, the Pro IntelliMouse is a sleek and precise mouse, ideal for people wanting a mouse that can be used for both work and play at a high level.

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Microsoft Arc Mouse

Microsoft Arc Mouse

Available in Lilac, Soft Pink, Sage or Matte Black, the Microsoft Arc Mouse is a slim and lightweight mouse with a refreshingly modern and simplistic design. Designed to conform to your hand, the Arc Mouse can also be snapped flat when putting into your bag, ideal for when you’re constantly on the move and don’t want to leave your mouse behind. Connectable via Bluetooth, the Arc Mouse also allows you to scroll horizontally as well as vertically, allowing you to find what you need quickly, with the mouse able to be coupled with other Microsoft products, such as keyboards.

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Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse uses an advanced design to maximise wrist comfortability and encourage a more natural wrist, hand and forearm posture, preventing the pain that occurs with stress injuries, which may prove ‘handy’ for those who work long hours. Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 and Windows RT, the Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse also has a Windows button built-in to give you easy and quick access to the Start Menu, allowing you to get off and running as soon as you sit down.

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Microsoft Accessories

Microsoft are known for its diverse range of products, as these accessories are spread out across multiple uses, including gaming, the office and while you’re on the go. Here are just some of the accessories available from Microsoft.

Microsoft Surface USB-C Travel Hub

Microsoft Surface Travel Hub

If you’re looking to keep pace while on the go, the Microsoft Surface USB-C Travel Hub may be just the ticket to help you stay ahead. A multi-port adaptor that can project media onto a larger screen, the Surface USB-C Travel Hub can also connect to the internet and charge compatible accessories. It also features a built-in USB-A and USB-C port with pass-through charging, as well as a VGA charge adaptor, Ethernet and HDMI 2.0 (4K Video @ 60Hz) capabilities and compatibility, potentially proving to be one of your top travel companions.

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Microsoft Xbox Wireless Adaptor for Windows 10

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Adaptor

Featuring a 66% smaller design than its predecessor, the new and improved Xbox Wireless Adaptor for Windows 10 allows gamers to play their favourite PC titles using a wireless Xbox controller. With wireless stereo sound support and the ability to connect up to eight controllers at once, the Xbox Wireless Adaptor for Windows 10 is an absolute game-changer for PC and Xbox lovers who finally get the chance to cross-play with both gaming systems.

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Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

Microsoft Lifecam Cinema

The Microsoft LifeCam Cinema is a true 720p high-definition video camera that provides stunning colours, sharpness and exquisite sound to any vlog, video chat or content you shoot, ideal for those looking to start streaming or wanting to treat themselves to a better webcam. With high-precision glass lens improving the picture in low-light environments, and the TrueColor feature adjusting exposure to help create bright and lively footage, the LifeCam Cinema is a great addition for people wanting a cost-effective Microsoft camera for their setup.

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Are Microsoft accessories worth buying?

Working out what keyboard, mouse or other accessory is right for you is going to be largely based on your preferences, budget and working environment, with some models designed specifically for gaming, working in traditional workspaces or for those who need extra support. So while it might be tempting to simply grab the first model you see and be done with it, going into detail and considering all of your options can potentially help you work better down the line, as well as save your hands after a long day of work.

If you are committed to a single working space, the more reliable and heavy-duty keyboards would be recommended, but if you’re prone to travelling, a lightweight and slim keyboard may prove to be more appropriate and easier to manage, with the same logic applying to mice and other accessories. Regardless of your working habits or location, Microsoft offers plenty of models to consider, making it a worthwhile brand to consider when it comes to computer accessories.

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