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Don’t let an unevenly cooked pie or dirty metal racks turn you off from cooking. Channel your inner masterchef and browse through DeLonghi’s huge selection of appliances to find the best oven to suit you.

Popularly known for its coffee machines, Italian appliance manufacturer DeLonghi offers a wide variety of appliances such as wine cabinets, dishwashers, toasters, grills and barbecues. But when it comes to the kitchen, DeLonghi turns up the heat and provides a buffet of options to choose from. Some of these include pyrolytic built-in ovens, freestanding ovens, combination ovens and benchtop ovens.

Built-in Ovens

DeLonghi DE608MW

DeLonghi DE608MW

Fit for a modern style kitchen, the DeLonghi 60cm full multifunction built in oven has four shelf levels and is available in a glossy white electric design. Claimed to have a European A Class Energy Rating, the model features a triple glaze full glass inner door to provide a seal between the oven cavity and glass door. This is said to make it easier to wipe off grime from the glass door, especially as the glass panel can slide out for removal. The feature is also claimed to trap the heat within the oven for added safety.

If you love to bake, the oven is said to provide a clear window to your food due to the rear and side 25W halogen light and flood lighting feature.

Other features include:

  • 8 oven functions
  • 60L oven capacity
  • Drop down grill
  • Stainless steel oven fan filter
  • Door and oven cooling system
  • Soft closing system.

Optional accessories such as a Pizza Stone, telescopic shelf kit and deep baking tray are also available.

RRP: $1,349

DeLonghi DEP7410

DeLonghi DEP7410

Made in Italy, the DeLonghi DEP7410 60cm built-in oven is claimed to be created using quality materials to provide a “robust” and “durable” appliance. Like many of the other DeLonghi products, the model is made with Durastone Plus enamel. This is stated to minimise the amount of fat and oil that builds up inside the appliance for an easier clean. It also contains Calaytic Liners to similarly absorb grease residue.

Key features include:

  • 11 cooking functions, including rotisserie
  • 85L oven capacity
  • Telescopic sliding shelves.
  • Electronic fully programmable touch timer
  • Booster program
  • Soft close hinges
  • 2 lateral halogen lights
  • Anti-tip shelves.

The DEP7410 comes with several accessories such as a Pizza Stone, Space Saver Rack and stainless steel fan filter.

RRP: $1,899

DeLonghi DE607PSCP Oven

DeLonghi DE607PSCP

The DeLonghi DE607PSCP oven is a 60cm pyrolytic built-in project oven which offers seven cooking functions, as well as closed door grilling at 200W of power.

As a pyrolytic oven, the model is said to contain a self-cleaning function which is stated to remove the need for chemicals. This is apparently achieved by using temperatures of up to 500°C in order to burn any food and grime, which can then be wiped with a moist cloth. The Durastone Plus enamel used to design the appliance is similarly claimed to create smooth enamel that prevents crease and good from sticking to the oven, making it possible to wipe interior with soapy water after use.

The DeLonghi DE607PSCP oven also uses a fan forced function to help you cook various types of food without transferring the different odours and flavours between dishes.

Other features include:

  • 7 cooking functions
  • 63L oven capacity
  • Fan forced
  • Automatic safety door lock
  • Soft closing system
  • Anti-tip shelving.

The DeLonghi DE607PSCP also contains a Cavity fan, which is stated to minimise heat transfer and provide what is claimed to be ‘optimum efficiency’ by drawing in air through the base and door of the even, and sending it around the oven before letting the air escape from the top of the door.

RRP: $1,498.99

Freestanding Ovens

DeLonghi DEFV908R Freestanding Oven with Gas Cooktop and Wok Burner

DeLonghi DEFV908R

If you’re a fan of timeless design, the Vintage DeLonghi Cooker may be one for you. The freestanding oven comes with a 130L capacity as well as a five-burner gas cooktop. Claimed to be made in Italy, the DEFV908R model is one of the most expensive items in the brand’s range of freestanding ovens. It contains nine oven functions like anti-tip shelves, Durastone Plus enamel, and a removable Double Glazed Glass Door. Unlike some of the models available, this retro-inspired appliance includes a rotisserie function.

