H&R Block Review & Guide

Tax time can often be a painful process, as organising and lodging your claim can be a long process, particular if you don’t know much about tax. Add into the mix the wide variety of accountants and tax agencies who claim maximum refund guarantees and the whole experience can be confusing, as well as potentially costly.

With more than 470 offices around Australia, H&R Block is one of the nation’s most well-known tax accountancy companies. With humble beginnings in the US back in the 1940s, H&R Block has expanded to become a global brand, offering a range of financial services for both individuals and businesses. With tax time fast approaching, check out H&R Block’s range of tax services below.

H&R Block


While built around offering a wide range of financial services, including bookkeeping, financial planning and audit assistance, H&R Block’s primary service is tax related. As a result, it offers multiple ways for consumers to complete their tax returns, with options available in store, as well as online.

Consumers can either complete their own tax return via H&R Block’s DIY online option, or have its qualified tax accountants take care of the whole process for you. For those looking to complete online, H&R Block offer handy tools such as the tax checklist and tax calculator to ensure that you’re maximising the benefits of your claim.

  • H&R Block also offers a tax return app, available on both IOS and Android, to help you claim on the go
  • For those interested in learning about tax, H&R Block also offer an Income Tax Course, with information available on its website


Prices will vary depending on the type of tax return you wish to claim, with returns for businesses or investments costing more. The DIY option is the cheapest, starting from $19.95 for wages and simple deductions, with sole traders the most expensive DIY option, coming out at $84.95.

For consumers who need a bit of assistance, H&R Block offers returns starting from $131, available both through its online services, as well as instore. For under 21s and full-time students, H&R Block offers tax returns from $70, helping those on a budget.

  • If you’re not happy with your tax return, or unsure about something, H&R Block offers a free Second Look Assessment, helping you make the most of your claim
  • All tax returns from H&R Block are tax deductible

Is H&R Block the best option for me?

If tax isn’t your strong suit, or you simply don’t have the time to sit down and calculate your claims and expenses, tax agents can be a handy option. With many established agencies offering a wide range of services for all types of investments and businesses, tax time can be made almost stress-free.

H&R Block has been a long-standing agency within Australia, providing a range of services to all types of businesses and individuals to cover all their tax needs. Despite the immediate appeal, it’s always best to shop around to find the most suitable option for you or your business, as it might be the difference needed to get the most back on your tax return.

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