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What are the best TV shows to watch on Tenplay?

Posted by July 7th 2020

These days it’s all about bingeing Netflix and other streaming services, making it easy to believe free-to-air television has gone the way of the dinosaur. Not so. Traditional TV networks have largely gotten on the …

Group of young women scared while watching horror movie

The best horror movies on Netflix

Posted by July 7th 2020

Canstar Blue reviews the best horror movies on Netflix, including the Babadook, Event Horizon, You’re Next, Hush and more.

Selection of Netflix documentaries on laptop computer

The best documentaries on Netflix

Posted by July 2nd 2020

Documentaries is an area where Netflix has really found its niche. It seems like ever month or so, Netflix has that new great doco that everyone is talking about and much of it has become …

Origin price change

Energy Price Changes: Origin just got a little cheaper

Posted by July 1st 2020

Origin Energy has revealed a modest reduction in electricity and gas prices in most areas from July 1. At a time when energy providers adjust their rates across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and the …

Energy price drop

Energy Price Changes: Kogan emerges with amazing deals

Posted by July 2nd 2020

Kogan Energy is the big story to emerge from this year’s July 1 price changes, having slashed rates to become one of the cheapest providers across parts of the country. At a time when energy companies …

Senior couple checking their bills

Things you didn’t know you could claim on your tax return

Posted by July 1st 2020

There are many claimable expenses you might not be taking advantage of when tax time rolls around. Here are the strangest work-related items you can claim as deductibles on your next tax return in Australia. Problem …

Best Unlimited Phone Plans

Unlimited Phone Plans Compared

Posted by July 6th 2020

Canstar Blue reviews unlimited phone plans, with data the main point of difference. Compare unlimited mobile plans and find the best deal for you.

Gaming internet speeds

What is the best internet for gaming?

Posted by June 24th 2020

Compare gaming internet plans from MyRepublic, Telstra, Aussie Broadband and more in this Canstar Blue review. Gaming internet reviews.