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Electrolux ComfortLift Dishwasher Review

Electrolux ComfortLift Dishwasher Review

Posted by January 27th 2021

If you’ve had enough of bending over to load your dishwasher, read Canstar Blue’s review of the Electrolux ComfortLift.

Natural oven Cleaners

A guide to natural oven cleaner

Posted by May 28th 2019

As they’re designed to make quick work of some of the toughest and most neglected messes and stains in the home, oven cleaners can contain some pretty rough ingredients. That leaves you with two options …

Miele Artline Appliances Reviewed

Miele ArtLine Kitchen Appliances Review

Posted by January 29th 2021

Sleek and functional appliances designed to integrate fully into your kitchen, the ArtLine range by Miele combines tech and trend.

RogerSeller Eccentric Taps Reviewed

The ‘Eccentric’ tapware for your home

Posted by February 18th 2022

Interesting doesn’t need to mean complicated. The latest tap mixer design by Rogerseller offers something different yet simple.

New Bosch Hero FlameSelect Reviewed

Bosch FlameSelect Gas Cooktop Review

Posted by January 29th 2021

The best of gas cooking combined with the fine controls of electric cooktops. Explore how the FlameSelect cooktop can make cooking easier.

Double Ovens Buying Guide

Seeing double: A guide to double ovens

Posted by March 3rd 2022

Getting all of your cooking done with one oven can be a challenge. Could a double oven halve your cooking woes? Find out more at Canstar Blue.

The real cost of cooking your dinner

Posted by March 11th 2022

Ovens are the centrepiece of the kitchen, and if you’re a master of one then we salute you. But what is an oven costing you in energy? Find out at Canstar Blue.