Best 2020 EOFY air conditioner sales


Air conditioners are a way of life for many Australians, but buying and installing one can be expensive. The good news is that end of financial year sales time could present a good opportunity to slash those costs significantly. With retailers keen to clear out their old stock to make way for the new, prices often come down, meaning you could cash in on some serious savings. But you will only get a good deal if you find the right air conditioner for your needs, which is why we’ve produced the following guide to some of the top-rated brands on our website and their current offers this EOFY.

Who has the biggest discounts?

On average, Australians fork out around $2,400 for a split-system air conditioner, and twice as much on ducted units. Obviously, this isn’t a decision to be made lightly, as the initial costs is something that may frighten off some consumers, but as you can’t put a price on a cool breeze on a hot day, air conditioners may be well worth the price. With Aussies replacing their air conditioners every nine years, on average, it’s worth going for a model that will last the distance. Below are some of the latest deals on offer from brands that consistently rate well in our annual customer ratings, including Kelvinator, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu General and Panasonic.

Model RRP Sale Price
Kelvinator 2.5kW Cooling Only Split System Inverter Air Conditioner $859 $627
Panasonic 2.5kW AERO Series Reverse Cycle Inverter Air Conditioner $1,301 $1,117
Mitsubishi 3.5kW Reverse Cycle Split Inverter Air Conditioner $1,910 $1,360
Mitsubishi Electric 5kW Reverse Cycle Split Inverter Air Conditioner $2,314 $1,584
Fujitsu 5kW Reverse Cycle Split System Inverter Air Conditioner $2,669 $1,682
Kelvinator 8kW Reverse Cycle Split System Inverter Air Conditioner $2,349 $1,731
Panasonic 8kW AERO Reverse Cycle Split System Inverter Air Conditioner $3,289 $2,960
Fujitsu 9.4kW Reverse Cycle Split System Inverter Air Conditioner $4,949 $3,373

Prices taken from respective retailers and current as of June 2020.

Kelvinator air con sales

Kelvinator offers just two types of air conditioners – split-system and window air con. It gears towards the budget-friendly end of the price scale and you may find even lower prices on its range this end of financial year sale time.

Kelvinator air con for sale eofy 2020

Kelvinator 2.5kW Cooling Only Split System Inverter Air Conditioner – $627

This 2.5kW air conditioner from Kelvinator (KSV25CRH) may be a suitable option for small rooms, packing in a number of features. It has a 24-hour timer, allowing you to program the air conditioner around your busy schedule, plus a Sleep mode, stated to change the temperature gradually over time. Kelvinator also features three filters to improve the model’s air quality, according to the brand.

It comes with an LCD backlit wireless remote control that features a ‘Follow Me’ command system. This technology allows the indoor temperature reading to be taken from the remote and enable the air conditioner to automatically adjust the temperature when required. If you’re energy-conscious, the 2.5kW model was rated five stars for energy efficiency. This model is almost 30% off its recommended retail price of $859.

Kelvinator air con eofy sale 2020

Kelvinator 8kW Reverse Cycle Split System Inverter Air Conditioner – $1,731

For a larger model, you might like to consider this 8kW split-system inverter reverse cycle air conditioner (KSD80HRG) which normally retail for $2,349. Expect similar technology as the model above including the HEPA and ion filters, plus a 24-hour timer. If you ever experience a power failure, Kelvinator says this unit is equipped with an auto restart function that memorises the settings you had set, allowing the air con to pick up where it left off once the power is back on.

It features a DC fan motor with six fan speeds, a concealed dimmable digital display and even auto swing functionality. It also comes with an LCD remote, making it easy to use. In terms of energy efficiency, this model is also rated 2.5 stars.

Mitsubishi electric air con sales

With the Japanese car manufacturer diversifying into electronics, there are plenty of air conditioners on offer for households to choose from. Regardless of whether you need a ceiling unit, a wall-mounted unit or ducted air conditioners, Mitsubishi has an option for you.

Mitsubishi air con eofy sale 2020

Mitsubishi 3.5kW Reverse Cycle Split Inverter Air Conditioner – $1,360

For those not looking to spend big on their air conditioner, this Mitsubishi 3.5kW model (MSZEF35VE2BKIT) may be more up your alley, still coming with plenty of features. It’s on sale for $1,360, which takes $550 off its original price of $1,910.

Similar to its 5kW cousin below, Mitsubishi offers its advanced Inverter Technology to ensure that your household is cooled quickly, as well as the i-save technology to help you keep track of your preferences. This model comes with a remote control, but is also compatible with Mitsubishi’s Wi-Fi interface which you can buy separately. This 3.5kW model was rated 3.5 stars for cooling energy efficiency and 4.5 stars for heating energy efficiency. To further sweeten the deal, Mitsubishi also has a five-year warranty on its air conditioners, ensuring consumers are kept cool for the next few summers at the very least.

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