About Remington Electric Shavers

remington logoNotable for being the only brand in our customer satisfaction ratings to deal exclusively in electric shavers and other grooming products, Remington is an international subsidiary of Spectrum Brands, which produces grooming products for men and women.

Remington produces two varieties of electric shavers – foil and rotary. The former uses a blade-covering foil to provide a closer shave, whereas the latter uses a series of rotating blades to achieve a thorough, but less close shave. Remington offers four different foil shaver models and six different rotary shaver models.

A brief history of the company

The company’s name can be attributed to the firearms company E. Remington and Sons, founded in 1816. By 1886, the company had branched out significantly and sold its typewriter branch, which became Remington Typewriter Company. After a merger with the Rand Kardex Corporation, which created Remington Rand, the latter began diversifying its product range, beginning to produce things such as filing cabinets and other office equipment.

The company’s interest in personal care products began in 1937 with the Remington Model E, it first electric shaver. After a 1955 merger with Sperry Corporation, the company became the Sperry Rand Corporation, however its electric shavers were still marketed under the Remington brand name.

In 1979, Sperry Rand’s electric shaver business was purchased by Victor Kiam, under whom it became rather profitable. In 1994, Kiam sold his controlling interest in the company to Ike Perlmutter, and then in 1996 both Kiam and Perlmutter sold their stakes to Vestar Capital Partners. In 2003, the company once again changed hands, being sold to the battery company Rayovac, which is now known as Spectrum Brands.

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