Dean Heckscher

Dean Heckscher Dean Heckscher is a Canstar Blue journalist covering everything from fitness to retail and the auto industry. He has a dual degree in Business and Creative & Professional Writing from the Queensland University of Technology and is passionate about helping Australian consumers make more-informed purchase decisions, whether it’s in a supermarket aisle or car showroom. Dean also leads Canstar Blue’s content projects team, bringing several new topics to the top of the agenda.

Airbag car

Honda, Mitsubishi & Suzuki cars added to Takata airbag recall list

Posted by January 21st 2020

Honda, Mitsubishi and Suzuki have all issued recalls for vehicles potentially affected by Takata airbags. Over the past week, each manufacturer has issued a statement outlining potentially affected vehicles, with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission …

Where to Buy Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Posted by January 20th 2020

A cultural icon of the 1990s and early 2000s, Dragon Ball Z has long been a fan favourite for those testing the waters of Japanese Anime, as well as fighting games. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot …

How to watch the English Premier League (EPL) in Australia

Posted by January 20th 2020

For many Australians, the English Premier League is what comes to mind when people mention football (or soccer). Otherwise known as the EPL, the league is widely considered the best in the world, home to …

What’s the deal with Lyft in Australia?

Posted by January 17th 2020

With a bumper-to-bumper ridesharing market in Australia, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to getting to where we need to be. Add in electric scooters wheeling onto our streets, and you’ve almost got no …

Protein Powders Compared

Posted by January 10th 2020

When you think of eating healthy and going to the gym, chances are you’re imagining chugging down a protein shake, too. While for some, protein supplements and powders are in the realm of athletes and …

Which soft drink is top of the pops for Aussies?

Posted by January 10th 2020

Soft drink may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there are plenty of us who don’t mind a bit of fizz as a way to compliment a meal, or to quench your thirst on …

Toyota Hilux

The Top Selling Cars in Australia

Posted by January 7th 2020

Buying a new car can be an exciting time, but with plenty of options on the market, it can quickly become a bit overwhelming. To help narrow down the search, the Federal Chamber of Automotive …

Aus Open Rafael Nadal

How to watch the Australian Open tennis

Posted by January 6th 2020

The first Grand Slam of the calendar year, the Australian Open serves up plenty of action and excitement for players and spectators alike. But if you can’t make it courtside, where can you catch all …

BBL Trophy

How to watch the Big Bash League this summer

Posted by December 18th 2019

The Big Bash is here for another season, with the Melbourne Renegades looking to defend their title. With a new format in place – which sees two extra matches played in the finals – BBL …


What’s the deal with ESPN in Australia?

Posted by December 17th 2019

Regardless of what sports you follow, you’ve likely come across ESPN at some stage, whether it’s to check for highlights, final scores or catch live games. One of the biggest players in the sports streaming …