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A guide to BMW cars in Australia

Bavarian Motor Works, more commonly known as BMW, is a leading luxury car manufacturer that really needs no further introduction. Yet while the brand is usually associated with head-turning performance vehicles, BMW is much more than that. It has 11 series of vehicles, comprised of luxury cars, family cars, SUVs and zero-emission electric vehicles. In this guide, Canstar Blue introduces you to everything that BMW has on offer in Australia.

Complete BMW Range in Australia

  • BMW 1 Series
  • BMW 2 Series
  • BMW 3 Series
  • BMW 4 Series
  • BMW 5 Series
  • BMW 6 Series
  • BMW 7 Series
  • BMW X Series
  • BMW Z4 Series
  • BMW M Series
  • BMW i Series

BMW features

A luxury brand like BMW is always at the front of the pack in terms of features. Intelligent features have become pretty mainstream in new model cars, however, luxury brands like BMW continue to find ways to keep one step ahead of the competition. Most BMW vehicles come with a host of features to improve driveability, economy and comfort. Here are some highlights.

  • Intelligent Energy Management: When the car is fully braked, the engine switches off. Once the brake is removed, the engine seamlessly turns back on again. This reduces fuel consumption in stop-start traffic, making it an economical drive for city goers.
  • Drive Assist: Approach control warning, lane departure warning, pedestrian warning, light city braking function and attentiveness Assistant.
  • Dual zone air conditioning: Drivers can set a different temperature for the front and rear areas of the car, helping keep everyone happy.
  • ConnectedDrive Services: This is essentially a virtual assistant for your car, providing live traffic updates, navigation, speed limit information and much, much more. It will even call emergency services automatically in the event of an accident.
  • Park assist: The vehicle uses scanners to automatically steer itself into a parking spot while the driver controls the pedals. Some cars can only reverse parallel park using park assist, while some can park both backward and forward.
  • Adaptive headlights: The car senses an upcoming curve and rotates its headlights to see further ahead. It also has corning lights which illuminate whenever the car’s indicator is switched on to improve your vehicle’s peripheral vision. Finally, the high beam on this vehicle will automatically adjust to lighting conditions or when there is a car approaching.

While we have listed a handful of highlights, BMW of course has a lot more features on offer, particularly toward higher vehicle tiers. Keep reading for more about BMW’s range of vehicles.

BMW 1 Series

BMW 1SeriesIn regular BMW fashion, the BMW 1 Series 5-door vehicle stands out in terms of style and comfort, with its redesigned sporty exterior, leather interior, and plethora of standard connectivity features. What perhaps makes BMW 1 Series truly special is its fuel efficiency and intelligent energy management system.

There are five different models of BMW 1 Series – 118i, 118d, 120i, 125i, M1351. The first three of these are 8-speed automatic transmission, while the latter two take it to the next level with sport transmission for a smoother drive. Each model also takes it up a notch in terms of engine power, with the top-line M1351 boasting a monstrous TwinPower Turbo 6-cylinder in-line petrol engine.

In terms of features, there isn’t much deviation between each model, aside from a few interior design adjustments. Most BMW 1 Series vehicles come with BMW’s intelligent energy management, park and drive assist, as well as ConnectedDrive to name just a few standouts.

BMW 1 Series engine specs

Model Transmission Engine Fuel Economy
118i 8-speed automatic 3-cyl 100kW 4.8L/100 km
118d 8-speed automatic 4-cyl (diesel) 110 kW 3.8L/100 km
120i 8-speed automatic 4-cyl 130kW 5.7L/100 km
125i 8-speed sport automatic 4-cyl 160kW 6.5L/100 km
M1351 8-speed sport automatic 6-cyl 240kW 7.5L/100 km

Source: BMW

BMW 1 Series price: $36,000 – $40,000

BMW 2 Series

BMW 2Series

The BMW 2 Series is comprised of three vehicles. They are called the BMW 2 Series Coupe, Active Tourer and Convertible.

