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They say if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen, but Omega produces some hot ovens. Omega is likely a well-known name in most local households, being established in Australia for more than 30 years now. The brand is based on a design-led philosophy created to enhance your kitchen experience with appliances that look great and perform exceptionally well.

If you haven’t considered the Omega until now, you might be surprised to know it offers a complete kitchen solution, manufacturing not just ovens but rangehoods, stovetops and the like. Omega’s bread and butter seems to be its ovens – the engine of the kitchen. So let’s see what Omega has to offer, and whether the kitchen appliance brand ‘without peer’ is worth a look into.

Omega Pyrolytic Ovens

Omega multi-function 60cm oven

If you’re a bit of a pyromaniac, then Omega’s pyrolytic oven (Model: OO61PX) may excite you. Long story short, pyrolytic ovens self-clean by simply burning away all residues at such a high temperature, and turning them into ash to easily sweep out of the bottom. Somewhat like Fawkes the phoenix in Harry Potter who reduces to ash, pyrolytic ovens are easily cleaned, making them a favourite among modern households. Omega’s pyrolytic oven features:

  • A dual knob with fully programmable integrated digital timer
  • 250°C pyrolytic self-cleaning
  • Quadruple glazed, safe touch glass door
  • A 60cm unit with a 90L capacity
  • European parts and a two-year warranty
  • RRP of around $799* but can be found cheaper

Omega Built-In Ovens

Omegan built-in 6-function oven

If your oven needs eschew the trends and you just want a standard built-in oven, Omega has you covered. Omega (OBO691TGG) is designed with a piano black and stainless steel finish and would look right at home in a modern kitchen. Featuring a deadly-simple design principle with knob and touch controls, a programmable digital timer, an easy pull handle and a simple cavernous design, Omega has your basic oven needs covered here. It features six cooking functions and 12 shelf positions, so you can get your oven just how you like it. More specs include:

  • With a RRP of around $649*, this oven is commonly found under this price, and represents a good ‘bang for buck’ option
  • 60cm unit with a 90L capacity
  • Double glazed door
  • Two-year warranty and exclusive to the Good Guys
  • Made in Europe

Omega Wall Ovens

Omega wall oven

Omega features several wall ovens, which are a convenient way to save space and separate the cooktop from the oven unit itself. This model (OBO960XTGG) features a stainless steel and black glass finish, and a triple glazed glass door which is cooler to touch and safer for curious little fingers. This in turn makes for more efficient cooking with a better insulated oven space.

This 960 model comes equipped with nine cooking functions, 12 shelf positions, chrome wire shelves, a grill insert and shallow baking tray. It also boasts a spacious 126L capacity; ideal for large pan-oriented dishes such as pizzas. Other features include:

  • Knob and touch controls
  • Fully programmable timer
  • Made in Europe
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • 90cm unit and boasts a 129L capacity
  • Costs around RRP $1,299*

Omega Double Ovens

Omega double oven

Double ovens are increasing in popularity and afford more versatility in the kitchen. In Omega’s case, this (ODO684XTGG) model could fit in nicely in your kitchen. It features the larger chamber on the bottom, and the smaller one on top. All controls are handled from the top, so probably don’t place it too high on your wall if you’re a fun-sized human.

The smaller chamber is generally reserved for simple warming and light grilling. With a total 102L capacity, this is a perfect entertainer. It has a 6oL capacity in the bottom oven to feed the crowds and the top oven has a 42L capacity, perfect for a dinner for two. It’s also ideal for when you have something small to bake and want to heat it up quickly at the top. Plus, with two different temperature controls, you can have each oven heated to different temperatures for complete versatility. Features include:

  • Four cooking functions (top), eight functions (bottom)
  • Three shelf positions (top), five for the bottom oven
  • Triple glazed, safe touch door
  • Fully programmable digital timer
  • Two-year warranty

Omega Freestanding Ovens

Omega freestanding oven

A freestanding oven can fit anywhere in your kitchen and doesn’t require cabinetry work, making it a popular choice for many households. This Omega 90cm multi-function oven (OF916FX) offers functionally, performance and a sleek design – all in one. The combination of top and bottom heating elements allow for better control and results when cooking a variety of dishes. Its features also include nine cooking functions, a five-burner gas hob which includes a wok burner and a stainless steel finish with black glass to complement your kitchen. Other specs include:

  • 90cm unit with 135L capacity
  • Front control knobs
  • Double glazed door
  • Made in Europe
  • Hardwired frestanding installation
  • Two-year warranty

Is an Omega oven worth the money?

Omega makes a variety of ovens with an electric focus, and with many of them under $1,000 they are well worth a look into. While you won’t find high-tech features, advanced cooking functions or other fancy bells and whistles, what you will get in an Omega oven is simple yet effective cooking. Its ovens are generally backed by a two-year warranty, and the majority of the range is manufactured in Europe. Omega’s cheapest ovens are generally the traditional built-in ovens, and can be found for under $500. Its most expensive are perhaps unsurprisingly its pyrolytic and double ovens at around $1,200.

While pyrolytic ovens can be a good idea to save time, be prepared to pay a price for that convenience. Similarly, double ovens from Omega are generally more expensive, and while some people may find the two-compartment feature attractive, others may not get much use out of the smaller compartment. Omega is a good ‘bang for buck’ oven manufacturer, but don’t expect fancy tech, a wide variety of colours and designs or interesting features.

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