A guide to Honda cars in Australia

Honda has made a name for itself in Australia for its practical, reliable, and most importantly, safe vehicles. Although Honda cars are generally marketed toward city and suburban drivers, it has a diverse vehicle range suited for all kinds of drivers, including hatches, coupes, sedans, SUVs and people movers. In this article, Canstar Blue takes you through the full list of vehicles offered in Australia by this popular manufacturer. They are:

Honda Jazz


With its punchy look, responsive-drive and exceptional manoeuvrability, the Honda Jazz is the perfect city vehicle. The Honda Jazz opts for practicality over power. It has a relatively tame 1.5L 88kW engine, and comes with an eco-mode for maximum fuel efficiency. It also has an eco-assist coach feature which uses dashboard lighting to indicate if you’re driving aggressively and inefficiently. Other technology included with the Honda Jazz is a reversing camera and a centre console touchscreen. Best of all though, the Honda Jazz boasts a maximum 5-star ANCAP safety rating, making it one of the safest vehicles on Australian roads.

There are three models of Honda Jazz: VTi, VTi-S and VTi-L. The VTi is the standard model, while the VTi-S and Vti-L models include additional features at an extra cost. Some key features are highlighted below.

Honda Jazz features

Jazz VTi Jazz VTi-S Jazz VTi-L
·         Eco-Assist display

·         Econ mode

·         Cruise control

·         7” touchscreen display

·         Multi-angle reversing camera

·         Magic foldup+down seats

·         7-Year Unlimited KM Warranty

·         7-year Premium Roadside Assist

Everything in the VTi and/or:

·         Satellite navigation

·         LED headlights

·         Leather wrapped steering wheel

·         16” alloy wheels.

Everything in the VTi-S and/or:

·         Push button start

·         LED daytime running lamps

·         Paddle Shifters

·         Leather-appointed seat trim

·         Smart keyless entry

Honda Jazz price

Prices for a brand new Honda Jazz VTi start around $16,000. The VTi-S can cost you anywhere from $23-25,000. The VTi-L is the most expensive, costing between $26,000 and $28,000.

Honda City


The Honda City is a spacious sedan, designed for comfortable city and suburban driving. This car comes with 536L of boot space, fold-down seats and, according to Honda, plenty of room to comfortably fit 5 adults. It also has all the technology we’ve come to expect from Honda, with a reversing camera, centre console touchscreen and even a push-button start on select models. The Honda City is also an incredibly safe car. It has a 5-star ANCAP safety rating thanks to its vehicle stability assist, speed alarm, hill start assist and more.

There are two models of Honda City – the standard VTi and the more stylish VTi-L.

Honda City features

City VTi City VTi-L
·         LED Daytime Running Lights

·         Touchscreen Display Audio

·         Multi-angle reversing camera

·         Speed Alarm

·         Hill Start Assist

·         Econ Drive mode

·         Eco-Assist display

Everything in the VTi and/or:

·         16-inch alloy wheels

·         Climate control

·         Paddle shifters

·         Smart entry and push button start

Honda City price

The Honda City VTi starts at a relatively low price of $17-18,000. The Vti-L is considerably more expensive, costing about $25,000.

Honda Accord


The Accord is Honda’s pride and joy, combining style, practically, performance and comfort, without compromising on Honda’s famous safety standards. The Honda Accord is a sporty-looking sedan inside and out. It packs a 2.4L DOHC engine with 129 kW of power, or the more powerful 206 kW 3.5L V6 SOHC engine. Inside you’ll find a reversing camera, display-audio touchscreen, and Lanewatch cameras. As for the Honda Accord’s safety features, it includes the “Honda Sensing” suite, which includes adaptive cruise control, collision mitigation braking system, lane keep assist and road departure mitigation. There’s also hill start assist, parking sensors, vehicle stability assist, tyre deflation warning, whiplash mitigation seats and plenty more.

Once again, there are two models of Honda Accord: VTi-L and the V6L

Honda Accord features

Accord VTi-L City V6L
·         2.4L i-VTEC engine

·         18-inch alloy wheels

·         Leather-appointed seat trim

·         Honda Sensing

·         Centre console touchscreen

·         Reversing camera

·         Lanewatch

Everything in the VTi-L and/or:

·         3.5L i-VTEC V6 engine

·         Variable Cylinder Management

·         Rear lip spoiler

·         Twin chrome exhaust

Honda Accord price

The Honda Accord is an impressive sedan, but it comes at a cost. The Honda Accord VTi-L starts around $48-50,000. The V6L will cost about $58,000.

Honda Civic


The standard Honda Civic comes in both a hatch and sedan. There is also the Honda Civic Type R, which is the sporty version of this car. The sedan and hatch Honda Civic models are nearly identical, once again emphasising safety with the Honda Sensing suite which includes hill start assist, vehicle stability assist, and tyre deflation warning. It also has a centre-console touchscreen, Android Auto, Apple Carplay, multi-angle review camera and Lanewatch. As for what’s under the hood, both the hatch and sedan have a choice of the 104 kW i-VTEC engine or the gutsier 127kW VTEC turbo engine.

The Honda Civic Type R doesn’t really fit in the same category as the other Honda Civic vehicles –the Type R is a sports vehicle through and through. It has a 2.0L turbocharged engine with 228 kW and 400nm of torque, limited slip difference, adaptive damper system and a triple-exhaust system. At the time of writing, the Civic Type R holds the world record for the fastest lap time for a front-wheel drive car.

There are six models of Honda Civic in total, including the Type R. The range of standard models include: VTi, Vti-S, VTi-L, RS and Vti-LX.

