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Asko Washing Machines Review

The Asko brand started with a line of washing machines over 60 years ago and has now expanded to designing and manufacturing a large range of kitchen, laundry and professional appliances. There’s seemingly no stopping this Swedish brand now with its strong focus on energy efficiency and reliability. Read on for what its washing machines have to offer in the Australian market.

Asko Washing Machines

Asko has several freestanding washing machines, with most available in either an 8kg or 10kg capacity. The brand offers fairly efficient models, providing a range of front loaders with energy and water efficiency ratings of 4.5 stars or 5 stars.

There are certain features you can find across the full range, including:

  • Quattro Suspension system: claimed to produce less vibration from the washer for better stability and less noise.
  • Active Drum technology: provides hourglass-shaped lifting paddles, which direct the laundry to the centre to ensure a more gentle wash. The paddles are also designed to get rid of dirt particles and gravel by sending it towards the outside evacuation holes.
  • SensiSave: sensors which identify the size of your laundry load in order to determine appropriate water levels and runtime.
  • SteelSeal: replaces rubber door seals which tend to degrade over time, encouraging the machine to start collecting dirt and grime.
  • Quattro: four shock absorber legs that reduce vibration for minimal noise and longevity.
  • Stainless steel inner and outer drums: offers a more hygienic and longer-lasting alternative to plastic.

Asko Washing Machines

Asko currently sells a handful of front load washing machines, typically ranging between $1,899 and $2,699. These include:

  • Asko 8kg Front Load Washing Machine W2084C.W: $1,899*
  • Asko 8kg Front Load Washing Machine W4086C.W: $2,099*
  • Asko 8kg Front Load Washing Machine W4086P.W: $2,299*
  • Asko 10kg Front Load Washing Machine W4104C.W: $2,699*

Asko 8kg Front Load Washing Machine W4086C.W

Asko W4086C.W 8kg Front Load Washing Machine

This 8kg capacity front loader features Quattro Suspension technology, which is claimed to produce less vibration when washing. Along with this, it’s designed with a stainless steel drum, a brushless motor and a spin speed of 1,600 RPM. Here are some key specs:

  • Water efficiency rating: 4.5 stars (consumes 60L/cycle)
  • Energy efficiency ratings: 4.5 stars (consumes 244 kWh/year)
  • Maximum spin speed: 1,600 RPM

There are 21 programs available to choose from, giving you flexibility to set the washing machine to the type of wash cycle you need. If you have particular problems with allergy triggers, this ASKO washing machine has been approved by the Sensitive Choice Program (National Asthma Council Australia). It provides several run modes, such as the Allergy setting to remove dirt, micro-organisms and detergent residues. Similar wash programs are also available, including the anti-allergy program for cotton or synthetic materials. The Green mode is another function which might prove useful, especially if you want to reduce the amount of energy used per cycle to get a more efficient wash.

The ASKO front loader is equipped with an Active Drum technology, Quattro Construction, 2,000 heater capacity, water sensor, brushless motor and LCD display. Some safety features additionally include an emergency door opening key, anti-block drain pump, over flow protection and child protection. The washing machine can also be opened from the inside.

  • RRP: $2,099*

Asko 10kg Front Load Washing Machine W4104C.W

Asko 10kg Front Load Washing Machine

For a similar design but with additional load capacity and improved energy and water efficiency, then you might want to think about this Asko 10kg front loader. It’s similarly approved by the Sensitive Choice Program and contains many of the same functions and features.

  • Water efficiency rating: 5 stars (consumes 68L/cycle)
  • Energy efficiency ratings: 5 stars (consumes 286 kWh/year)
  • Maximum spin speed: 1,400 RPM

Aside from the slightly higher water and energy efficiency ratings, the biggest difference between the smaller and cheaper unit above is the fact that this washing machine has a slower spin speed of 1,400 RPM. It provides delayed start and 21 wash programs, such as Super wash, Prewash, Bedding, Anti-allergy (cotton or synthetic) and a drum cleaning function.

  • RRP: $2,699*

Asko 8kg Front Load Washing Machine W4086P.W

Asko 8kg Front Load Washing Machine W4086P.W

The ASKO W4086P.W is the priciest 8kg front loader from the brand. It’s nearly identical to the Asko W408C.W in terms of price, functions and looks, but retails for $200 cheaper. The main difference is its slightly better energy efficiency and water efficiency ratings. Here are some key specs:

  • Water efficiency rating: 5 stars (consumes 56L/cycle)
  • Energy efficiency ratings: 5 stars (consumes 216 kWh/year)
  • Maximum spin speed: 1,600 RPM

This freestanding ASKO front load washing machine features SteelSeal, a supposedly more hygienic alternative to a rubber door. The brand claims rubber doors often collect dirt and grime, creating mould over time and potentially affecting the wash. The model also contains a Pro Wash washing system, designed to allow the contents to soak faster for an apparently improved result. Other features include adjustable spin speed

Pro Wash washing system, which the brand claims will allow the load to soak faster for an apparently improved result. Some other features include a high-definition LCD display, adjustable spin speed, precise temperature control and thermal & electronic protection against overheating.

  • RRP: $2,299

Should I buy an Asko washing machine?

Asko claims to produce high-end washing machines, but for mid-range prices, in the hope of enticing homeowners to take their washing machine needs and preferences to the next level. You can expect all Asko washers to have stainless steel materials for the drum, along with a number of standard features, such as fast wash and water level sensors. All Asko machines are claimed to be precision balanced from the top to the bottom where each feature is built for durability and efficiency.

Boasting Scandinavian-inspired quality, Asko washing machines are built to last and are sure to provide a contemporary design. Something else that Asko boasts with its washing machines is the ability to adapt to any sized home, so whether you’re living solo or in a large family, Asko may have a front loader for you. To see which brand can provide you with five-star performance and the most value for money, you may like to check out our online ratings to help you compare.

Front Load Washing Machine Reviews

*Prices taken from Asko, correct as of October 2022.

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