Kelseigh Wrigley

Kelseigh Wrigley Kelseigh Wrigley was a content producer at Canstar Blue for three years until 2024, most recently as an Energy Specialist. She holds a Bachelor of Journalism from the Queensland University of Technology.

Winter Heating Costs Explained

Winter heating costs explained

Posted by May 21st 2024

As the mercury falls and Aussies begin to dust off their heaters, it’s time to think ahead to your winter energy bill. So to help customers better understand their electricity and gas usage for this …

turn on heater

A guide to energy efficient heating in 2024

Posted by May 21st 2024

Keeping your home warm is essential for getting through the chilly winter months. But balancing your comfort in the cooler months with the inevitable rise in your power bills can be difficult, especially if you're …

Compare Natural Gas Prices in NSW

Compare Natural Gas Prices in NSW

Posted by May 14th 2024

New South Wales has more than 1.3 million natural gas customers, and if you’re one of them, you’ve probably noticed that gas isn’t as cheap as it was just a few years ago. Finding a …

Solar panels on a roof with sun rising in the background

3-phase solar systems: Everything you need to know

Posted by May 7th 2024

If you’re deep into your research around home solar systems, then there's a good chance you’ve stumbled across the term ‘3-phase power’ or ‘3-phase solar’. Renowned for its higher capacity, 3-phase solar may seem like …

Solar panels on house

What is the best direction for solar panels in Australia?

Posted by May 6th 2024

There's plenty of things to consider when installing solar panels, such as their long-term power savings, the brand and type of panels to purchase and how many you need. Your choice of installer also needs …

Solar tiles on a roof

Solar roof tiles: Everything you need to know

Posted by May 3rd 2024

Rooftop solar panels aren’t a great fit for every property.  Some roofs can’t support their bulky design, or are positioned in a way that means they can’t be used. Other buildings can’t have solar panels …

How a ‘controlled load' tariff can save you money

What is a controlled load?

Posted by April 30th 2024

Controlled loads are a popular electricity tariff. But what is it and how much can it save you on electricity. Read more at Canstar Blue.

Perth city skyline

Understanding the WA energy market

Posted by April 22nd 2024

Canstar Blue explains the Western Australian electricity and gas market. Read everything you need to know at Canstar Blue.

Birds eye view of houses with actewagl and origin logos

ActewAGL vs Origin Energy: Electricity Cost Comparison

Posted by April 4th 2024

Does Origin make a case against ActewAGL as the undisputed king of energy in Canberra, or is Origin’s stake to claim outside of the ACT in New South Wales? In this matchup we put both …

Aerial view of Canberra city with ActewAgl and EnergyAustralia logos

ActewAGL vs EnergyAustralia: Electricity Cost Comparison

Posted by April 4th 2024

While ActewAGL is undeniably a heavyweight in the nation’s capital, how does EnergyAustralia rank in terms of price and value? Canberrans know how to spot a good deal when they see one, which is why …