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Sunbeam Coffee Machines Review

An Australian company which manufactures all kinds of home appliances, Sunbeam has an historic reputation for innovative design and Iconic products, such as the original Mixmaster, steam iron and pop-up toaster that have been best-sellers Down Under for decades. And Sunbeam has continued that tradition with its current range of espresso coffee machines.

With a product range that extends from a no-frills espresso press to a fully-featured coffee machine and grinder combo, Sunbeam offers a product to cater to every coffee enthusiast. Both fully-automatic and manual machines feature, allowing you the choice of a quick morning cuppa or a more engaged and rewarding coffee-brewing experience. Read on for a full overview of Sunbeam’s espresso products.

Sunbeam Coffee Machines

Torino Espresso Machine & Grinder

The Torino is Sunbeam’s flagship espresso machine, a miniature manual coffee maker with a huge number of clever features. The machine includes a proper manual extraction arm, along with a variable grind size, giving you plenty of room for variation. One of the most impressive inclusions is the triple thermoblock – an Australian first – which provides optimal separate heating for both the coffee water and the steam wand. Smart information such as an espresso timer and an extraction pressure gauge allow you to hone your skills, and all of the above is wrapped up in an elegant metal design with intuitive shortcut buttons.

RRP: $1,999

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Caffé BellissimoSunbeam Caffé Bellissimo

For those who prefer a seamless coffee experience, the Caffè Bellissimo is definitely for you. This machine is fully automatic, able to prepare your favourite coffee at the touch of a button. The integrated milk container produces hot, frothed milk in varying quantities to create cappuccinos, lattes and flat white of your choice, whilst the dual espresso nozzles let you brew two beverages at once. All functions are controlled using the Caffè Bellissimo’s LCD display and easy touch buttons, whilst the automatic cleaning and descale functions mean you needn’t worry about maintenance.

RRP: $999

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Café Series Espresso Machine

The Café Series Espresso is a more affordable but no less capable machine than the Torino. A trademark Twin Thermoblock utilises PID control to continually optimise water heating, whilst a temperature-sensitive steam wand does the same for the milk. With classy analogue pressure dials, ergonomic shortcut buttons and an elegant metal design which helped win it the 2013 Australian International Design Award, the Café Series flagship is one of Sunbeam’s leading models.

RRP: $849

Café BaristaSunbeam Café Barista

The Sunbeam Café Barista provides the best of both worlds – a manual coffee-making facility with an automatic milk machine. Allowing you to perfect your favourite espresso whilst taking the guesswork out of frothing milk, the Barista machine has a removable milk container with adjustable temperature settings. It also brings useful buttons which allow you to select one of multiple coffees with just one or two presses, making it a great midway point between involvement and convenience.

RRP: $299

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Café Crema II

The Crema is an Australian-designed coffee machine which combines simple, intuitive controls with full coffee-making capability at an affordable price point. The semi-automatic operation provides a coffee filter and built-in steam want, whilst the 15 bar pump ensures your coffee is extracted at the optimum pressure.

RRP: $199

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Café Espresso II Sunbeam Café Espresso II

A more compact and affordable version of the Crema II, the Espresso II machine brings almost identical capability as its sibling – including efficient thermoblock heating and optimum pump pressure – but at a lower price point.

RRP: $149

Piccolo Espresso

The smallest and cheapest of Sunbeam’s espresso machines, the Piccolo Espresso machine provides full semi-automatic functionality, with the same features as the two machines above. The inbuilt cup warming tray and included 500ml milk jug add to your coffee-making experience, whilst the light weight and small footprint make it easy to store – or place unobtrusively on a countertop.

RRP: $129

The breadth and capability of Sunbeam’s range demonstrates the company’s popularity in Australia – a popularity that its espresso coffee machines do nothing but enhance. With consistent strong satisfaction ratings in the criteria of design, reliability and value, to name a few, Sunbeam is well worth a look for your next coffee machine purchase.

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In 2019, Australian customers gave Sunbeam 3 out of 5 stars for overall customer satisfaction for coffee machines.

Sunbeam Coffee Machines

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