BMW 2 Series Coupe

This vehicle is arguably the sportiest Coupe on Aussie roads. It has a striking design, powerful twin-turbo engine and an asymmetric interior that puts the driver in the limelight. While this car looks ready for the race track, BMW hasn’t compromised on fuel efficiency or comfort features.

  • BMW 2 Series Coupe models: 220i, 230i and M240i.
  • BMW 2 Series Coupe price: $48,000 – $73,000

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer

The Active Tourer is pretty much a luxury family SUV – yes that’s a thing. It’s one of BMW’s latest vehicle concepts and the team behind the car is said to be confident that it strikes the perfect combination of versatility, functionality and typical BMW driving pleasure. There are four models of Active Tourer with most of the differences being in the engine. Aside from a few mirrors and interior lights in the 220i and 225i vehicles, there’s almost no difference in terms of features across the Active Tourer range of models.

  • BMW 2 Series Touring models: 218i, 218d, 220i, 225i
  • BMW 2 Series Touring price: $44,000 – $48,000

BMW 2 Series Convertible

If style is your thing, then BMW certainly has you covered with its 2 Series Convertible. In terms of models, specs and feature availability, the BMW 2 Series Convertible is more or less identical to the aforementioned 2 Series Coupe. Some of its features include run-flat safety tyres, rain-sense wipers, ConnnectedDrive, and front and rear park assist.

  • BMW 2 Series Convertible models: 220i, 230i, M240i
  • BMW 2 Series Convertible price: $64,000 – $92,000

BMW 3 Series

There are four vehicles that create the BMW 3 Series range:

  • BMW Series 3 Sedan
  • BMW 330e iPerformance
  • BMW 3 Series Touring
  • BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo

BMW Series 3 Sedan

After 40 years of refining the sedan, BMW’s latest Series 3 Sedan certainly sets an impression. With an authoritative design, impressive fuel economy and a whole host of BMW driveability features, the BMW Series 3 sedan is a guaranteed enjoyable drive.

  • BMW Series 3 Sedan models: 318i, 320i, 330i, 340i
  • BMW Series 3 Sedan price: $61,000 – $63,000

BMW iPerformance 330e Sedan

Unlike other hybrids, the iPerformance 330e is a ‘plug-in’ hybrid, meaning that it can be charged using charging station. This lets the iPerformance sedan drive up to 37km when fully charged without using a single drop of fuel – great for the school run or quick shop. If you need a bit more distance, the BMW Auto eDrive monitors your driving patterns to calculate the optimal combination of combustion and electric motor drive, enabling peak efficiency.

  • BMW iPerformance 330e Sedan models: 318i, 320i, 320d, 330i, 340i
  • BMW iPerformance 330e Sedan price: $42,000 – $65,000

BMW 3 Series Touring

Yet again BMW achieves the seemingly impossible with its 3 Series Touring vehicle by making family cars ‘fun’. It is loaded with BMW’s famous features and boasts a TwinPower Turbo petrol engine under the hood. All this, yet the BMW 3 Series Touring is surprisingly spacious, with 495 litres of boot space, plus foldable back seats for extra room.

  • BMW 3 Series Touring models: 320i, 330i
  • BMW 3 Series Touring price: $65,000 – $75,000

BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo

BMW claims the Gran Turismo produces the perfect interplay of form and space. It has a powerful 225 kW engine, while still keeping the feel and comfort of a BMW coupe. As for features, the Gran Turismo is top of class, offering all of BMW’s favourites, including ConnectedDrive, Drive Assist and a wind-screen heads-up display.

