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Air conditioners are a way of life for many Australians, but buying and installing one can be expensive. The good news is that end of financial year sales time could present a good opportunity to slash those costs significantly. With retailers keen to clear out their old stock to make way for the new, prices often come down, meaning you could cash in on some serious savings. But you will only get a good deal if you find the right air conditioner for your needs, which is why we’ve produced the following guide to some of the top-rated brands on our website and their current offers this EOFY.

Who has the biggest discounts?

On average, Australians fork out around $1,800 for a split-system air conditioner, and twice as much on ducted units. Obviously, this isn’t a decision to be made lightly, as the initial costs is something that may frighten off some consumers, but as you can’t put a price on a cool breeze on a hot day, air conditioners may be well worth the price. With Aussies replacing their air conditioners every eight years, on average, it’s worth going for a model that will last the distance. Below are some of the latest deals on offer from brands that did well in our latest customer ratings, including Panasonic, Fujitsu and Mitsubishi.

Panasonic Air Con Sales

A big brand in the home appliance and electronics market regardless of what you’re after, Panasonic has a wide range of split-system air conditioners, suitable for all household types and sizes, with plenty of features and functions to help your family cool down. It could also do you a good deal this EFOY.

Panasonic CSCU-Z71TKR 7.1kW Reverse Cycle Split System Inverter Air Conditioner – $1,744

Panasonic’s 7.1kW Split System Air Conditioner, which normally retails for more than $2,000, would feel at home regardless of the household size, with Panasonic cramming the model with lots of features to keep your family cool in summer and warm in winter.

Part of Panasonic’s AERO series, the CSCU model comes with a variety of energy-efficient features and functions to allow households to enjoy the cool air without racking up a huge energy bill. Scoring a 2.5 star energy rating, it isn’t the most efficient model available, but Panasonic includes a variety of modes to suit the weather outside, in addition to economy mode for energy saving, as well as quiet mode for night time.

Additional features also include a dehumidifier, as well as an air purifying system, which comes with an anti-bacterial air filter, an odour removing feature as well as removable and washable panels to ensure that your household is kept clean and cool. Panasonic offers a five-year warranty on its air conditioners, giving consumers plenty of peace of mind.

Panasonic CSCU-Z25TKR 2.5kW Reverse Cycle Split System Inverter Air Conditioner – $859

If you’re after another option to cool your house down, or just after something to cover a smaller area, the AERO ECONAVI model may be a suitable option for your household. With a 5 star energy rating, and the nanoe-G air purification filter to help keep your house free from bacteria, the ECONAVI will do more than just keep your house cool.

With an adjustable fan speed, as well as a Shower Cooling function – which directs cool air upwards to ‘shower down’ evenly over the room – Panasonic has given households a respite from those hot days. An additional feature is the timer, which can be set so that your house is cooled down by the time you get home. Normally retailing at around $1,200, the Panasonic ECONAVI model will keep your house, and your wallet, feeling cool.

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Fujitsu Air Con Sales

With a wide range of both commercial and residential air conditioners on offer, Japanese manufacturer Fujitsu has diversified its products from its traditional computer and IT departments, giving households plenty of options to keep cool.

Fujitsu ASTG18KMCA 5kW Reverse Cycle Split System Inverter Air Conditioner – $1,469

Normally retailing at over $2,500, the ASTG model contains a variety of features and functions that will keep your family cool and comfortable all year round. Functions including timers, auto air adjustments and human sensor allow the Fujitsu model to properly ensure that your house is cooled when you need it, without wasting energy whenever you’re not around.

Also handy for heating during those chilly mornings or cold nights, the Fujitsu model scored 3.5 stars for its energy efficiency, helping you save on your energy bill as well. With allergen and bacteria filters also featured, Fujitsu will be a saving grace against Spring allergies.

Fujitsu ASTG34KMTA 9.4kW Reverse Cycle Split System Inverter Air Conditioner – $2,570

Often retailing at close to $5,000, the Fujitsu 9.4kW looks to cool even the largest rooms in the house, with plenty of grunt to help cool or warm your family, regardless of the time of year. With the onboard micro-processor, the air conditioner can adjust air flow to compensate for changes in room temperature to ensure that your house is kept cool, and that the unit runs more efficiently.

Available in white to suit most colour schemes, Fujitsu offers a five-year warranty to ease consumers’ minds. And with an additional dehumidifying feature that can remove up to 3.5L of moisture per hour, Fujitsu would be suitable for those hot and sticky climates. If you’re after an energy efficient model, you may have to look at other models available, as the 9.4kW model scored only 2 stars. If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck however, this might be the model for you.

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Mitsubishi Electric Air Con Sales

With the Japanese car manufacturer diversifying into electronics, there are plenty of air conditioners on offer for households to choose from. Regardless of whether you need a ceiling unit, a wall-mounted unit or ducted air conditioners, Mitsubishi has an option for you.

Mitsubishi MSZGL71VGDKIT 7.1kW Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner – $1,987

The Mitsubishi 7.1kW Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner ($2,399 RRP) is suited for any room in the house, with plenty of features and functions to ensure that families can get the most out of their air conditioner. With Advanced Inverter Technology, Mitsubishi air conditioners delivery quick and efficient cooling and heating to your house, helping you to beat the heat.

Additional features include Quiet mode for undisturbed sleeps, plus the i-save mode, which remembers your temperature and settings preferences so that you can simply turn on the unit and get comfortable. To set itself apart from other big brands, Mitsubishi also has Wi-Fi capabilities allowing users to alter the temperature and settings via their smartphone or tablets, handy for those times when you can’t find the remote.

Mitsubishi MSZGL25VGDKIT 2.5kW Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner – $976

For those not looking to spend big on their air conditioner, or those who don’t need anything fancy, the Mitsubishi 2.5kW model may be more up your alley, still coming with plenty of features but without the price tag.

Similar to its 7.1kW big brother, Mitsubishi offers the Advanced Inverter Technology to ensure that your household is cooled quickly, as well as the i-save technology to help you keep track of your preferences. The model also comes with the Wi-Fi control, making it easier to stay cool this summer.

If you’re energy-conscious, the 2.5kW model was rated 5 stars for energy efficiency for both cooling and heating, with Mitsubishi featuring R32 refrigerant to bolster the model’s efficiency and reduce harmful environmental pollutants. To further sweeten the deal, Mitsubishi also has a five-year warranty on its air conditioners, ensuring consumers are kept cool for the next few summers at the very least.

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Should you buy a new air conditioner this EOFY sales time?

With air conditioners no cheap purchase, you have to be careful with which one you decide to install in your house, especially when it can account for a large piece of your energy bill. With plenty of brands on offer, and plenty of model types and features available, picking one that will best fit your household can soon become a chore. Add the price into consideration and many would walk away with a headache.

Thankfully, with the end of financial year sales, many brands are looking to offload models at a cheaper price, allowing consumers to score a deal. While summer may be a while off still, getting prepared early with a suitable air conditioner could save you from the heat, as well as a few dollars.

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