How to recycle your old vacuum cleaner

Should I recycle my vacuum cleaner?

Once your vacuum reaches its expiry date, the first thing you’ll be thinking of is where to buy your next one from, not where to recycle the old one. Although it may feel tedious, recycling your vacuum can help the environment instead of sending it straight to landfill. But where do you start to look, and how can you recycle your vacuum? We’ve put together a handy guide to take you through the process of recycling your vacuum cleaner.

How can I recycle my old vacuum cleaner?

It’s not hard to recycle your old vacuum cleaner. You  can recycle your vacuum cleaner by donating it (if it isn’t completely broken), sell it for parts, wait for your local council’s kerbside collection, or drop it off at an e-waste site, with many of the materials used in making a vacuum cleaner actually able to be broken down and reused. 

However, before you decide as to whether you need to offload your vacuum cleaner, follow the below steps to determine the best course of action: 

  • Double check the warranty: If it’s within warranty, you’re in luck! Otherwise check to see if the issue is fixable or if it’s just a new part needed. 
  • Prep your vacuum: If it has well and truly died, collect all its parts and give it a quick clean out. 
  • Weigh up your options: Figure out what the next step may be. If it is still possibly salvageable, taking it to a charity store may be best, or listing it to sell for parts. If it’s headed for the bin then do some research into where your nearest e-waste recycling depot is.  

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Where can I recycle my old vacuum?

Nationally there are a large range of private companies that are happy to take in any orphan appliances and recycle them. Whether they are free or not is another question. Many states are going green and now offer free ways to recycle e-waste, with Planet Ark’s a comprehensive database on where you can recycle e-waste nationwide.

Australian Capital Territory

The ACT has a host of e-waste recycling programs available. However, the ACT government states vacuum cleaners that are at the end of their life are to be disposed in landfill, with working models able to be recycled at retailers such as Godfreys, or other drop-off points such as The Green Shed. 

New South Wales

The City of Sydney offers a comprehensive website on how to recycle e-waste in the city, and hosts E-Waste Drop off Days at the Sydney Park Depot on various days throughout the year. 

The Northern Territory

Sadly, the NT and City of Darwin are a little lacking when it comes to e-waste recycling facilities. All states and territories are under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme, but that doesn’t cover larger white goods like vacuum cleaners.


Southeast Queensland is well-covered when it comes to recycling e-waste. In Brisbane, residents can take their vacuum cleaner to the marked e-waste recycling bins at transfer stations, for free. The Gold Coast has free e-waste recycling depots across the city, with a few run by the Endeavour Foundation, who will donate appliances in good working order. The Sunshine Coast also has a number of e-waste recycling facilities.

South Australia

In South Australia, you can use the East Waste website to find out which bin you can recycle in and what facilities are in your area. By typing in your postcode you can find the nearest centre to recycle your e-waste.


Boasting the moniker ‘The Green State’, it might be unsurprising that Tasmania has e-waste facilities ‘littered’ all over the state. Specifically, these councils offer comprehensive information about where you can recycle e-waste in their respective jurisdictions:


Sustainability Victoria provides information on e-waste recycling and uses Planet Ark to search your postcode to find your nearest recycling centre. 

Western Australia

The WA Government and councils in the state have a number of schemes in place to tackle e-waste recycling. There is a permanent e-waste recycling facility located in Balcatta, just outside of Perth. National Recycling Week in 2023 is on between 13-19 November. It’s an important week in our social calendar to learn about how to recycle every imaginable appliance and gadget, and how to take better care of the environment.

Is it worth recycling my vacuum cleaner?

Doing your bit for the environment doesn’t have to be complicated and time consuming. Recycling your old vacuum cleaner is as simple as taking it to an e-waste facility near you or donating to a charity shop – simple! And now you have all the tools you need, it’s time to see what you can do about that old vacuum collecting dust in the cupboard before looking at purchasing a new one. And if you’re in the market for a new one, check out our vacuum cleaner ratings to see what brands are available.   

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