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How to watch the 2022 Masters and U.S. Open Golf

Not a pastime for the faint-hearted, golf can just as easily find you throwing your clubs in the drink as it can find you sinking a hole-in-one (you wish!). Thankfully, tuning in to watch the professionals tee-off is a lot less stressful than hitting the course yourself. With the majority of the big tournaments happening overseas, Aussie golf fans have had to negotiate time zones and coverage times to catch all the action. Thankfully, viewers now have more options to catch their favourite players hit the fairway. In this Canstar Blue guide, find out where to catch all the action of the 2022 golfing year, and how much it will cost you.

How to watch the Masters in Australia

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The first major of the year, the Masters is held at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, USA, with the winner walking away with the heralded Green Jacket. The competition will start on April 7, 2022, with Kayo and Foxtel offering live and on-demand coverage.

Watch The Masters on Kayo

Offering live coverage and on-demand replays of The Masters, Kayo allows you to catch every swing as it happens or in your own time, meaning you can keep up to date whether the ball goes straight ‘in the hole’, the rough, or in the water. You can also tune in from different camera angles with multiple channels available, in addition to SplitView so that you don’t miss a thing.

Brand Subscription Type No. of Screens/same time viewing Advertised Cost^^/month
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Kayo One Subscription

  • More than 15,000 hours of sport on-demand
  • Watch on 1 screen at the same time
  • 7-day free trial

min. cost $25 over 1 month

1No. of Screens /same time viewing $25Advertised Cost/month Go To Site
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Basic Subscription

  • More than 15,000 hours of sport on-demand
  • Watch on 2 screens at the same time
  • 7-day free trial

min. cost $30 over 1 month

2No. of Screens /same time viewing $35Advertised Cost/month Go To Site

Watch The Masters on Foxtel

Foxtel offers live coverage of the Masters for viewers to tune into the action, with the Foxtel website additionally offering a scoreboard and play update to keep you in the know if you can’t make it to the TV.

How to watch the U.S. Open in Australia

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The third major championship of the year, the U.S. Open will be played at The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts, with golfing fans able to tune into both Kayo and Foxtel for all the action. The U.S. Open will tee-off in June, 2022.

Watch The U.S. Open on Kayo

Similar to the other major championships, Kayo has live coverage and on-demand replay of the U.S. Open, ensuring you don’t miss any tee-offs, bunker shots, or any of the awards ceremony.

Watch The U.S. Open on Foxtel

As with the Masters coverage, Foxtel offers live and on-demand replays of the major golf tournament, with analysis and commentary also available to help you stay on top of all the events, and news of the competition.

How to watch year-round golf in Australia


In addition to the Masters and the U.S. Open, Kayo also has live coverage or on-demand replays of the U.S. and European PGA tours, including the Ladies PGA Tour (LPGA). Kayo coverage additionally includes the Asian Tour Golf, helping you catch every birdie, bunker shot and hole-in-one. And if you’re looking to re-live your favourite moments, Kayo also offers a number of replays and official films for you to get your golf fix.


Along with coverage of the U.S. Open and Masters tournaments, Foxtel also has coverage for plenty of golfing rounds around the globe, whether you’re wanting to catch the action of the Scottish Open all the way to the Qatar Masters. With the European Tour, PGA, and LPGA tournaments available, you’ll have plenty of options to catch either the highlights or all 18 holes. Foxtel additionally offers golf shows and analysis while the tournaments are underway, allowing you to putt your way through at your own pace.


If you’re mad about golf and want more than just the big competitions, then GolfTV may be the option for you. Along with the major tournaments, GolfTV also provides coverage of the PGA tours around the globe, with on-demand highlights for even more competitions.

Viewers can choose from a free account, which includes live coverage of the most popular events and holes, while a Live Pass is also available for those who want to see all 18 holes. If you’re looking for a bit more, the Pro Pass will gain you access to behind-the-scenes analysis and additional features. The Live Pass will cost you $9.99 per month (or $89.99 a year) while the Pro Pass will cost you $19.99 a month or $179.99 a year.

  • GolfTV is available on both your phone and laptop, meaning you can catch the action while you’re on the go.

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