Kelseigh Wrigley

Kelseigh Wrigley Kelseigh Wrigley covers Australia's retail energy market, growing her industry specific expertise over the last 2 years. She holds a Bachelor of Journalism at the Queensland University of Technology and has contributed her skills to online publications Hunter & Bligh and local radio station 4ZZZ.

Birds eye view of houses with actewagl and origin logos

ActewAGL vs Origin Energy: Electricity Cost Comparison

Posted by February 12th 2024

Does Origin make a case against ActewAGL as the undisputed king of energy in Canberra, or is Origin’s stake to claim outside of the ACT in New South Wales? In this matchup we put both …

Aerial view of Canberra city with ActewAgl and EnergyAustralia logos

ActewAGL vs EnergyAustralia: Electricity Cost Comparison

Posted by February 12th 2024

While ActewAGL is undeniably a heavyweight in the nation’s capital, how does EnergyAustralia rank in terms of price and value? Canberrans know how to spot a good deal when they see one, which is why …

Canberra (ACT) Electricity Guide

Canberra (ACT) Electricity Guide

Posted by February 12th 2024

Once a regulated energy state, Canberra has since seen a number of reforms passed regarding the state of its electricity offers. From implementing 100% renewable energy infrastructure to introducing its own 'capped' price for power …

House with solar panels and QLD solar feed-in tariffs

Solar Feed-In Tariffs QLD

Posted by February 8th 2024

From Coolangatta to Cairns and Toowoomba to Mt Isa, Queensland is a hotbed for sunshine, which explains why solar installations are through the roof right now. While there’s little debate over the benefits of solar …

Solar panels on house roof

Solar Feed-In Tariffs Victoria

Posted by February 8th 2024

There are so many reasons to install solar panels in Victoria, but most people just want to know how much they’ll be able to save on energy bills. Despite a plethora of contributing factors to …

Solar feed-in tariffs Compared

Best Solar Feed-In Tariffs in Australia

Posted by February 8th 2024

A guide to finding the best deal on solar. Canstar Blue compares feed-in tariffs from Australia’s leading energy retailers.

Home with solar panels on roof

Solar Feed-In Tariffs NSW

Posted by February 8th 2024

To cut a long story short, solar feed-in tariffs (FiTs) are similar to the ‘Return and Earn’ scheme in NSW, where people return containers in exchange for a refund. However, instead of being refunded cash, …

Simply Energy Motoring Club Deals (NRMA)

Posted by February 8th 2024

Simply Energy has teamed up with auto clubs in NSW, VIC, QLD and SA to give customers even greater value. But is there a catch?

Tesla electric vehicle driving on road

OVO Energy giving away keys to a brand-new Tesla

Posted by February 1st 2024

EV lovers rejoice! OVO Energy is once again giving away a brand-new Tesla to one lucky customer who makes the switch to the provider. The promotion not only includes a Tesla Model 3, but also $2,000 in energy …

Queensland Energy Rates Explained

Posted by March 1st 2024

Since retail electricity prices were deregulated in 2016, south-east Queensland has experienced a surge in competition. With more than 20 energy retailers open for business in the Sunshine State, it’s no wonder Queenslanders aren’t settling …