  • BMW Series 3 Gran Turismo models: 320i, 320d, 328i
  • BMW Series 3 Gran Turismo price: $68,000 – $72,000

BMW 4 Series

BMW 4Series

The BMW 4 Series includes two coupe vehicles and a coupe inspired convertible. They are:

  • BMW 4 Series Coupe
  • BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe
  • BMW 4 Series Convertible

BMW 4 Series Coupe

This vehicle is designed with BMW’s ‘innovative’ Air Breather design, which not only looks stylish, but reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. It also has BMW’s heads up display, as well as adaptive headlights which include anti-dazzle high-beam assistance.

  • BMW 4 Series Coupe models: 420i, 420d, 428i, 435i
  • BMW 4 Series Coupe price: $60,000 – $70,000

BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe

The Series 4 Gran Coupe is in many ways the same vehicle as the standard Coupe. The only notable differences are that the Gran Coupe is a bit more spacious and has a few additional design features to give to give it a little more style.

  • BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe models: 420i, 420d, 428i, 435i
  • BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe price: $70,000 – $90,000

BMW 4 Series Convertible

BMW always has something for the extroverted, and the Series 4 range is no different. It has a stylish and aerodynamic design for improved fuel efficiency, as well as a retractable hard top roof. It boasts BMW’s standard range of intelligent features, as well as optional features to tailor your perfect drive.

  • BMW 4 Series Convertible models: 420i, 420d, 428i, 435i
  • BMW 4 Series Convertible: $100,000 – $118,000

BMW 5 Series

BMW 5Series

The 5 Series range of BMW’s distinguishes itself by emphasising aesthetics, dynamism, safety and efficiency. The range is made up of three vehicles.

  • BMW 5 Series Sedan
  • BMW 5 Series Touring
  • BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo

BMW 5 Series Sedan

BMW says its goal was to make the most sophisticated vehicle possible when designing the 5 Series Sedan, and might have pulled it off. This car is loaded with driver-focused features and has an eight-speed automatic transmission with Steptronic for the smoothest of drives. It also comes in a hybrid model.

  • BMW 5 Series Sedan models: 520i, 528i, 535i, 520d, 535d, ActiveHybrid 5.
  • BMW 5 Series Sedan price: $93,000 – $100,000

BMW 5 Series Touring

The BMW Touring vehicles have the space and comfort of a family car, the feel of a luxury car, and the drive of a sports car. In 5 Series fashion, this touring model takes some focus away from entertainment and aesthetic features to place greater emphasis on safety and driveability.

  • BMW 5 Series Touring models: 535i, 520d
  • BMW 5 Series Touring price: $91,000 – $98,000

BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo

BMW boldly claims the 5 Series Gran Turismo is in a class of its own, combining the spaciousness and versatility of a Coupe, with the best attributes of the 5 Series Sedan and Touring.

  • BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo models: 535i, 520d, 530d
  • BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo price: $63,000 – $70,000

BMW 6 Series

BMW 6Series

Have you ever seen such a stylish range of vehicles? The BMW 6 Series exudes style both inside and out with its dynamic lines along with its real leather and wooden interior.

  • BMW 6 Series Coupe
  • BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe
  • BMW 6 Series Convertible

BMW 6 Series Coupe

It might be the first vehicle in the 6 Series range, but this stylish car is anything but basic. Light and powerful, this two-door car has an aura of elegance. Like most BMW vehicles, the 6 Series Coupe also includes BMW ConnectedDrive and Drive Assist features, making for a fun and effortless drive.

  • BMW 6 Series Coupe models: 640i, 650i
  • BMW 6 Series Coupe price: $170,000 – $180,000

BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe

The Gran Coupe takes everything good from the Coupe and expands on it, adding a panoramic sunroof, tinted windows, and an extra two doors. It also comes with a diesel model which is considerably more fuel efficient.

  • BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe models: 640i, 650i, 640d
  • BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe price: $177,000 – $193,000

BMW 6 Series Convertible

It seems pretty impossible to beat the 6 Series Coupe vehicles in style, yet BMW one-upped itself with the 6 Series convertible. The key focus in designing this vehicle was to make roofless driving fun again. It has a powerful twin turbo engine, fuel efficient technologies, and BMW’s innovative SunReflective technology to keep its leather seats cool, even on hot days.

