Tahnee-Jae Lopez-Vito

Tahnee-Jae Lopez-Vito Tahnee-Jae Lopez-Vito is a Canstar Blue journalist looking to make ‘cents’ of all things retail. She’s also passionate about making everyone’s day a little brighter, bringing light to as much good news and other useful tips and tricks when it comes to home & lifestyle. Armed with a Double Degree of Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from the Queensland University of Technology, Tahnee-Jae aims to help Aussies create better-informed decisions and avoid suffering costly disasters.

Facial steaming

Face steamers: Are they worth it?

Posted by October 15th 2021

Getting a good facial involves more than just a few slices of cucumber for your eyes and painting your face with egg whites. Taking care of your skin and achieving a healthy glow sometimes involves …

How to clean your TV screen

Your guide on how to clean your TV screen (the right way!)

Posted by October 13th 2021

How to clean a television and other types of electronics isn’t so black and white, but it’s important to get right. Thankfully, compared to other items around the house, cleaning a flat-screen TV requires the …

Domino’s fans melt over new cheesy Vegemite pizza

Posted by October 12th 2021

Cheesy Vegemite pizza is here! Domino's launched the new pizza flavour this week and it's already proving to be a hit (mostly). 'Happy little pizza-mites' can now enjoy the classic creamy taste of mozzarella with the …

how to clean a microwave

Your guide on how to clean a microwave

Posted by October 8th 2021

Ever opened your microwave to find a mini food explosion inside with red pasta sauce everywhere? Or perhaps the exterior of your trusty kitchen appliance is looking less white and more of a faded shade …

How to clean white shoes

Your guide on how to clean white shoes

Posted by October 7th 2021

Kicking up a fuss over grassy stains on your new sneakers? Or is your footwear looking a little grey after navigating the concrete jungle? Don’t worry, we’ve got a few quick hacks to help you …

Woolworths Everyday Market

Woolworths launches new online marketplace ‘Everyday Market’

Posted by October 11th 2021

The battle of the supermarkets is heating up with Woolworths launching an online marketplace, in addition to its online groceries offering. This will see Woolies compete with other one-stop-shop stores like ALDI and Costco, although customers …

Kayo sports app

How much data does Kayo use?

Posted by October 6th 2021

Kayo is winning over Australian audiences by running live and on-demand sports content from channels like ESPN, beIN SPORTS and Fox Sports. But even your data needs a break after a few games on Kayo. …