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Suunto’s latest sports watch, the 5 Peak, balances affordability with great features

Finnish brand Suunto has released its latest sports watch into the Australian market — the 5 Peak. Drawing on the quality of its other sports watches, the 5 Peak includes the features Suunto is known for, but in a more affordable package.

The Suunto 5 Peak is made in Finland and designed in Helsinki, so you can expect that Finnish eye for quality and design if you pick up the 5 Peak. It’s also made with 100% renewable, carbon-neutral energy, which is good news if you’ve been looking at more sustainable technology manufacturers.

Damian Commane, Head of Suunto ANZ said, “The introduction of the Suunto 5 Peak builds on our ever-growing portfolio of sport watches available to Australian consumers, and brings some of our key performance tracking features into a sub $500 GPS Sport watch for the first time. Our new design makes it more visually appealing than ever before, and consumers can have peace of mind that as they explore the beauty of the world around them, they are wearing a watch that is made from 100% renewable energy from a company committed to sustainability.”

Suunto 5 Peak features and specs

The 5 Peak features a stainless steel bezel and polyamide lens, for a durable device designed to be with you in the long-term in all sorts of harsh conditions. It has a 43mm wide watch face with 12.9mm thickness and weighs just 39 grams, which is 41% lighter than its predecessor. There is also a selection of silicone straps to choose from, which are easily changeable, so you can find a design that suits your style.

Range of Suunto Peak 5 watches on log outdoors
Source: Suunto

Suunto uses extreme testing on all of its watches, and the 5 Peak is no different, with the device heavily tested to ensure it withstands all weather conditions and is water resistant up to 30 metres.

It’s also built to last when it comes to battery, with up to 10 days of life on a single charge in Time mode, 100 hours in Tour mode, 40 hours in Endurance mode and 20 hours in Performance mode.

For mapping your performance outdoors, there’s GPS tracking. When combined with the Suunto app and its heat and 3D maps, you can easily plan or discover a new route to take (for 20 different sports modes), and transfer this to the watch to follow so you’re not getting off track.

There are over 80 sports modes to choose from, and the option to customise in the Suunto app. You’ll also be able to track your performance with a new Burner feature, which calculates how many grams of fat and carbohydrates are burned while you exercise. It also uses wrist-based heart rate monitoring, and tracks your sleep, steps and calories. The 5 Peak also includes music controls on the watch, so no need to get your phone out if you need to switch songs, pause or play.

You’ll be able to pick up the Suunto 5 Peak watch for $499.99 AUD RRP from retailers including Myer, The Good Guys, Officeworks and Costco.

Person using Suunto peak 5 watch and phone app
Source: Suunto
  • $499.99 AUD RRP
  • Stainless steel bezel and polyamide lens with silicone strap
  • 43mm watch face, 12.9mm thick
  • 39g weight
  • Up to 10 days battery life in Time mode, 100 hours in Tour mode, 40 hours in Endurance mode, 20 hours in Performance mode
  • Tracks heart rate, calories, steps and sleep
  • Over 80 sports modes, which are customisable in the Suunto app
  • GPS tracking and route planning
  • Water resistant to 30m
  • Available from Myer, The Good Guys, Officeworks and Costco


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