End of Financial Year Clothes Dryer Sales


The beloved clothes dryer may just be the unsung hero of your household when you need your washing dried and its not ideal weather outside. It’s particularly prominent during those winter months when the school uniforms and work shirts are in demand and natural drying simply takes too long, but even during the rainy summer months your clothes dryer will come to the rescue – think big nights out and favourite outfits still damp. If you’re won over by the thought of a clothes dryer, or just need a new one, the end of financial year sales could provide the ideal opportunity to bag a bargain, with retailers usually cutting their price tags. Read on for Canstar Blue’s guide to EOFY clothes dryer sales.

Clothes Dryer Sales

Australian households spend an average of about $633 on their new clothes dryers, our research shows. For that price you’ll typically find standard 5kg-6kg capacity dryers, which should be big enough for most families. The downside is that cheap clothes dryers often mean low energy-efficiency ratings, which will result in higher running costs over time. Nevertheless, they should get their basic job done – drying your clothes. The brands featured in our annual customer ratings for clothes dryers include Simpson, Bosch, Fisher & Paykel, Electrolux and LG, so let’s see what they have to offer this EOFY sales time.

Simpson SDV401 4kg Vented Dryer

Simpson SDV401 4kg Vented Dryer – $329

Simpson is one of the cheapest brands around when it comes to clothes dryers, but it’s also deemed good value for money. The Simpson 4kg vented dryer has a recommended retail price of $479 but can be found for an even cheaper price this EOFY sales time. It may not have the highest energy-efficiency rating (just 1.5 stars) but it does offer a straightforward design without any nonsense. According to the Standard Test, it should add around $55 to your annual electricity bill each year. It’s a suitable size for a household of two to three people and if you’re tight on space, it’s also wall-mountable.

In terms of design features, you can expect a stainless steel drum, a child safety lock door and a simple rotary dial control that allows you to select the drying time and start the cycle. It’s boasted for reverse tumbling action – where the drum alternates between spinning clockwise, and anti-clockwise, to reduce the chances of clothes tangling. It features a delicates cycle with a lower temperature setting, which is claimed to ensure that delicates are dried gently and effectively. The ‘Auto Cool Down’ setting is part of the final drying cycle and is stated to help to reduce creasing.

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Bosch WTA74200AU 7kg Serie 4 Vented Dryer

Bosch WTA74200AU 7kg Serie 4 Vented Dryer – $649

Bosch has a wide range of clothes dryers that typically sit in the premium price category. However, you can find the Bosch 7kg vented dryer for under $700 this EOFY sales time. The 7kg capacity is most suited for a household of three or four people. It might not have the same energy-efficiency score as the higher end Bosch dryers – two stars in total – but you can still expect similar features and technology with this model. You can expect it to add around $84 onto your electricity bill each year.

The main features of this model include ‘moisture sensors’ that are claimed to help reduce over-drying, and the uniquely-sculpted side panels, said to minimise noise levels by absorbing the dryer’s vibrations. There are a number of cycles to choose from, such as cottons, synthetics, sportswear and towels. It also allows you to set your own timed program with options of warm drying or cool airing. The 24-hour delay start time might also come in handy if you want to make use of the off-peak energy times.

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Fisher Paykel DE8060P2 8kg Condenser Dryer

Fisher & Paykel DE8060P2 8kg Condenser Dryer – $916

Fisher & Paykel has one of the largest ranges of dryers, with prices to suit most budgets. You can pick up the 8kg Fisher & Paykel condenser dryer for less than $1,000 this EOFY sales time. Similarly to the other brands above, it has a low energy-efficiency rating of two stars, which in turn should add around $103 to your annual energy costs. Nevertheless it’s a large capacity unit, suitable for a household of four or more people.

The Fisher & Paykel model features 11 drying programs, with a delay start system that allows you to set a start time most convenient for you. It’s also boasted for automatic moisture sensors inside the drum that shut off the cycle to prevent any over-drying of your clothes. Additionally, you’ll find an automatic cooldown function as part of the cycle for extra safety. It also comes with a drying rack for any items you don’t want to tumble around, such as your shoes or backpacks.

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LG TD-C902H 9kg Heat Pump Hybrid Dryer

LG TD-C902H 9kg Heat Pump Hybrid Dryer – $1,635

A bit higher on the pricing spectrum, the LG 9kg heat pump dryer is typically priced at $2,700, but can be found for around $1,600 during sales periods. Heat pump dryers are known for long-term energy savings because of their high star ratings. This model boasts SEVEN stars, meaning it should add less than $50 to your annual power bill. So, if you’re in the market for a high end clothes dryer, you might like to consider this LG 9kg dryer. The 9kg capacity would be suitable for large households of four or more people.

For the additional price you can expect 14 washing programs as well as an Eco mode to help lower those electricity bills even further. It’s designed with a stainless steel drum and an LED light inside, if you want to keep an eye on your clothes while they’re tumbling around. It might entertain the kids for a bit. It also has in-built moisture sensors to monitor the heat exchange, and control the drying time, as well as the temperature. It also comes with a drying rack for any items you don’t want to tumble. What’s more, you can even connect the dryer to LG’s Smart ThinQ app and remotely monitor your drying and troubleshoot any errors from your smartphone.

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Electrolux EDV6552 6.5kg Vented Dryer

Electrolux EDV6552 6.5kg Vented Dryer – $487

This 6.5kg Electrolux vented dryer ($699 RRP) is currently one of the highest-rated dryers on Appliances Online, with an average consumer score of 4.7 stars after more than 40 reviews! Despite the low cost, it has a reasonable two star energy efficiency rating, likely adding around $85 to your electricity bills each year. Nevertheless, it features a number of functions to help get the job done.

The model is equipped with a delay start function as well as several drying programs including a delicate, anti-crease and quick dry cycle. It’s also boasted for the ‘Sensor Dry’ program to gently and precisely dry your clothes. Being the parent company of Simpson, Electrolux clothes dryers feature the same reverse tumbling system to reduce clothes from tangling. For safety, it has a child lock and can be wall mounted to save on space.

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Should you buy a clothes dryer this EOFY sales time?

If you’re in the market for a new clothes dryer, then the EOFY sales time might prove to be a good time to score yourself a nice bargain. This large household appliance is typically a long-term investment, so it would be wise to look around and save a few dollars if you can. When deciding on which clothes dryer to go with, you might like to consider the capacity, features and the energy-efficiency rating, along with the actual purchase price. Keep your households needs in mind and try to find the best dryer to match them at the right price. To see which brands received the highest ratings in our latest consumer review, follow the link below.

Clothes Dryer Reviews

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