About Canadian Solar

About Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar is a multinational solar company. Its Australian subsidiary operates nationwide, selling and installing solar panels and power storage devices.

Its history

Canadian Solar was founded in 2001 and soon expanded to 18 countries, including Australia in 2011. Shortly after its founding, Canadian Solar underwent several large scale projects, offering its customers opportunities to invest in utility-scale power plants. This quickly made Canadian Solar recognised as a global leader in the renewable energy sector. In early 2015, Canadian Solar expanded massively upon its Australian project portfolio throug h the purchase of Recurrent Energy – a US based company formerly owned by SHARP. Recurrent Energy had around 1,500MW of projects in Australia, however the company’s project growth was stifled reportedly due to environmental policies. Under the ownership of Canadian Solar, it’s suggested that it will construct an additional 2,500MW of large scale solar in Australia over the next five years.

What it does

Canadian Solar manufactures, sells and installs a wide range of solar related products, including solar PV (Photovoltic) panels, inverters, batteries, wafers and ingots. Canadian Solar PV panels are available in various colours, cell types and formats ranging from 210 W to 320W. Canadian Solar prides its products on their energy efficiency and longevity, claiming its solar panels are thoroughly tested against harsh conditions. Canadian Solar backs this with a 25 year warranty on all solar PV panels regardless of where you live.