About JA Solar

About JA Solar

JA Solar is a China based producer of solar modules and cells that are exported and retailed across the globe.

Its history

JA Solar Holdings Co was founded in 2005 as a manufacturer of solar modules and cells. The company had impressive success, becoming listed on the NASDAQ in 2007 and was officially recognised by SolarBuzz as a global leader in solar manufacturing by 2010.

What it offers

JA Solar does not produce commercially available solar panels, rather it produces the solar cells, used to produce solar modules, which are then combined (by a third party) to create solar panels.

Solar panels created with JA Solar modules are covered by a 10 year warranty for damaged wiring, and a 25 year warranty for loss of electrical output.

Where to buy JA Solar products:

JA Solar modules are quite expensive and the panels will often only be made on an on-demand basis. Though some wholesalers such as Solar360 do advertise these panels, you may need to make a direct enquiry with your solar provider to find out if JA panels are available.