Dean Heckscher

Dean Heckscher Dean Heckscher is a Canstar Blue journalist covering everything from fitness to retail and the auto industry. He has a dual degree in Business and Creative & Professional Writing from the Queensland University of Technology and is passionate about helping Australian consumers make more-informed purchase decisions, whether it’s in a supermarket aisle or car showroom. Dean also leads Canstar Blue’s content projects team, bringing several new topics to the top of the agenda.

The Best-Selling SUVs in Australia

Posted by April 8th 2020

Buying a new car can be an exciting time, but with plenty of options on the market, the decision can quickly become overwhelming. While we may get distracted by sleek looks and the power under …

Toyota Hilux

The Top Selling Cars in Australia

Posted by April 8th 2020

Buying a new car can be an exciting time, but with plenty of options on the market, it can quickly become a bit overwhelming. To help narrow down the search, the Federal Chamber of Automotive …

Social media apps

Messenger apps to help you stay in touch with loved ones

Posted by April 7th 2020

While there’s no shortage of options for keeping in contact with people in the modern world, leaving you no excuse not to call your mum (she just misses you), the majority of us would no …

App store

What is the Coronavirus Australia app?

Posted by April 2nd 2020

Getting accurate, relevant and verified information about the coronavirus outbreak can prove difficult, especially as details are changing daily. To help with this issue, the Federal Government has released the Coronavirus Australia app to be …

Foxtel family

Foxtel sports subscribers now have free movie channels

Posted by April 1st 2020

With sporting leagues and competitions postponed around the globe, it’s desperate times for sports fans, particularly those who have subscribed to sports channels and streaming platforms to catch their favourite teams and events in action. While …


Webcam Buying Guide

Posted by March 31st 2020

With many of us now working from home, conference calls and online meetings are the order of the day when it comes to keeping in touch. But while most laptops and desktops come equipped with …

Working with App

Best apps to help you stay productive at home

Posted by March 26th 2020

Try as we might, working from home sometimes doesn’t include a lot of working. It’s easy to be distracted – there’s washing to be done, the pantry needs to be re-organised, and the allure of …

Camp Nou Barcelona FC

Best Sports Docos on Amazon Prime Video

Posted by March 31st 2020

With sporting codes and leagues shut down all over the globe in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, sports fans have been left clutching at straws to get the thrill of a last-minute goal. But …