About SunEdison

About SunEdison

SunEdison is a global renewable energy company which claims to be the largest provider of sustainable energy in the world. The company was established in Australia in 2006 and now provides solar power solutions nationwide.

Its history

SunEdison was originally established as the Monsanto Electronic Materials Company (MEMC) in 1959, a producer of silicon wafers used in semiconductors and other electronics. After producing semiconducting materials for electronics over several decades, MEMC experienced a significant downturn at the start of the millennium which led them to look for other avenues of revenue. The company eventually found one in 2006 when it began supplying solar-grade silicon to several large energy companies. Following the 2009 purchase of SunEdison LLC – the USA’s largest solar provider at the time – MEMC formally changed its name to SunEdison in 2013, reflecting the company’s new focus on solar hardware and infrastructure.

As of 2015, SunEdison employs over 6,000 people worldwide in 23 countries, with its combined renewable energy generation sitting at over 4GW. In Australia, the company employs 100 people in six offices around the country, and has installed over 20,000 solar systems for Australian homes, businesses and organisations.

What it does

SunEdison is different to the big energy companies in that it is involved in the solar power process from beginning to end. In addition to designing and manufacturing its own solar technology, the company sells solar systems to the public and also finances and builds its own wind and solar power plants.

SunEdison’s model for residential homes is a little different to many other providers. In addition to selling you a solar system outright, SunEdison also offers its SunEdison Energy Plan in which you rent your solar power system on a semi-permanent basis. In return for a monthly fee, you get a custom system design to fit your home, no initial purchase payments, and constant performance monitoring by the company to make sure your system is working optimally. Above all, it means less risk for you, the company says, as SunEdison is responsible for the maintenance and performance of your power system.