  • BMW 6 Series Convertibles models: 640i, 650i
  • BMW 6 Series Convertible price: $190,000 – $212,000

BMW 7 Series Sedan

BMW 7 SeriesThe BMW 7 Series is made up of just a single sedan, but boy, what a sedan it is. This vehicle won the 2016 World Car Award for World’s best luxury car, and it doesn’t take much to see why.

The BMW has a touch screen control in the back seat for the two, 7” entertainment display. It also has an integrated touch pad with gesture control, giving the driver total control over navigation and phone calls with the wave of a hand. Still not convinced? This car is also literally remote controlled. If you’re parking in a tight space, you can hop out of the car and use a control to remotely park it.

As for driving, it is offered in V8, v12 or hybrid, and comes with selectable sports, eco and comfort modes to suit your drive style.

  • BMW 7 Series sedan models: 730d, 740i, 740li, 750i, 750li
  • BMW 7 Series sedan price: $210,000 – $318,000

BMW X Range

BMW shows off its adventurous side with its X range of Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) and Sports Activity Vehicles (SAV). Some X Range vehicles are offered with plug-in hybrid motors – some of the only SUVs of this kind on the market.

Of course, BMW is never one to skimp on features or style, even with family cars. All its X range vehicles include BMWConnected, drive assistance and fuel economy features. They also offer plenty of space and most models come standard with BMWs intelligent four-wheel drive.

There are five vehicles in the BMW X range:

X Range vehicle Price
BMW X1 $48,000 – $55,000
BMW X3 $60,000 – $64,000
BMW X4 $70,000 – $76,000
BMW X5 $100,000 – $140,000
BMW X6 $60,000 – $90,000

BMW Z4 Series

BMW ZSeriesThe Z4 Roadster comes pretty close to the pinnacle of driving experience. It has a retractable hardtop roof, adaptive suspension and BMW ‘Driving Experience Control’ which lets you switch between a sporty or comfortable drive.

  • BMW Z4 Roadster models: sDrive20i, sDrive28i, sDrive35is
  • BMW Z4 Roadster price: $80,000 – $110,000

BMW M Series

BMW MSeries

This range of vehicles emphasises power and performance over all else. All M range vehicles boast powerful M Twin TurboPower engines, with some models putting out over 400kW of power. The M Range crosses over with some of the previous models we have discussed and are offered as a Coupe, Convertible, Sedan, SUV or SAV. There are 10 M range vehicles in total.

M Range models Price
BMW M2 Coupe $90,000 – $100,000
BMW M3 Sedan $140,000 – $160,000
BMW M4 Coupe $150,000 – $165,000
BMW M4 Convertible $170,000 – $180,000
BMW M5 Sedan $220,000 – $230,000
BMW M6 Coupe $290,000 – $300,000
BMW M6 Gran Coupe $300,000 – $308,000
BMW M6 Convertible $320,000 – $335,000
BMW X5 M $185,000 – $195,000
BMW X6 M $100,000 – $110,000

BMW I Series

BMW ISeries

These vehicles are the cars of the future. The BMW i3 is a 100% electric vehicle with an impressive range of up to 160km, though customers may opt for the ‘range extender’ package which boosts the BMW i3 range to 300km. BMW customers will also benefit from the manufacturer’s recent expansion of public charging stations across major Australian cities.

The BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid, meaning it runs on both petrol and stored electricity. It is arguably one of the sportiest hybrids on Australian roads, with an aerodynamic, ultralight, carbon body, scissor doors and a driver-focused leather interior. It even comes standard with a Louis Vuitton luggage set.

  • BMW i3 price: $65,000 – $70,000
  • BMW i8 price: $300,000

There you have it – now you can see why BMW is an aspirational vehicle brand across the world.

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