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There’s nothing better than a clean home with spotless floors free from stubborn dirt stains and bad odours that have built up over time. But does Euroflex offer the best steam mop deal for you?

If you’re tired of lugging around a heavy and bulky mop, the brand’s range of portable and lightweight Monster Steam Cleaners might be the answer. The boiler contained in each Euroflex steam mop is also said to generate ‘hotter, drier steam’ to help absorb dirt more easily. Compared to ordinary floor mops and ‘wet steam’ mops, the brand’s range of floor steamers is similarly claimed to produce drier steam capable of cleaning all types of hard sealed floors as well as water sensitive timber and floor boards.

But it’s the Monster Hot Mop which apparently makes Euroflex shine. The exothermic mop is stated to use unique technology which combines a hot plate base, high quality microfibre pad and 100ml of water to create the ‘perfect balance of heat and moisture’ needed to remove dirt and grime.

To help you decide which steam mops cleans up best, we’ve listed all the products currently available from Euroflex and their prices.

Exothermic Mops

Euroflex Monster Hot Mop

Is your house giving you a dirty look with its old stained floors? The Euroflex Monster Hot Mop contains what the brand terms ‘Exothermic Technology’ to ensure floors appear ‘clean, renewed and sanitised’. The technology is said to dissolve dirt and grime by creating a design which combines a hot plate base, 100ml of water and microfiber pad.

The floor mop can transition between two different modes. It can either be used as a floor duster to do a quick sweep in ‘cold’ mode, or perform a deep clean in ‘hot’ mode. To help you reach all the nooks and crannies, the floor mop features a swivel head to clean hard-to-reach areas blocked by fixtures and furniture. Euroflex also claims its Monster Hot Mop allows floors to dry quickly to avoid streaking.

The ‘MC1X5’ model is also one of the lighter models in the product range, weighing less than 1.5kg.

  • RRP: $149*

Steam Cleaners

Euroflex Monster Compact Steam Cleaner

Monster SC60 R Steam Cleaner

If you’re tired of dragging a heavy appliance around the house, the Euroflex Monster Compact Steam Cleaner might be the way to go. The apparently ‘lightweight and compact’ barrel steam cleaner weighs in at around 6.8kg and is suitable on sealed floors and above floor cleaning. It said to provide ‘powerful domestic-grade steam pressure’ and can clean without the use of chemicals.

The Euroflex ‘SC60-R’ has double the heating time of the brand’s steam mops, with the model taking between six and seven minutes before being ready for use. But the product is claimed to last between 35 and 40 minutes, and offers 1450W boiling power and a 1200ml water capacity.

  • RRP: $439*

Monster Floor Steamers (Steam mops)

Euroflex Monster Superclean Floor Steamer

Looking for an all-round cleaner? The Euroflex Monster Superclean Floor Steamer is described as an ‘all in one total floor care solution’ which cleans, sanitises and even disinfects. It is said to be suitable for all sealed hard surface floors, including water and sensitive timber and floor boards.

Some of the key features include:

  • Hotter and drier steam for quick drying floors
  • Automatic steam release system
  • Washable absorbent microfiber floor pads
  • Pressurised stainless steel boiler.

The most expensive option in Euroflex’s steam mop range, the ‘SC1D1’ is apparently ready to use within just three minutes. It is also stated to leave floors disinfected for up to seven days when used with ANTIKBAK, an antibacterial approved by the Therapeutic Goods Australia (TGA).

  • RRP: $359*

Euroflex Monster Floor Steamer (Classic)

For households impacted by allergies or asthma, the Euroflex Monster Floor Steamer might be a healthier way to keep your house clean. The ‘EZ1R’ model has been given the tick of approval by the National Asthma Council of Australia and the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ as part of the Sensitive Choice program. This is said to guarantee the mop is effective in keeping your home free of common allergy triggers like dust mites, mould, smoke, pollen, pets and certain chemicals. These triggers are said to be especially harmful for people with allergies and can lead to problems such as asthma and hay fever, dermatitis, eczema, hives, allergic conjunctivitis and in rare cases anaphylaxis.

Some of the features include:

  • Frontal steam jets to clean edges
  • Pressurised stainless steel boiler
  • Thermostat control.

Similar to other Euroflex products, the Euroflex Monster Floor Steamer can be used on all sealed hard surface floors such as water sensitive timber and floor boards. The model feature 1200W boiler power and a 600ml water capacity. It also has a three-minute heating time and is said up to 20 minutes before the steam mop needs to be refilled.

  • RRP: $319*

Euroflex Monster Floor Steamer with Ultra Dry Steam Technology

Monster Floor Steamer

Are you shopping for a steam mop to deep clean old floors? The Euroflex Monster Floor Steamer with Ultra Dry Steam Technology might be the hot item you’re looking for. It’s said to refresh and deodorise carpets and rugs, and is contains frontal steam jets to clean edges.

Some of the other features include:

  • Automatic steam release system
  • Thermostat control
  • Washable absorbent microfiber floor pads
  • Steam booster function which apparently prevents loss of steam pressure.

Similar to the brand’s other products, the ‘SC1Z1’ model is said to be suitable on all sealed hard floors.

  • RRP: $329*

Does Euroflex clean up the competition?

From steam mops to steam irons, Euroflex offers a range of steam cleaning products for the home. Sold under the name ‘Monster’, Euroflex products are available both online and from various retailers across Australia.

Despite the brand’s small selection of steam cleaning products, there are a variety of options tailored to suit a range of needs. If you’re searching for a lighter appliance that’s easier to move around the house, consider the Euroflex Monster Hot Mop and the Euroflex Monster Compact Steam Cleaner. These are described as some of the brand’s most lightweight and portable options.

But if you’re shopping for a steam mop to deep clean old floors, the Euroflex Monster Floor Steamer with Ultra Dry Steam Technology might be the hot item you’re looking for. It apparently deodorises carpets and rugs, and contains frontal steam jets to reach into floor edges.

If you’re unsure whether Euroflex has the right steam mop for you, check out the Canstar Blue steam mop ratings page via the link below. Brands like Kmart and Kogan have been popular choices among many Australians. These two major retailers have proven to top the leader board in categories such as reliability, ease of use and features. But make sure to also compare brands like Bissell, ALDI Lumina and Hoover to buy the best steam mop for your home.

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