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Now owned by Unliver, Jif was first launched in 1969 and has become one of the most recognisable cleaning brands in the world. It is sold under various names across the globe, including Cif and Vim, depending in which country you purchase it in, but most commonly it is known as Jif in Australia.

Jif ‘understands that real life is messy’ and aims to create products that can deal with tough dirt without harsh scratching. There are several products in its line that range from cleaning sprays to cleaning wipes.

From an eco-angle, Unliver says it aims to become a zero waste business across all of its brands, including Jif, and reduce environmental impact by half. It also aims to source its agricultural raw materials sustainably. Although it has not reached this goal yet, the plan is set for 2030.

Jif Bathroom Cleaners


For bathroom solutions, Jif offers two sprays:

  • Jif Power & Shine Bathroom Spray
  • Jif Easy Lift Glass Spray

Jif Power & Shine Bathroom Spray is said to be designed to help remove soap scum and leave surfaces streak-free. Jif Easy Lift Glass Spray is claimed to be formulated with powerful Lift Action technology to remove bathroom dirt and detach soap scum. Standard size for both cleaning sprays is a 750ml bottle.

Jif also has produced a line of wipes to help with cleaning bathrooms. Jif Easy Lift Bathroom Wipes are stated to be antibacterial with Lift Action technology. Standard size is a 50 pack.

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Jif Multipurpose Cleaners

As for multipurpose cleaners, Jif produces several sprays and cleaning wipes.  Cleaning sprays are very handy no matter what type of cleaning is needed to be done. There are three kitchen sprays in the line, including:

  • Jif Power & Shine Kitchen Spray
  • Jif Anti-bacterial Original Spray
  • Jif Stainless Steel Cleaner Spray

Jif Power & Shine Kitchen Spray is stated to help lift away kitchen grease, while the Jif Anti-bacterial Original Spray is formulated to kill bacteria and protect your home. Jif claims its Anti-bacterial spray helps safeguard ceramic, chrome, enamel and stainless steel surfaces from bacteria. It’s recommended to be sprayed and left for 5 minutes. For disinfection of extremely dirty areas, it is recommended to spray Jif Anti-bacterial spray twice and then rinse or wipe away with a damp cloth. Jif Stainless Steel Cleaner Spray features polishing agents that aim to eliminate lime scale, watermarks and grease.

Standard sizes are a 750ml spray bottle for both Jif Power & Shine Kitchen Spray and Jif Anti-bacterial Original Spray, and a 500ml spray bottle for Jif Stainless Steel Cleaner Spray.

Jif Multipurpose Wipes

Jif Wipes

Along with Jif multipurpose sprays, Jif also has two types of cleaning wipes:

  • Jif Cleaning Cloth Ballerina
  • Jif Easy Lift Kitchen Wipes

Jif Cleaning Cloth Ballerina are designed to be multipurpose and used for everyday or heavy duty cleaning tasks, including sinks, stoves, dusting and washing the car. The Jif Easy Lift Kitchen Wipes are similar to wipes offered for bathroom cleaning as they are both said to be antibacterial with Lift Action technology to remove dirt and grease.

Standard size is a pack of two cloths for Jif Cleaning Cloth Ballerina and a pack of 50 wipes for Jif Easy Lift Kitchen Wipes.

Jif Cream Cleansers

Two other products Jif offers to help keep your kitchen and bathroom clean are in its Jif Cream Cleanser range. There are two types available in the line, including:

  • Jif Cream Liquid Cleanser – Regular Variant
  • Jif Cream Liquid Cleanser – Lemon Variant

Jif Creams

Jif Cream Liquid cleansers are designed for kitchens, bathrooms and surfaces including appliances and white goods. It is stated to be for tough cleaning problems without harsh scratching. There are two fragrances in the range – original fresh and lemon fresh fragrance. These products are stated to not be used for specialist surfaces such as brushed stainless steel. Cleaning of specialist surfaces should be according to manufacturer’s instructions only.

Standard size for both Jif Cream Liquid Cleansers is a 375ml bottle.

Jif Oven Cleaner

Jif’s final product is the Jif Oven & BBQ Cleaner Spray. It is designed to have a fume free formulation and aims to be tough on grease and burnt food. Standard size is a 500ml spray bottle.

Should I use Jif cleaning products?

Jif aims to produce tough and powerful products with a focus to become environmentally friendly. It has a fairly small cleaning range and does not expand into different fragrances compared to other brands. Nevertheless, Jif has a broadly appealing lemon scent in some of its products and if you are not looking for any particular fragrance, Jif may have a cleaning product for you. It steers towards the high end price category when looking at unit pricing. You may like to compare Jif cleaning products with other brands by having a read of online reviews or ratings – such as ours – as these may give an insight on how other Aussies find using Jif cleaning products.

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