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Weber BBQs Review

The Weber brand is renowned for its extensive range of BBQs, from compact to in-built models. When looking for the right BBQ for you, there are many aspects to consider. Currently, Weber produces three ranges – the Weber Q, Weber Charcoal and Weber Premium Gas – and these are split into a number of series with several BBQ models in each. We will examine some of the best barbecues from each range, looking at prices and features to determine which might offer the best value for you.

Weber Q Barbecues

weber baby q

This range is arguably the most popular line of Weber BBQs, with its versatility and the convenience of bring powered by gas. It has a 5-year limited warranty on all three series.

Baby Q Series

  • Baby Q (Q1000AU) – $319 (Titanium colour, LPG) and $329 (Black colour, LPG)
  • Baby Q Premium (Q1200AU) – $329 (Titanium colour, LPG) and $339 (Black or Red colour, LPG)

For a BBQ that is flexible and easy to travel or go camping with, the Baby Q Premium model is 39cm x 69cm (HXW) with the lid closed and weighs in at approximately 11.25kg. For a compact model, it has a number of cool features that can be seen in other ranges including easy-to-read infinite control burner control knob, cool to touch thermoset lid handle, glass reinforced nylon frame and a removable drip tray. It’s designed with one stainless-steel Q Burner and 9 megajoule (8,500 BTU) per hour output, so depending on how much food you’re looking at barbecuing at once, this may be enough for you otherwise you may like to consider the larger BBQ models.

The Baby Q Premium is claimed to have a durable cast aluminium lid and body with a thermometer as well as a rust-resistant cast iron split cooking grills with an electronic infinite igniter. The previous model – Q1000AU – is still available and costs $10 less. Although similar in size, the Q1000AU doesn’t feature a thermometer on the lid and it uses a heavy-duty push button piezo igniter instead of an electronic infinite igniter.

Weber Q Series

weber q series

  • Weber Q (Q2000AU) – $429 (Titanium LPG), $439 (Black LPG), $459 (Titanium NG), and $469 (Black NG)
  • Weber Q Premium (Q2200AU) – $439 (Titanium LPG), $449 (Black or Red LPG), $469 (Titanium NG), and $479 (Black NG)

If you’re after an everyday BBQ that is still compact enough to take with you when travelling but provides some extra space for cooking, you may like to consider this series. The Weber Q Premium (Q2200AU) is designed similarly to the Baby Q Premium model in terms of its construction but has a higher megajoule output per hour of 12.7 (12,000 BTU) compared to 9 megajoules in the Baby Q series. The addition to this series is also the two thermoset swing out work surfaces, giving you extra room for barbecuing.

Both the Weber Q and Weber Q Premium barbecues are available with LP Gas and Natural Gas and have one stainless steel Q Burner. The Weber Q series is slightly larger than the previous Baby Q series with the Weber Q Premium model coming in at a height of 40 cm with the lid closed and a width of 131cm with side tables out. Consequently, it becomes slightly heavier in weight coming in at approximately 16.5kg in total.

The main difference between the Weber Q and the Weber Q Premium is similar to the previous series, which is that the premium model features a thermometer, while the Q2000AU does not. The premium model has an electric infinite igniter instead of a heavy-duty push-button piezo igniter and is 0.5kg heavier.

Family Q Series

weber family q series

  • Weber Family Q (Q31000AU) – $739 (Titanium LPG), $759 (Black LPG), $769 (Titanium NG), and $789 (Black NG)
  • Weber Family Q Premium (Q3200AU) – $749 (Titanium LPG), $769 (Black or Red LPG), $779 (Titanium NG), and $799 (Black NG)
  • Weber Family Q Built In Premium (Q3600AU) – $999 (LPG) and $1,099 (NG)

The Family Q series incorporates a more powerful set of BBQ’s, with the above three models providing 22.9 megajoule (21,700 BTU) per hour output. Aligned with the other series in the range, the Family Q BBQs are constructed with durable cast aluminium bodies, rust-resistant cast iron split cooking grills and cool to touch thermoset lid handles. These also feature two thermoset swing out work surfaces with an additional patio cart with a tool holder.

Except for the Built in model, you will find the Family Q models at 141cm in height with the lid open and 140cm in width with side tables out. For the total weight, you are looking at around 35kg. The difference from the Family Q and the Premium models is that the Premium models use an electronic infinite igniter and are designed with a thermometer.

Weber Charcoal Range

The next range is claimed to be the backyard barbecue icon with a convenient cleaning system, a handy feature to have. It comes with a 10-year limited warranty for a piece of mind. However, the compact Kettle model sits with the previous range of providing a 5-year warranty.

