Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners Review

Electrolux is one of the biggest home appliance brands in the world. Selling over 40 million products in more than 150 different countries every year, the company employs more than 52,000 people to sell appliances both large and small. Its vacuum cleaner range is typically comprehensive, boasting several upright and handheld vacuums to choose from. Check out our full overview of Electrolux vacuum cleaners below.

Electrolux vacuum cleaners

Ergorapido upright Ergorapido upright

The Ergorapido is Electrolux’s premier rechargeable vacuum cleaner, available in multiple colours to complement your home. It features a flexible 180 degree coupling above the vacuum head which is said to allow for easier steering and manoeuvrability in tight spaces, whilst the BrushRollClean technology keeps the main brush free of tangles without you needing to clean it.

The Ergorapido is not just a stick vacuum but a 2-in-1 machine. The vacuum chamber can be detached from the main body to serve as a small handheld, perfect for cleaning up tabletop messes after you’ve finished with the floor. With new lithium batteries promising longer runtimes across the range, the Ergorapido represents a great value cleaner.

RRP: $299

Rapido handheld

A dedicated handheld vacuum cleaner, the Rapido comes in either 14.4V or 18V power levels. Its compact size and light weight makes it ideal for quick clean-ups, whilst the pull-out nozzle and soft-surface wheels make it perfect for cleaning in hard-to-reach spaces. The Rapido brings other clever features such as its charging rack – which is wall-mountable and can adopt five different positions for ease of storage – as well as the boost suction setting for sucking up stubborn dirt and debris.

RRP: $179

Powerforce Powerforce

The Powerforce is a bagged canister vacuum which comes in several variations best equipped for animal hair, dust prevention and more. Ease of use is a high priority, with the Powerforce’s small wheels and low centre of gravity making it easily manoeuvrable, while the entirely removable top makes it super easy to maintain. Adjustable power controls mean you can alter the suction depending on your surface, whilst a washable HEPA filter keeps the exhaust air clean and free of microscopic particles.

RRP: $299


As its name suggests, the Electrolux SilentPerformer has quiet operation as its highest priority. A combination of a sound-reduced motor and the specially designed Dust Magnet Silent nozzle make for a significantly quieter experience The bagless cyclonic operation means that emptying and cleaning your SilentPerformer can be done with the touch of a button, in addition to the cheaper long-term operating costs. The SilentPerformer even comes with soft wheels and an Ergoshock bumper to protect your home from bumps and scratches.

RRP: $449

Ultraflex Ultraflex

The UltraFlex is the biggest and baddest canister vacuum in the Electrolux stable. Claiming to offer 33% better dust pick-up than its nearest rival, the UltraFlex features impressive power in a quiet package thanks to its twin inlet channels and insulated motor. The vacuum also brings a HEPA allergen filter as standard, whilst the head brush is adjustable to four different heights to cater to multiple surfaces. Like other Electrolux models, the flexible nozzle and 180 degree flexibility of the suction end allow it to clean even in the tightest of spaces – but only the UltraFlex has a whopping 12 metre cleaning range.

RRP: $649


A traditional bagged vacuum cleaner, the UltraOne is claimed by Electrolux to be its strongest model in terms of vacuum suction. With five variable power settings and an LED display, all of that power is available however you need it. It’s also accessed using very ergonomic foot-operable controls, as well as a 360-degree front wheel which allows for great manoeuvrability. The UltraOne also includes several AeroPro nozzle accessories for you to clean just about any surface, so you’ll never be wanting for extra features.

RRP: $499

Electrolux consistently rates well in Canstar Blue’s customer satisfaction ratings, especially in the areas of value for money, quietness and ease of use, amongst others. For more on Electrolux vacuum cleaners and the other brands in our comparison, check out Canstar Blue’s star ratings.

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What do customers think about Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners?

In 2018, Australian customers gave Electrolux 3 out of 5 stars for overall customer satisfaction for vacuum cleaners.

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners

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Award: Overall Satisfaction