Tahnee-Jae Lopez-Vito

Tahnee-Jae Lopez-Vito Tahnee-Jae Lopez-Vito is a Canstar Blue journalist looking to make ‘cents’ of all things retail. She’s also passionate about making everyone’s day a little brighter, bringing light to as much good news and other useful tips and tricks when it comes to home & lifestyle. Armed with a Double Degree of Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from the Queensland University of Technology, Tahnee-Jae aims to help Aussies create better-informed decisions and avoid suffering costly disasters.

End of Financial Year vacuum & steam mop sales

Posted by June 8th 2020

The end of financial year – which falls on June 30 – can prove to be an ideal time to look out for sales on household appliances, including vacuums and steam mops. Many retailers tend …

Best cheap affordable healthy meal delivery kits families singles couples review

Meal delivery kits you can get for under $200 per week

Posted by June 24th 2020

Sometimes life can cook up a few inconveniences, whether it’s a busy schedule, empty supermarket shelves, or a health pandemic forcing many of us to stay home. So, how can we get enough grub to …

How much data does YouTube use?

Posted by June 1st 2020

{:en}Gone are the days of slow dial-up internet connections and blurry 144p YouTube clips. Now, the popular video streaming giant offers more playback-quality options and lets its viewers watch the latest blockbuster trailer or viral …

Frozen 2 Disney Plus Australia

Frozen 2 hits Disney+ three months early

Posted by April 1st 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic forces some of us to stay home, Disney has announced it is releasing the hugely popular Frozen 2 movie to streaming platform Disney+ three months early to surprise families with “some …

Vegan MILO Plant-Based Dairy Alternative available Australia supermarkets

Victory! Vegan Aussies can scoop up plant-based Milo

Posted by April 24th 2020

It hasn’t been long since McDonald’s dished up the McVeggie Burger and Hungry Jack’s started serving its own vegan burger and breakfast muffin – and let’s not forget Four n’ Twenty’s not-so-meaty meat-free pie. But …