Portable Series

weber portable series

The portable series provides several other options to keep in mind for holidays and travelling. In the series you will find the following:

  • Weber Smokey Joe – $109.95 RRP
  • Weber Go-Anywhere – $129.95 RRP
  • Weber Jumbo Joe – $169 RRP

All three models have been constructed with porcelain enamelled bowls and lids, chrome-plated steel cooking grills and glass reinforced nylon handles. The Weber Jumbo Joe is the latest addition to the pack coming in at the highest price of the series and features charcoal rails for indirect cooking. They are all similar in size but the Jumbo Joe model is the largest of the pack at 50cm x 52cm x 50cm (HxWxD), with the other two models being slightly smaller. The Weber Go Anywhere comes in at 37cm in height and The Smokey Joe at 43cm.

The main difference between the models is that both the Weber Go-Anywhere and the Jumbo Joe use ‘no-rust’ aluminium vents and nickel-plated lid locks for carrying the BBQs. The Go-Anywhere model is also designed with a lid that can be used as a wind break, certainly a handy feature for when you’re out camping or by the beach.

Kettle Series

weber kettle series

This is by far one of the largest series in the Weber range and includes the following models:

  • Weber Compact Kettle – $219
  • Weber Original Kettle – $329 (Black) and $349 (Smoke or Crimson)
  • Weber Original Premium Kettle – $449
  • Weber Original Premium Kettle with Gourmet Barbecue System Grill – $499
  • Weber Performer Kettle – $649
  • Weber Performer Premium Kettle – $799
  • Weber Ranch – $2,399

A popular choice from this series is the Weber Original Premium Kettle. It sits towards the middle of the price spectrum while having a similar construction design of no-rust aluminium vents and chrome-plated steel hinged cooking grill. The full range has also been constructed with porcelain enamelled bowls and lids for durability.

With the premium models, Weber has replaced the traditional open ash catcher with a removable saucepan like container that has a factory assembled aluminised steel ‘One-Touch’ cleaning system. Additionally, the models use a ‘Rapid fire charcoal ‘V’ gate and 2 ‘Char-Basket’ charcoal fuel holders.

With the exception of the Weber Ranch model, this series is designed with glass reinforces nylon handles, a bowl handle with tool hooks, bezel lid thermometer and crack proof all weather wheels.

If you’re after a traditional style BBQ, you may like to stick with the Weber Compact Kettle models but for a ‘gourmet’ barbecue system cooking grill you can opt for the Weber Performer Kettle BBQs. For an even more extravagant experience, the Weber Ranch comes in at $2,399 and offers the largest cooking area of 6900cm² compared to the 2500cm² you get with the Weber Original Premium Kettle and additionally, it is equipped with a heavy duty steel frame 10 aluminium drip pan.

Smoker Series

weber smoker

  • 37 cm Smokey Mountain Cooker – $399 RPP
  • 47 cm Smokey Mountain Cooker – $749 RRP
  • 57 cm Smokey Mountain Cooker – $999 RRP

The only difference between each model above is size, as you may have already guessed by the names. All models are constructed from porcelain enamelled material for the bowl and lid as well as no-rust aluminium vents and two chrome-plated steel cooking grills. Weber claims its Smoker BBQs use rust resistant front-loading doors, glass reinforced nylon handles and porcelain enamelled water pans. Similarly to the previous range, these are all equipped with a fixed commercial grade thermometer. Depending on how much cooking space you require, you can choose accordingly.

Weber Premium Gas Range

The last range includes four series – the Spirit, Genesis II, Genesis II LX and Summit – and is aimed at maintaining the reputation of the Kettle range with quality materials. The range has a 10 year warranty on all models.

Spirit series

weber spirit series

  • Weber Spirit E-210 – $849 (LPG) and $1,009 (NG)
  • Weber Spirit E-210 Premium – $899 (LPG) and $1,059 (NG)
  • Weber Spirit E-310 – $949 (LPG) and $1,109 (NG)
  • Weber Spirit E-310 Premium – $999 (LPG) and $1,159 (NG)
  • Weber Spirit E-330 Premium – $1,199 (LPG) and $1,359 (NG)

The Webber Spirit E-310, E-310 Premium and E-330 Premium boast three stainless steel burners while the other E-210 models are equipped with just two. If you are usually cooking for one to three people, you won’t need more than three burners, you may even be fine with just two. However, if you often find yourself throwing big backyard BBQs, then additional burners may be necessary to help cook everything in one go.

The full Weber Spirit Series is designed with a crossover ignition system, porcelain enamelled hoods, two porcelain enamelled cast iron cooking grills and heavy duty porcelain coated cast iron hotplates. Additionally, what you will find with these BBQs is a fixed commercial grade thermometer, an enclosed storage area with a painted steel door and porcelain enamelled ‘Flavorizer’ bar, which is a specially angled bar to allow fat and juiced to fall safely past the burners. However, the Weber Spirit E210 and E310 are designed slightly different, using an enclosed storage area with a perforated screen instead.

