Kelseigh Wrigley

Kelseigh Wrigley Kelseigh Wrigley is an energy content producer at Canstar Blue, covering all things consumer related. As a qualified journalist, Kelseigh aims to light the way for everyday Aussies, helping them find a better deal on their energy plan. Whether it's value for money, new incentives, deals on gas or solar, Kelseigh is keen to help customers put money back in their pockets.

Australian dollars next to cardboard cut out of a house.

Victoria: How to apply for a $250 cash back on energy bills

Posted by October 21st 2021

The Victorian government is encouraging residents to apply for a $250 cash back on energy bills as part of a $797 million household relief package. The ‘$250 Power Saving Bonus’ was introduced in February this year …

Man cheerfully driving a car

South Australian support for electric vehicles shifts up a gear

Posted by October 20th 2021

A recent survey from a leading motoring group found that more than three quarters of South Australians would consider buying an electric vehicle (EV). The Royal Automobile Association (RAA) revealed that 78 per cent of 550 …

new pool yellow raft

How to reduce swimming pool energy costs

Posted by October 21st 2021

Swimming pools are a quintessential feature of the Aussie home, but they use up a hefty amount of electricity. Here’s how to save money.

Launceston in Tasmania view of houses

CovaU Energy is now a choice for homes and businesses in Tasmania

Posted by October 21st 2021

A new electricity provider has landed in Tasmania that’s focused on delivering competitive prices along with good old-fashioned customer service. CovaU Energy is now the seventh power retailer to enter the island state, which is already …

Pool Cover buying guide

Pool Covers Buying Guide

Posted by October 19th 2021

As we spring into summer (or should we say dive) we need to start thinking logistics – how on earth are we going to stay cool? If you own a pool – congratulations, you’re already …

Wind turbines on hillside on farm

What is renewable energy and how does it work in Australia?

Posted by December 1st 2021

It seems these days that everyone is talking about renewable energy, whether it be politicians, journalists, or even your neighbour down the street. With other countries slowly building up their renewable energy resources it seems …

inverter article hero

A guide to solar inverters

Posted by November 15th 2021

A guide to solar inverters. Canstar Blue looks at the best solar inverters, how they work, what they do and how much they cost.