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Cenovis aims to support family health, offering vitamin supplements to suit a wide range of ages, lifestyles and health concerns. The brand claims to target a number of issues including cholesterol, fatigue, diet deficiencies, stress, mild anxiety, colds and flu, osteoarthritis, joint pain and swelling, muscle cramps, memory, eye health and stamina. To help kids get their daily dose of nutrients, Cenovis also offers a range of chewable tablets, fizzy chews and sprinkles.

To help you see what’s on offer, we’ve compiled a list of the different types of supplements available from Cenovis and their apparent health benefits.

Range of Cenovis Products

From healing wounds to reducing the duration and severity of cold symptoms, the Cenovis product range focuses on a number of health concerns. These include:

  • Colds and immunity
  • Digestive balance and detox
  • Energy and stress
  • Heart health
  • Joints, bones and muscles
  • Kid’s health
  • Women and men’s health
  • Multivitamins
  • Omega-3
  • Sleep

Colds and immunity

Cenovis Colds and immunity supplements

Cenovis offers a number of supplements claimed to relieve symptoms of colds and support general immunity. The range is also stated to help promote healthy liver function, manage cold sore outbreaks, alleviate symptoms of hayfever, support immune function, help tissue repair, and maintain healthy gums.

If you’re stuck in bed with the cold, Cenovis Sugarless C is said to be one of the brand’s best sellers. Featuring Vitamin C, the product is claimed to reduce the severity and duration of cold symptoms. The chewable tablets are also claimed to support immune function, promote healthy gums, and help heal wounds and tissue repair. Products like Cenovis Echinacea 5000 and Cenovis Echinacea, Garlic, Zinc & C may also help manage upper respiratory tract infections and similarly reduce the severity and duration of cold symptoms.

Digestive balance and detox

Cenovis Digestive balance and detox

Cenovis has a number of products available to support digestion. The Cenovis Liver Support Milk Thistle 7000 is a high strength formula. It contains Milk Thistle, which is stated to be used as a natural liver tonic in European herbal medicine to maintain liver function. It is also claimed to have antioxidant properties which can help reduce the risk of free radical damage, stated to be caused by alcohol, pollution and other lifestyle and environmental factors.

Similar products include Cenovis Tumeric 3100, which is claimed to be traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to temporarily alleviate mild joint pain and inflammation. But these capsules are also said to promote healthy digestion and liver function, as well as contain antioxidants contain antioxidants to support general immunity.

Energy and stress

Cenovis Energy and stress

If you’re feeling burned out, many of the Cenovis products available are suitable for supporting energy production and treating the different effects of stress, the company says.

For those suffering from insomnia, the Cenovis EasySleep Valerian 2000 is said to relieve mild anxiety, nervous tension, and stress. Products like Cenovis B Complex and Cenovis Co-Enzyme Q10 150mg may also be ideal for people low on energy as these contain ingredients like Vitamin B3 and Co-Enzyme Q10 which support energy production. Supplements like Cenovis Ginkgo Biloba 2000 and Cenovis Guarana 2000 & Ginseng 500mg similarly focus on improving mental alertness and memory, as well as reduce mental or physical fatigue.

Heart health

Cenovis Heart health

Cenovis claims it has a number of products to support heart health for all ages. For the elderly, Cenovis Mega E 500IU may be ideal. It contains Vitamin E, which is stated to reduce the risk of cell damage and support capillary health. It is also said to encourage healthy arteries by minimising the effects caused by bad cholesterol, as well as promotes normal peripheral circulation to relieve cold hands and feet. Other products focusing on heart health include Cenovis B Complex, which apparently contains seven essential B group vitamins to support energy production and cardiovascular health. The tablets are also claimed to promote healthy wellbeing, and support brain and cognitive function.

Joints, bones and muscles

Cenovis Joints, bones and muscles

From relieving leg cramps associated with pregnancy, to supporting cardiovascular health, Cenovis has various products focusing on supporting healthy joints, bones and muscles. The Cenovis Tumeric 3100 is a high strength supplement claimed to have been traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to help temporarily alleviate mild joint pain and inflammation. It is also said to maintain healthy digestion and liver, as well as contain antioxidants to support general health.

There are also supplements like Cenovis Magnesium featuring magnesium, which is stated to play a vital part in muscle contraction. Since the body is also claimed to require more magnesium in times of stress, this product might be useful to help people cope when life gets busy. The tablets are similarly claimed to reduce the frequency and severity of general migraines and menstrual migraines, as well as support cardiovascular health.