All models are equipped with a handy 6 tool holder. You will also find a 2m quick disconnect hose with the NG models and a precision fuel gauge for the LPG models. The difference between the E-210 model and the E-310 is that the E-210 uses two black work surfaces while the other BBQs are claimed to use two stainless steel work surfaces.

The models range from 113cm to 115cm in height with lid closed and all are 127cm width and 81cm in depth. Along with the primary burner rating which range from 28 megajoules to 33.8 megajoules, for the extra price on the Weber Spirit E-330 Premium model, you are getting an extra 7.9 megajoule (7500 BTU) sear station and a 10.6 megajoule (10,000 BTU) side burner.

Genesis II Series

weber genesis series

  • Weber Genesis II E310 – $1,299 (LPG) and $1,519 (NG)
  • Weber Genesis II E410 – $1,499 (Black or Smoke colour LPG) and $1,719 (Black or Smoke colour NG)

The Genesis II series provides additional burners with the Weber E410 model boasting four stainless steel infinite control burner tubers, so if you are looking to entertain you may like to keep this one in mind.

Both models in this series features Weber’s ‘iGrill 3 ready’ system with a tuck-away warming rack and the Weber ‘Flavorizer’ bar. For its construction, the models are designed with porcelain enamelled hoods, heavy duty porcelain-coated cast iron hotplate and an open cart design, bottom shelf.

There are several additional features with the Genesis II series including a ‘Fat Management’ system to guide excess fat away the heat of the burners for safety and the infinity ignition system, which is claimed to provide a durable and consistent ignition each time. For the extra $200 between the two models, you get a little extra megajoule of 50.6 compared to the 39.5 megajoule with E310.

Genesis II LX Series

weber genesis II LX series

  • Weber Genesis II LX E340 – $1,999 (LPG) and $2,219 (NG)
  • Weber Genesis II LX E440 – $2,199 (LPG) and $2,419 (NG)
  • Weber Genesis II LX E440 Premium – $2,499 (LPG) and $2,719 (NG)

This series is a little taller than the Genesis II and provides additional cooking space. All three models have stainless steel infinite control burner tubers, high+ burner control and 12.6 megajoule (12, 000 BTU) side burner. The main difference is that the E440 models provide 54.8 megajoules compared to 45.8 megajoules and the E440 Premium model has a rotisserie included.

Similarly to the Genesis II, this series also features Weber’s innovative ‘iGrill 3 ready’ system as well as a stainless steel ‘Flavorizer’ bar and an infinity ignition system. It also has a dual door enclosed cart design with a ‘Tuck Away’ warming rack. With additional light up control knobs and a handle light, it may surely be a nice addition to the backyard.

Summit Series

weber summit series

This final series is certainly a premium line of BBQs that Weber produces and will cost you over $4,000. There are currently four models available:

  • Weber Summit E-460 Built In – $4,399 (LPG/NG)
  • Weber Summit E-470 – $4,299 (LPG/NG)
  • Weber Summit E-600 Built In – $5,399 (LPG/NG)
  • Weber Summit E-670 – $5,299 (LPG/NG)

The E-460 and E-470 models have four stainless steel burners with 51.5 megajoule (48,800 BTU) per hour output, while the E-600 and E-670 have six burners and provide 63.3 megajoule (60,000 BTU) combined primary burner rating. For the non-built in models, there is an additional 12.7 megajoule (12,000 BTU) commercial grade side burner and 46 tool holders. If you’re out for an ultimate entertainment companion, this BBQ may have you covered for all your barbecuing needs.

This series features a spit fork rotisserie with a heavy duty motor as well as a fixed commercial grade thermometer and ‘Flavorizer’ bars. Additionally, you will find a ‘snap-Jet’ individual burner ignition, 9mm diameter stainless steel cooking grills and reversible heavy duty porcelain coated cast iron hotplate. Although other construction features are similar to the previous series, the Summit series has a commanding BBQ chef appearance that won’t go unnoticed when you host the next family dinner.

Should I go home with a Weber BBQ?

With all this in mind, it can be said that Weber outdoes other brands with the number of BBQs it produces. Depending on the size of your family and how you choose to use your BBQ, the decision of which model to buy will come down to the features it provides. While the Weber Q range has several models with a compact design, which is ideal for travelling, you may require a BBQ with a little extra power, which can be found in the Weber Premium Gas range.

With the quality that Weber aims to provide, you can be rest assured that you’re getting a BBQ that, when well looked after, will last you many years. It would be wise to check out online ratings – such as ours – to see exactly how Australian families rated Weber along with other brands in the market.

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