Air Conditioner Reviews & Ratings

Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Posted by November 14th 2018

If you’re looking to turn your house into a climate controlled paradise with a new air conditioner, here's what you should look for!

White air-conditioner on blue wall

A guide to air con sizes and costs

Posted by November 15th 2018

Find out what size air conditioner you need for rooms in your home, and how much it will cost you.


A guide to smart air conditioners

Posted by November 14th 2018

What is a smart air conditioner? What can they do? Find out all the answers to your smart air conditioner questions at Canstar Blue.

Black is the New White in Appliances

Posted by February 6th 2019

Forget boring white and stainless steel – the newest trend for appliances is black. The sophisticated new look goes well with other black appliances and can even serve as a great talking point that draws …

A guide to humidifiers in Australia

Posted by November 19th 2018

While they’re more commonly used in winter, the air-conditioning can also take its toll on your skin and immune system in summer. Follow our guide to find the right humidifier for you.

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Home Insulation Guide

Posted by April 3rd 2019

The Canstar Blue guide to home insulation. Keep the cost of cooling and heating your home down without blowing the power bill budget.