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Established in the 1950s, White King is Australian owned and made. It’s a brand owned by the Pental Company, which aims to deliver quality and value in all of its products. White King is known as Australia’s iconic household cleaning brand that first began as a liquid bleach and now produces more than 40 products, ranging from toilet cleaners to laundry products. Let’s look into the range to see if it has a product you may like to try for your cleaning needs.

White King Bathroom Cleaners

White King Bathroom Spray

For bathroom solutions, White King offers three products – White King Bathroom Cleaner, Gel and Mould & Soap Scum Remover. White King Bathroom Cleaner is stated to be a bleach free formulation with biodegradable surfactants. It’s designed for showers, basins and baths, and aims to kill germs and reduce ongoing build-up of soap scum and grime. Standard size is a 500ml trigger bottle and comes in an Ocean Breeze fragrance.

White King Bathroom Gel is a thick bleach gel formula for strong grip and claims to be a hospital grade disinfectant. It’s designed for shower recess, tiles, baths and basins. White King Bathroom Gel aims to kill germs and remove mould and soap scum. It comes in a lemon fragrance and standard size is a 750ml bottle.

The final bathroom cleaner is the White King Mould & Soap Scum Remover, which is a multipurpose bathroom spray. It claims to be tough on mould and soap scum, as well as kill germs. The White King Mould & Soap Scum Remover is said to give a subtle lemon fresh fragrance and comes in a 500ml trigger bottle.

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White King Multipurpose Cleaners

White King Multi Surface Wipes


Multipurpose cleaners are convenient to have around the home for any occasion. White King produces four products in this range, including White King Kitchen Cleaner, Antibacterial Surface Wipes, Bleach Tablets and Multi-Purpose Power Cleaner.

White King Kitchen Cleaner claims to be designed with an antibacterial bleach free formula and biodegradable surfactants. It aims to help cut through grease and grime and reduce ongoing build up. White King Kitchen Cleaner comes in a citrus fresh scent and standard size is a 500ml trigger bottle.

If you’re looking for an easy fix for a spill, you may like to try White King Antibacterial Surface Wipes, which are designed with a non-bleach formula and fabric traps that aim to help remove dirt. Standard size is 100 wipes.

White King Bleach Tablets are marketed as the ‘no fuss’ cleaning solution in a pre-measured tablet. They are claimed to have antibacterial and sterilising properties that help remove germs, dirt and stains from most non-porous surfaces. They are designed for toilets, surfaces, kitchen sinks, dishwashers, utensils, clothes, washing machines and all household mess spots. You should spot test on inconspicuous areas before use. White King Bleach Tablets come in a lemon fragrance and standard size is 40 tablets.

Designed for most bathroom and household surfaces, White King Multi-Purpose Power Cleaner is a thick bleach formula that aims to remove mould and soap scum. It’s stated to be an antibacterial hospital-grade disinfectant and comes in a lemon scent. Standard size is a 1L bottle.

White King Toilet Cleaners

White King Toilet Cleaner

As previously mentioned, White King first began as a liquid bleach brand, but has now expanded to include the following bleach products for your toilet – White King All in 1 in-cistern Power Shots, All in 1 Power Hanger, Ultra Toilet Gel and Powerclean Toilet Gel.

White King All in 1 in-cistern Power Shots use a bleach formula to help remove stains and kill germs when you flush your toilet. The cleaning and foaming action states to leave a fresh hygienic fragrance in the following scents:

  • Citrus fresh
  • Bright white
  • Bleach and blue

Standard size is a 2 pack of 50g each.

White King All in 1 Power Hanger is similar to the above White King Power Shots but comes in a cage design to help ensure full bowl coverage. There are two scents available including Aqua Fresh and Mystic Orchid. Standard size is 50g.

White King Ultra Toilet Gel is a bleach-based toilet gel that claims to remove stains and kill germs. It’s available in Lemon and Aqua fragrance and comes in a 500ml bottle.

To help keep your toilet clean and smelling fresh, White King also offers White King Powerclean Toilet Gel. It’s an antibacterial liquid gel that is available in three fragrance options:

  • Lemon
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender

Standard size is a 700ml bottle.

White Kind Laundry cleaners

White King Power Packs

For your laundry needs, White King also branches out into laundry cleaners, producing several fabric stain removers and pods as well as an iron cleaner.

  • White King Fabric Stain Remover claims to use oxygen and enzymes to help remove stains and brighten colours and whites. It is stated to be antibacterial and biodegradable. White King Fabric Stain Remover is available in a fresh scent and standard sizes are an option between a 1kg or 2kg tub.
  • White King Stain Remover is designed to revitalise whites and provide antibacterial care. Standard size is a 2kg tub.
  • White King Colours Stain Remover is a pre-wash stain remover. It claims to be safe on colours and tough on stains. White King recommends spraying directly on the stain before washing or as a spot cleaner for those emergency occasions. Standard size is a 500ml trigger bottle. Some retailers offer a 500ml refill for the spray bottle.
  • White King Oxy Power Packs are pre-measured stain removal pods used in conjunction with laundry detergent. They are claimed to help remove stains and brighten colours and whites. White King Oxy Power Packs are said to be suitable for both top and front load washing machines, as well as all colours and temperatures. Standard size is 30 packs.
  • White King Hi Speed Hot Iron Cleaner is designed to help clean sticky coating from steam and dry irons. It’s safe for all metal and non-stick surfaces. Standard size is 25g.

White King Bleach

White King Bleach

The final product line is White King’s core bleach range. It consists of White King Premium Bleach and White King Bleach Spray. White King Premium Bleach is an all-purpose bleach which aims to remove stains, mould and soap scum, kill germs, deodorise and brighten whites. It comes in three sizes of 750ml, 1.25L, 2.5L and three fragrances including regular, lemon and lavender.

White King Bleach Spray comes in a convenient trigger bottle. It claims to leave surfaces deodorised and hygienically clean as well as removing mould. Standard size is 500ml and available in a lemon fragrance.

Should I use White King cleaning products?

White King claims to be Australia’s No.1 bleach, but it is important to use caution when using bleach products. Nevertheless, White King does provide a wide range of cleaning products including non-bleach formulas. There are several fragrances available for certain product lines, but not for all. So if you’re looking for fragrant cleaners you may like to keep that in mind. White King is fairly affordable and sits in the mid-range of prices. You may like to compare White King to other cleaning brands by heading to our ratings pages below.

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