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Founded in 1990 by Industrial Chemist Tom Bethurem, Bushman was initially sold only in Australia’s Tropical North where mosquitos run rampant. Since then it has grown to become one of the leading insect repellents in Australia. Bushman’s products are designed to be more effective, longer lasting, comfortable to wear and water and sweat resistant.

If you’re looking to buy a new insect repellent, then this review will hopefully cover all you need to know about Bushman’s products, to help you determine if it’s the right brand for you.

Bushman’s products are divided into two separate categories:

  • The Bushman Repellent Ultra range
  • The Bushman Repellent Plus range

Bushman also has an anti-itch gel, but this isn’t classified as an insect repellent.

We’ll have a look at the potential effectiveness, smell, price and comfort of these products, as well as some other features to determine if Bushman’s insect repellents are worth the money.

The Bushman Repellent Ultra range

Bushman Repellent Ultra range

The Bushman Ultra Repellent uses up to 80% DEET concentration (a strong repellent chemical) to seemingly guarantee you protection from harsher environments, particularly those with heavy insect activity.

It has a luxurious range of features, making it one of the more advanced insect repellents on the market, if you can call an insect repellent advanced. Perhaps most importantly, this repellent is water, sweat and rub resistant, so it isn’t likely to come off during strenuous activity such as hiking or swimming.

It also has a pleasant neutral odour. It might not smell incredible, but it definitely won’t smell bad. You probably won’t even notice it there, but the insects will.

Another key feature of this repellent is time release protection, allowing it to continue to protect against insects when it is starting to wear off. And finally, it is apparently comfortable to wear and is usable for those with sensitive skin, making it a good choice even for small children.

What sizes does it come in?

The Bushman Ultra repellent comes in four sizes, as you can see in the photo above:

  • 60g spray
  • 130g spray
  • 225g spray
  • And a 75g gel

How long does it last?

It depends on whether you get the spray or gel delivery system, as they have differing concentrations of the DEET chemical.

The spray bottles have a 40% DEET concentration, which means they don’t last quite as long, but will still last a long time. These bottles will give up to 10 hours of protection from mosquitos and other bugs.

The 75g gel, on the other hand, is much more potent. Due to its 80% DEET concentration, this version of the Ultra Repellent can last for a whopping 15 hours, making it an ideal investment for a human night outside.

The Ultra Repellent range from Bushman also has a longer shelf-life of 6+ years, so it is an extremely cost effective method of keeping mozzies off your skin.

What is this repellent best for?

The Bushman Ultra range can be used by people of all ages (except children under 2 years old) and for all purposes, as it is extremely versatile. So there is no real ‘best’ way to use it. However, given its strength and durability, you’d get the most out of wearing it in humid conditions in places where insects are rife. Bushman recommends using it when you go camping or hiking.

How much does it cost?

As a premium insect repellent, the Bushman Ultra repellent isn’t cheap by industry standards. According to various websites, the smallest versions (60g and 75g) can cost upwards of and around $15, which can be almost twice as much as other brands. However, taking all of the above features into account, as well as the 6 year shelf life, the Bushman Ultra insect repellent range seems a reasonable purchase.


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The Bushman Repellent Plus range

Bushman Repellent Plus range

Not only is the Bushman Repellent Plus a versatile and effective insect repellent, but it also doubles up as a sunscreen, providing hours of protection from both insects and the sun.

It has a 20% DEET concentration, so it isn’t quite as strong as the Ultra range, but is still highly effective at keeping the mozzies away. It is suitable for every member of the family, even those with sensitive skin, and it is resistant to water, sweat and chaffing.

It also has a pleasant neural odour and unique time release protection, so it will continue to keep you protected as it starts to lose its potency.

What sizes does it come in?

There are five different sizes that the Plus range comes in:

  • A 100ml aerosol-free pump spray
  • A 50g spray
  • A 150g spray
  • A 350g spray
  • A 75g gel tube

How long does it last?

Due to the combination of having a lower concentration of DEET, as well as having to include UV ray protection, this range doesn’t last as long as Bushman’s Ultra products. You can expect the first four sizes listed above to last you around 7 hours.

However, like the Ultra range, you can expect the gel to last longer. The 75g gel in the repellent plus range can last up to a massive 12 hours, making it the longest lasting of Bushman’s products.

What is this repellent best for?

Again, this repellent can be used by people of all ages and in any scenario, so you don’t need to think about whether or not you’re going to right place for it. If you’re going somewhere with insects, then this is the range for you.

How much does it cost?

Because it also doubles up as a sunscreen, you’ll find that the Bushman Plus products are slightly more expensive than the Ultra range. They can cost around $15-20, which is much more expensive than other brands. But again, you’re seemingly paying for quality with Bushman.

Where can you buy Bushman insect repellent from?

Bushman is available in a plethora of stores and pharmacies across Australia, including most of the leading chains. You’ll be able to locate Bushman insect repellent in places like Priceline, TerryWhite Chemists, BCF, Coles, Mountain Designs and more. Here is a complete list of the major retail stores and pharmacies Bushman’s products are available in.

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