About Metro Solar

Metro Solar is a solar system retailer and installer serving homes and businesses across Australia.

Its history

Metro Solar began as an electrical contractor in Victoria in 2006. But in 2008, the company shifted its direction to focus on solar energy solutions. Since then it has expanded massively, becoming a Clean Energy Council accredited retailer and installer.

Metro Solar claims to be at the forefront of renewable technologies with innovative products and top quality service. It strives to make solar technology convenient and hassle-free.

What Metro Solar offers

Metro Solar retails and installs a wide range of solar systems. The company claims its systems are 25% more efficient than anything else on the market and backs all its systems with a 25 year warranty on defects. Its systems are remotely monitored to ensure they operate at peak efficiency, and if yours doesn’t, Metro Solar will send a technician out to repair it for free.

In addition, Metro Solar offers the Enphase AC battery to store solar power. And in 2016, it will introduce the Enphase energy management system, which will allow households to automatically draw energy from the battery when electricity is most expensive, and draw it from the grid when it’s cheapest. This system will be progressively rolled out, so you will need to contact Metro Solar to inquire about its availability in your area.

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