About Sharp microwaves

Sharp may be best known for its televisions and LCD panels, but the Japanese multinational also has a notable history in the development and production of microwaves. The company was responsible for developing Japan’s first microwave oven and subsequently became the first manufacturer to mass-produce the small heating appliances that most of us couldn’t do without today.

This extensive experience is most likely responsible for Sharp microwaves rating highly in our customer satisfaction ratings. Here are some of the company’s key achievements when it comes to microwaves:

1961 – Sharp developed Japan’s first microwave oven, the R-10. The year after, Sharp began mass-producing microwave ovens, making it the first company in the world to do so.

1966 – Sharp released the highly innovative (at the time) R-600, the first Japanese microwave to feature a rotating carousel base. This innovative function would become the standard for all future microwaves.

1979 – Sharp introduced a microwave equipped with cooking sensors which could detect when food was cooked or reheated enough. As with the R-600, this microwave contained technology which is relatively standard, but was cutting-edge at the time.

Check out one of Sharp’s latest models in the video below.

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