Kids health

Cenovis Kids health

Cenovis has a few products to support growing bodies and help children meet their daily nutritional intake. These supplements are said to promote healthy immune and brain function, support energy production, and maintain healthy bones and teeth.

For fussy eaters, Cenovis Kids Vita Sprinkles Multi + Fruit & Veggies comes in powder form and can be added to meals such as yoghurt, spaghetti and other food they love to help them get their daily dose of nutrients. Said to be ideal for children aged between one and 11 years, the product contains four fruit and vegetables to help kids meet their daily nutritional intake, as well as a range of other vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin B1, vitamin D3, calcium, iron and iodine.

Chewable fizzy tablets like Cenovis Kids Vita Tingles Vitamin C + Fruit & Vegies and Cenovis Kids Vita Tingles Multivitamin + Fruit & Vegies are also available in either orange or strawberry flavour.

Women and men’s health

Cenovis Women and men’s health

Cenovis offers different supplements claimed to be specially formulated to suit the varying needs of men and women. For men, products like Cenovis Daily Men’s Multi contain a number of ingredients such as zinc. This is claimed to be particularly important for promoting healthy prostate function and meeting physiological requirements of the male body.

For women, the Cenovis Once Daily Women’s Multi + Energy capsules focuses on filling nutritional deficiencies and improving energy production. Although other products like Cenovis magnesium also contain ingredients like magnesium which is said to relieve premenstrual symptoms and mood swings associated with that time of the month.


Cenovis Multivitamins

Different factors such as lifestyle, diet, environment, age and sex are stated to affect the type and amount of nutrients we need every day. Cenovis Multivitamins and Minerals, like many of the other products available, contain a mix of vitamins and minerals to address any deficiencies. Some of these include vitamin A and B, vitamin B2, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. The product is said to support energy production, heart function, and cognitive function. It is also claimed to promote healthy eyes and skin, and promote healthy bones and joints.


Cenovis Omega-3

Cenovis offers a couple of products which combine omega-3 with other ingredients like glucosamine, and vitamins A and D help provide a number of health benefits.

If you’re suffering with osteoarthritis and are looking to alleviate joint pain and swelling, Cenovis Joint Repair Glucosamine and Fish Oil is said to temporarily relieve joint tenderness as well as help repair joint cartilage damage. For health, Cenovis Odourless Cod Liver Oil is claimed to promote healthy immune function. It includes Vitamin A, an antioxidant stated to support eye, skin and respiratory health. The supplements also include Vitamin D, which is similarly seen to maintain a healthy immune system and promote healthy muscles. While it’s recommended two capsules be taken daily, apparently the product is more effective when three capsules are taken daily.


Cenovis EasySleep

Since a bad night’s sleep is said to be caused by factors such as stress and mild anxiety, Cenovis offers products like Cenovis Stress Relief and Cenovis EasySleep Valerian 2000 to calm nerves help you stay asleep for longer.

But if your night is spent tossing and turning, supplements including Cenovis Co-Enzyme Q10 are said to support energy production and help you keep going throughout the day. Products like Cenovis Ginkgo Biloba 2000, Cenovis Guarana 2000 & Ginseng 500mg are similarly claimed to help alleviate mental or physical fatigue, as well as improve memory, concentration and cognitive function. And to avoid a restless night sleep from keeping you grumpy all day, Cenovis offers supplements like Cenovis John’s Wort 2000 which apparently promotes healthy mood balance.

Can Cenovis be the vitamin brand for me?

From reliving colds and flu symptoms to improving arteries affected by bad cholesterol, Cenovis claims to tailor products to suit the changing needs of families. The product range is claimed to support various concerns including colds and immunity, digestive balance and detox, energy, stress, heart health, joint health, bone and muscle health, kid’s health, sleep and women and men’s health.

When it comes to immunity, Cenovis offers a range of products to help promote general wellbeing as well as provide specific health benefits like reducing the duration and severity of cold symptoms. The supplements are also said to minimise risks, such as free radical damage, which can be caused by alcohol, lifestyle and other factors.

A range of products focusing on cardiovascular health, joint health and bone and muscle health are also available to suit a range of ages. While products like Cenovis Mega E 500IU may be ideal for the elderly, Cenovis says, there are similar supplements like Cenovis B Complex and Cenovis Tumeric 3100 to suit a broad range of demographics. The kids range also feature a range of vitamin supplements in the form of powder and chewable fizzy tablets, in various flavours.

If counting sheep isn’t helping you stay asleep at night, there are also products like Cenovis EasySleep Valerian 2000 which are claimed to offer temporary relief from insomnia. Similar supplements are also said to target issues which can affect sleep, like stress.

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