Similar to the DeLonghi DEF905GW1X1 freestanding oven with gas cooktop and wok burner, the cooktop on this model features instant automatic ignition, a flame failure safety cut-off and heavy duty cast iron trivets to support objects like woks. Each Vintage DeLonghi Cooker comes with accessories such as Space Saver Racks, telescopic shelves, rotisserie kit, wok support and a roasting or grilling tray.

RRP: $4,299

DeLonghi DEF905GW1X1 Freestanding oven with gas cooktop and wok burner

DeLonghi DEF905GW1X1 Freestanding oven with gas cooktop and wok burner

The DeLonghi DEF905GW1X1 is a freestanding oven containing a 5 burner gas cooktop with a wok and simmer burner. Featuring instant automatic ignition, the oven contains electronic ignition lights which automatically fire up the cooktop with a press of a button. It also contains a number of features to make cleaning easier.

The model also includes a variety of safety features. While the double glaze glass on the oven door traps the heat inside the oven for safety, the ability to slide out the glass door is also stated to make cleaning easier. Other safety features include a flame failure safety device, anti-tip shelving, and a door and oven cooling system.

Other features include:

  • 5 functions
  • 130L gross oven capacity
  • Heavy duty cast iron trivets
  • Triple ring burner
  • High performance Sabaf Burners
  • Rear 15W Halogen lighting
  • Fully programmable clock and timer.

RRP: $2,199

Benchtop Ovens

DeLonghi Benchtop Oven 9L EO 400

DeLonghi Benchtop Oven 9L EO 400

If you’re looking for something more compact, the DeLonghi 9L EO 400 electronic benchtop oven with 9L capacity might be for you. It features two cooking functions: upper and lower heating elements, as well as a grill. The oven also provides 800W of oven power and 400W of grill power.

Other features include:

  • 15-minute timer
  • Accessories including a wire rack and aluminum baking tray.

RRP: $65

Combi Built-in Ovens

DeLonghi DEL4413COMBI Speed Oven with Microwave and Grill

DeLonghi DEL4413COMBI Speed Oven with Microwave and Grill

If you’re looking for something a little more compact, the 60cm DeLonghi DEL4413COMBI contains a convection oven with extra microwave and grill features to offer a wider variety of cooking options. Like the rest of the DeLonghi products range, this model provides a cool touch surface thanks to its door oven cooling system. It also contains a child lock.

Key features include:

  • 13 automatic programs
  • 9 combination functions
  • Child lock
  • Versatile speed oven.

RRP: $1,499

Should I buy a DeLonghi oven?

Whether you’re looking for an oven with a vibrant vintage design, or a sleek oven-and-cooktop combination, DeLonghi cooks up a wide selection of built-in and freestanding products to choose from. Benchtop ovens and combi ovens are also available. Other items from the brand include coffee makers, toasters, grills and barbecues, cooktops, rangehoods, wine cabinets and dishwashers.

Most of DeLonghi’s oven collection includes a variety of built-in and freestanding options. But if you’re looking for a compact alternative, the DeLonghi 9L EO 400 benchtop oven might be for you. There are also hybrid models like the DeLonghi DEL4413COMBI Speed Oven with Microwave and Grill or the DeLonghi DEFV908R Freestanding Oven with Gas Cooktop and Wok Burner.

To help you deal with the messy aftermath, each DeLonghi oven contains a range of features designed to make tidying up easier and quicker. Many of these products feature Durastone Plus enamel, which is stated to reduce the amount of fat and oil buildup inside the appliance. And products like the DeLonghi DEF905GW1X1 freestanding oven and DeLonghi DE608MW built-in oven similarly feature a removable glass panel which is said to assist with cleaning the oven door.

When it comes to safety, the brand’s range of ovens also offers a variety of features. Some of these include anti-tip shelves, soft closing hinges, automatic safety door locks and a door and oven cooling system.

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