Tahnee-Jae Lopez-Vito

Tahnee-Jae Lopez-Vito Tahnee-Jae Lopez-Vito is a Canstar Blue journalist specialising in home, technology, skincare and grooming. She is studying a double degree in Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Laws (Honours) at the Queensland University of Technology and wants to help consumers make better-informed decisions.

Smart Fridges

Smart Fridges Buying Guide

Posted by May 8th 2019

Is it a butler? Is it a personal assistant? No, it’s a smart fridge – and it’s pretty darn cool. Let’s be honest, refrigerators haven’t always been the sexist appliance in the home. From retro-style …

Child Safe Ovens

How to pick the best child-safe oven

Posted by May 8th 2019

Having a bun in the oven can stress any parent out. From preventing small eager fingers pressing on hot oven doors, to stopping curious young cooks toying with stovetop controls, we all need to know …

Cold Brew Coffee Making Guide

Cold Brew Coffee Machines Buying Guide

Posted by May 8th 2019

Waiting in a long line of indecisive customers just to order the same old watered-down iced latte? Bean there, done that. Quench your thirst with something different – like a homemade cold-brewed coffee. And no, …

Sofa Beds Buying Guide

Sofa Beds Buying Guide

Posted by May 28th 2019

If only the three little bears had a sofa bed in their cottage, the fairytale might have had a happier ending and given Goldilocks a nice space of her own. But even she knows it …

How to use parental controls on your iPhone or iPad

Posted by January 16th 2019

Thinking of giving your child a hand-me-down iPhone? Planning to buy an iPad to share with the whole family? Or maybe you just need to use your iOS device to keep your little one occupied …

Netflix increases prices in U.S. but Aussies are let off

Posted by August 5th 2019

Netflix viewers in the U.S. are coming to terms with an increase in Netflix subscription costs, but Aussies appear to have been spared – at least for now. While Aussies have always complained about missing out …

Coffee Machine Buying Guide

Espresso Coffee Machine Buying Guide

Posted by May 8th 2019

There's a domestic coffee machine for all levels of barista expertise. But which to buy? Read on for our coffee machine buying guide.

Smartphone Batteries Compared

Posted by July 10th 2019

Some might say they experience true horror when low battery causes their phone to suddenly black out during a Netflix binge. But if brands are constantly claiming their devices can survive all day, why do …

How do you delete apps on Samsung phones?

Posted by July 3rd 2019

Low on phone storage capacity and don’t want to delete anymore photos? Make room by erasing any unwanted, or barely used, apps taking up space. Keep in mind that Samsung smartphones come with default apps …

How can I find my lost iPhone?

Posted by January 11th 2019

From important calendar events and the contact details of business clients, to the digital photo library storing our most special moments, smartphones hold so much of what we need to function in everyday life. It’s …