Honda Civic Features


  • 104kW i-VTEC engine
  • 7-inch touchscreen display
  • Apple CarPlay1 and Android Auto2
  • Multi-angle reversing camera


Everything in the VTi and/or:

  • 104kW i-VTEC engine
  • 16-inch alloy wheels
  • LaneWatch
  • Smart keyless entry


Everything in the VTi-S and/or:

  • 127kW VTEC turbo engine
  • 17-inch alloy wheels
  • Digital radio (DAB+)
  • Dual-zone climate control


Everything in the VTi-L and/or:

  • 127kW VTEC turbo engine
  • Leather-appointed seat-trim5
  • Piano black grille
  • Tailgate spoiler


Everything in the RS and/or:

  • 127kW VTEC turbo engine
  • Leather-appointed seat-trim5
  • Electric sunroof
  • Honda Sensing


  • 228kW VTEC turbo engine
  • 400Nm torque
  • Limited Slip Differential
  • Adaptive Damper System
  • 20″ alloy wheels

Honda Civic Price

Prices begin around $25,000 for the Honda Civic VTi. The VTi-S sells brand new for about $28,000, the VTi-L is about $31-32,000, the RS about $36,000 and the Vti-LX about $38,000. The Civic Type R will generally set you back $55-60,000.

Honda HR-V


It looks like a 3-door coupe, but on closer inspection, you’ll find it’s a compact 5-door SUV. Promoted as ‘the city sized SUV’, the Honda HR-V is truly a class of its own, combining the efficiency and style of a small car, with the space and comfort of an SUV. It comes with a capable 105kW SOHC engine and a fuel efficiency of 6.6-6.9L/100km, depending on the model.

The Honda HR-V also has everything else we now expect from this manufacturer, including a touchscreen centre console, reverse camera and a 5-star ANAP safety rating thanks to its slew of safety features.

There are four Honda HR-V models: VTi, VTi-S, VTi-L and VTi +Adas

Honda HR-V Features


  • 7-inch touchscreen display
  • Multi-angle reversing camera
  • Magic foldup+down seats
  • 16-inch alloy wheels


Everything in the VTi and/or:

  • 17-inch alloy wheels
  • LED headlights with LED DRLs
  • Smart keyless entry
  • City brake active system


Everything in the VTi-S and/or:

  • Electric panoramic sunroof
  • Leather-appointed seat trim
  • Dual-zone climate control
  • Front and rear parking sensors


Everything in the VTi-L and/or:

  • Forward collision warning
  • Lane departure warning
  • High-beam Support system

Honda HR-V price

The Honda HR-V costs anywhere from $27,000, for the VTi model, to $38,000 for the VTi-L+ADAS. The VTi-S costs between $30,000 and $32,000 and the VTi-L costs about $37,000.

Honda CR-V


The CR-V is probably Honda’s most versatile vehicle. It has plenty of space for the family, rugged toughness for adventures, and modern technology for a comfortable drive. The Honda CR-V comes in both 5 seat and 7 seat options and has a 140kW turbo engine to take on the tough drives.  It has a 5-star ANCAP safety rating and a heap of intelligent features, including the Honda Sensing suite with forward collision warning, collision mitigation system, road departure mitigation system, lane keep assist and adaptive cruise-control. Select models also have a power tailgate, lane cameras and push button start.

There are three models of Honda CR-V: VTi, VTi-S and VTi-L

Honda CR-V features

·         140kW VTEC turbo engine

·         Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

·         17-inch alloy wheels

·         Rear-view camera

·         Smart entry

·         2WD

·         Honda Sensing

Everything in the VTi and/or:

·         Power tailgate

·         Lanewatch

·         18-inch alloy wheels

·         Satellite navigation

·         2WD & 4WD options

Everything in the Vti-L and/or:

·         140kW VTEC Turbo Engine

·         7-Seats

·         Leather-appointed & heated front seats

·         Panoramic sunroof

·         2WD

·         7 seats

Honda CR-V price

Prices start around $33,000 for the standard CR-V VTi. The VTi-S is slightly more expensive, costing anywhere from $35,000 to $38,000. The most expensive in the CR-V range is the VTi-L at about $42-43,000.

Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is a 7 or 8 seat people-mover, perfect for big families. Every decision that went into making the Honda Odyssey was made with families in mind. It includes simple, yet valuable features like inbuilt side window sunshades, a large conversation mirror to check on the kids in the back seat, plenty of storage, and of course, a 5-star ANCAP safety rating. Some key safety features include a multi-view camera, blind-spot and cross-traffic monitor, vehicle stability assist, whiplash mitigating front seats, child seat anchors, active cornering lights and plenty more.

There are two models of Honda Odyssey: The basic VTi and the classier VTi-L.

Honda Odyssey features

Odyssey VTi Odyssey VTi-L
·         Eight seats

·         Touchscreen display audio

·         Multi-angle reversing camera

·         One-touch power sliding door

·         Vehicle stability assist

·         Multi-view camera

·         Blind spot monitor

·         Cross-traffic monitor

·         Whiplash mitigating front seats

·         Active cornering lights

·         Hill start assist

·         Tyre deflation warning system

Everything in the VTi and/or:

·         Seven seats

·         Leather-appointed seat trim

·         Built-in Sat Nav

·         Smart parking assist

Honda Odyssey price

The Honda Odyssey VTi costs between $41,000 and $45,000 brand new. The VTi-L is a bit more expensive – around the $50,000 mark.

So there you have it, the full range of Honda Australia cars. See how Honda stacks up in our customer satisfaction ratings.

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