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Dean Heckscher Dean Heckscher oversees and maintains the quality of all content produced on the Canstar Blue website. He’s been writing in the comparison industry for over five years and holds dual Bachelor degrees in Business and Creative & Professional Writing from the Queensland University of Technology.

Your guide to Easter long weekend trading hours

Your guide to 2024 Easter long weekend trading hours

Posted by April 2nd 2024

Aussie families will be out and about for Easter this year, taking advantage of the long weekend and enjoying a break together. With many shops and stores closed over the Easter weekend, it can be …

best fridge freezer temps

Freezer and fridge temperature guide

Posted by March 22nd 2024

Keeping your fridge and freezer at the right temperature ensures your food is safe to eat. Find out more with Canstar Blue.

AFL Grand Final

How to watch the 2024 AFL season

Posted by March 25th 2024

Find out how and where to watch the upcoming AFL season, including Channel 7, Telstra, Foxtel and Kayo.

Heat pump vs condenser dryers

Heat pump vs condenser dryer: Which is best?

Posted by March 14th 2024

Heat pump and condenser dryers technically perform the same job – to dry your clothes after washing – and both extract moisture the same way using different technologies. Both designs also have their own sets …

Watching TV with remote

What is the average video streaming cost?

Posted by January 30th 2024

Video streaming services have been big business in Australia over the past decade, with no shortage of options for households to tune into. But with plenty of options and plans comes plenty of decisions to …

How to watch the English Premier League (EPL) in Australia

Posted by November 22nd 2023

For many Australians, the English Premier League is what comes to mind when people mention football (or soccer). Otherwise known as the EPL, the league is widely considered the best in the world, home to …

Basics of Ducted Air

Is my house suitable for ducted air con?

Posted by November 23rd 2023

For many Australians, air conditioning is an essential to making it through summer. The harsh sun, heat waves that can last for weeks and breezes that feel like someone opened the oven door mean many …


How to watch the NBA in Australia

Posted by November 9th 2023

Find out how and where to watch the NBA in Australia, including Foxtel and ESPN, NBA League Pass and Kayo.

Toyota RAV4

The Best-Selling SUVs in Australia

Posted by February 28th 2024

Buying a new car can be an exciting time, but with plenty of options on the market, the decision can quickly become overwhelming. While we may get distracted by sleek looks and the power under …