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Miele Rangehoods Review & Guide

Sometimes cooking delicious dishes such as home-cooked burgers and fried fish can cause the kitchen to smell a bit like a takeaway joint, and feel just as greasy. Thank goodness there are rangehoods, including those served up by Miele, to extract all that steam and odours that linger in the air. The major German appliance brand boasts both quality and performance, offering products at premium prices. Read on to find out all the specs and features of Miele’s rangehood line.

What rangehoods does Miele offer?

Miele has a variety of rangehoods in a number of different styles, many of which are available in both extraction and recirculation mode models. The type of products include:

  • Wall-mounted decor rangehoods
  • Island decor rangehoods
  • Built-in rangehoods
  • Downdraft systems

Miele’s series of slimline rangehoods, built-in rangehoods and slot-in rangehoods have a starting price of just $999, although slimline rangehoods can reach up to $3,999. The brand’s selection of wall-mounted decor rangehoods tend to be more expensive, typically retailing between $1,999 and $5,299. But Miele’s island decor rangehoods is likely to pack the priciest punch, with models on sale between $6,299 and $7,499. Downdraft systems are also available for $4,399.

Wall-mounted decor rangehoods


The clean lines and timeless design of many Miele rangehoods might make you fall in love with your kitchen over and over again. And since everything isn’t just about looks, the brand may even get you excited to cook more often with features like the Miele CleanCover for easy cleaning and supposedly powerful motors. The range is designed with stainless steel grease filters, Active AirClean filters and edge extraction grease filters to help filter unpleasant odours.

Wall-mounted rangehoods can be installed between two wall units or as a standalone piece.

  • Miele DA 399-7 Classic Wall Mounted Rangehood: $1,999 (RRP)*
  • Miele PUR 98 W Wall Mounted Rangehood: $2,299 (RRP)*
  • Miele DA 7198 W Triple Black Wall Mounted Rangehood: $3,799 (RRP)*
  • Miele DA 4228 W Puristic Plus Wall Mounted Rangehood: $3,799 (RRP)*
  • Miele DA 6690 W Puristic Edition 6000 Wall Mounted Rangehood: $4,699 (RRP)*
  • Miele DA 6698 W Puristic Edition 6000 Wall Mounted Rangehood: $4,699 (RRP)*
  • Miele DA 6698 W Puristic Edition 6000 Wall Mounted Rangehood: $4,699 (RRP)*
  • Miele DA 6698 W Pearl Wall Mounted Rangehood: $5,299 (RRP)*

Miele DA 6690 W Puristic Edition 6000 Wall Mounted Rangehood


Preparing a great, big breakfast of bacon and eggs in bed might be thoughtful, but a loud performing rangehood might ruin the special weekend treat. Consider the Miele DA 6690 W Puristic Edition 6000 Wall Mounted Rangehood, a “pleasantly quiet” model, according to the brand. The motor, chimney and canopy are stated to be specially insulated to provide “effective sound-proofing”. The Miele rangehood also uses an ECO motor, which Miele claims runs quietly and can save up to 70% of energy compared to conventional motors.

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 85mm x 898mm x 500mm
  • Maximum Air Capacity: 640m³/hr
  • RRP: $4,699*

Island decor rangehoods


Make house guests jelly with eye-catching island rangehoods that are described to be as convenient as they are visually appealing. But beauty still comes at a price, with the cost of units starting significantly higher than Miele’s wall-island decor rangehoods despite sharing many similarities.

  • Miele DA 6700 D Aura Edition 6000 Island Rangehood: $6,299 (RRP)*
  • Miele DA 6708 D Aura Edition 6000 Island Rangehood: $6,299 (RRP)*
  • Miele DA 4248 V D Puristic Varia Island Rangehood: $7,499 (RRP)*

Miele DA 6708 D Aura Edition 6000

Miele claims rangehoods like the Miele DA 6708 D Aura Edition 6000 are not only easy-to-clean, but also safe to use due to features like the brand’s CleanCover which can apparently protect you from coming into contact with electrical components and the motor. This Miele rangehood also includes other useful features, including NoSmell to absorb odours. Similar to Miele’s other island rangehoods, this stainless steel model also contains ‘Con@activity’, stated to automatically reacts to settings on the cooktop.

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 112mm x 1,000mm x 700mm
  • Maximum Air Capacity: 620m³/hr
  • RRP: $6,299*

Built-in rangehoods

Miele has various types of built-in rangehoods, all of which are offered in both recirculation and extraction mode. The types of built-in rangehoods include:

  • Slimline rangehoods: fitted in a way that the rangehood is hidden, except for the narrow stainless-steel trim below the wall unit which appears when the unit is operating. Some models include the Miele DA 3366 Slimline Rangehood, Miele DA 3466 EXT Slimline Rangehood, Miele DA 3690 Slimline Rangehood.
  • Built-in rangehoods: recommended for smaller kitchens, built-in rangehoods such as the Miele DA 1260 Built-under Rangehood are compact and installed either below a wall unit or against a wall as a wall-mounted unit.
  • Extractor unit: for individual kitchen designs, especially for made-to-measure canopies. Some models within this range include the Miele DA 2450 Extractor Unit, Miele DA 2578 EXT Extractor Unit and Miele DA 2628 Extractor Unit.
  • Slot-in rangehoods: fitted with a kitchen furniture panel, slot-in rangehoods are designed to disappear discreetly into a row of wall units and become ‘invisible’ when the hood is closed. In this range you’ll find the Miele DA 186 Slot-in Rangehood.

Miele DA 3690 Slimline Rangehood

If you have special requirements that make it difficult to use the kitchen, consider the Miele DA 3690 Slimline Rangehood for its ergonomics. This motorised rangehood is designed to automatically move into what is claimed to be the ‘perfect position’ and later return to its park position when switched off. The height of the island hood can also be adjusted.

Another key feature is the automatic fan run-on, which is said to fully extract the steam and odours that linger in the air after cooking. This Miele rangehood can be programmed to automatically turn off after five or 15 minutes. Miele rangehoods like the Miele DA 3690 Slimline Rangehood which contain the Con@activity function are also stated to automatically extract kitchen vapours and odours, while also saving energy. The brand claims Miele Con@activity allows the cooker hood to ‘communicate’ with the hob and use the data to automatically select the supposed correct fan setting to provide the optimum room climate and microclimate at all times.

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 37mm x 892mm x 309mm
  • Maximum Air Capacity: 640³/hr
  • RRP: $3,999*

Downdraft systems

Miele DA 6890 Levantar Downdraft Extractor System

If you have a larger cooktop and kitchen space, consider getting a downdraft system like the Miele DA 6890 Levantar. This unit is described as a practical 916mm wide rangehood that is designed to perform at 710m³/hr when operating the booster setting. Despite its supposed strong power, the radial fans in the Miele DA 6890 Levantar Downdraft Extractor System are said to run at a ‘comfortably low noise level’.

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 646mm x 916mm x 361mm
  • Maximum Air Capacity: 710m³/hr
  • RRP: $4,399*

Is a Miele rangehood worth the money?

The premium price tag of Miele rangehoods makes any purchase from its collection an investment and in turn, might not suit all budgets. But if you’re shopping for a rangehood with a number of automatic functions that are designed to make things a little more convenient, whether it’s to do with cooking or accessibility, Miele could have a model to suit your kitchen. To see how Miele rated in our customer satisfaction ratings on rangehoods, follow the link below:

Rangehood Reviews & Ratings

*Prices taken from respective retailers, correct as of July 2019

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