Best-Rated Frozen Pizzas

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Best-Rated Frozen Pizza 2023

Most Satisfied Customers | Woolworths

Aussies have rated Woolworths best in Canstar Blue’s frozen pizza ratings. The supermarket brand was rated five stars for overall satisfaction, value for money, and variety & range.

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How we rate frozen pizza

Frozen pizza is often an underrated addition to the shopping list, with the tasty option a handy meal for households that are rushed off their feet, or those who aren’t confident in their culinary abilities. With the versatility to feed a small army, frozen pizzas are also generally cheaper than most takeaway pizzas, making them easier on the budget as well. Luckily, when it comes to choosing the pizza to stock up on, consumers aren’t short of options and flavours. But where can you find the best quality and value? That’s where Canstar Blue can help. We compare the top frozen pizza brands on the market to bring you the freshest slice.

Canstar Blue surveyed 477 Australians for their feedback on the frozen pizza brand(s) they’ve purchased and consumed in the last six months.

  • The outcomes reported in these ratings are measured via accredited research panels managed by Qualtrics.

Respondents rate their satisfaction with their frozen pizza brand(s) from zero to ten, where zero is extremely dissatisfied and ten is extremely satisfied. Brand satisfaction was rated by respondents on the following criteria:

  • Overall satisfaction: measures consumer satisfaction with a frozen pizza brand as an individual score NOT a combined total of all criteria.
  • Taste: the frozen pizza tasted fresh and authentic, and was true to the flavour description.
  • Value for money: the frozen pizza was reasonably priced given the quality and quantity of the frozen pizza.
  • Variety & range: the frozen pizza brand offered several pizza flavours, in different sizes and catered to different dietary needs (i.e. gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, etc.).
  • Packaging convenience: the frozen pizza packaging was easy to open and made for convenient cooking.

The winning brand is the one that receives the highest Overall satisfaction rating once all the scores from the Overall satisfaction criteria are combined and averaged.

  • Overall satisfaction is asked as a specific question and represents an individual measure, not a combined total of all criteria.
  • When we cannot determine a clear winner from the criteria for the Overall satisfaction rating, we will then look at the other criteria measured in the rating.
    • The brand with the highest number of five-star ratings within the supporting criteria will become the five-star recipient in overall satisfaction, and thus win the award. If a clear leader still cannot be determined from the supporting criteria, joint winners will be declared.

Brands must have received at least 30 responses to be included, so not all brands available in the market have been compared in this survey. The brands rated in this survey are listed below in order of best overall satisfaction.

  1. Woolworths
  2. Dr. Oetker
  3. Coles
  4. ALDI
  5. McCain

Woolworths served up several five-star reviews, for value for money, variety and range, and overall satisfaction. Runner-up Dr. Oetker also scored well for taste, and packaging convenience.

Find more detailed information on our ratings methodology.

Top Frozen Pizza Brand – Woolworths

As with most grocery lines, Woolworths offers Aussies its own range of frozen pizzas. The supermarket brand offers three flavours including Hawaiian, cheese and bacon, and BBQ meat lovers. Each pizza is 500g and will set you back about $4 at the checkout, which makes the supermarket brand one of the most affordable options, especially for families who may need to buy multiple servings.

  • Woolworths topped our ratings, scoring five stars for value for money, variety and range, and overall satisfaction. It settled on four stars for taste and packaging convenience.

What to consider when buying frozen pizza

Besides flavour and crust base options, nutritional information is perhaps one of the most important things to consider. It’s important to know what’s going into your body, especially if you’re prone to food sensitivities to gluten or eggs. As a general rule, avoid pizzas that contain hydrogenated oils and, if you want to save some calories, opt for thin-crust bases instead of the thick-crust style.

It’s clear nutrition is on people’s minds while shopping, with over a fifth of consumers (24%) checking the nutritional information, and 19% feeling guilty for indulging in a pizza rather than cooking. On top of that, 11% only like to eat frozen pizza when they are dining on their own.

Guilt aside, the convenience of a frozen pizza won most hungry shoppers over (65%), followed by price (15%) and taste (12%).

Which frozen pizza should you buy?

What is the best frozen pizza?

The Woolworths supermarket frozen pizza range has proven to be the go-to pick for many Aussies, impressing particularly with its low prices. Dr. Oetker Ristorante is another consistent performer, having rated second best in 2021, best in 2020 and the wider Dr. Oetker range taking the lead in 2019.

While frozen pizza may not be the first thing you think of when you do the grocery shopping, there’s no doubt it can be a lifesaver when it comes to getting dinner on the table in a hurry. There’s certainly a convenience factor when it comes to frozen pizza. But which brand and flavour you end up putting in your shopping trolley will come down to your personal preference, as some prefer the cheap and cheerful pizza and garlic bread combo from the supermarket chains, while others may prefer a bit more substance to their pizzas, and are happy to fork out a bit of extra cash for a larger meal.


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Past ratings

Here are the previous winners from Canstar Blue’s frozen pizza ratings:

  • 2022: ALDI Casa Barelli
  • 2021: ALDI Casa Barelli
  • 2020: Dr. Oetker Ristorante
  • 2019: Dr. Oetker