Review of Kelvinator Air Conditioners

Kelvinator logoOne of the smaller players in Australia’s air conditioner market, Kelvinator is a brand owned by Electrolux. It has been around for over a century, and makes and sells a large range of home appliances, including air conditioners.  And when it comes to Kelvinator air conditioners, its models fall into one of two categories: split system or window wall – so we’ve looked at Kelvinator’s various models to examine and compare the differences between them.

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Kelvinator’s split-system air conditioners

Kelvinator sells a wide range of split-system air conditioners, which all vary in terms of wattage, energy-efficiency and features. Unlike some of its competitors in the world of air conditioning, Kelvinator doesn’t have distinct product lines when it comes to split-system air conditioners, meaning that the 13 models it currently sells are distinguished only by the previously mentioned features.

Kelvinator’s window wall air conditioners

There’s not much to be said about Kelvinator’s window wall air conditioners that we haven’t said about the company’s split-system air conditioners. Kelvinator doesn’t have distinct product lines for its window wall air conditioners, so if you want to examine the differences between the 11 models it currently sells, you’re stuck looking at the specs – wattage, energy-efficiency and features.

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In summary

Kelvinator isn’t exclusively an air conditioner manufacturer, so it makes sense that its range of air conditioners displays less variety than those of some of its competitors. That said, Kelvinator’s products usually perform well in Canstar Blue’s customer satisfaction ratings, so the brand is evidently doing something right.