natural solar

About Natural Solar

Natural Solar is an Australian owned retailer of solar products in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. The company considers itself to be a forward-thinking collective which believes in accurate, transparent and unbiased information to help its customers make the right decision.

Natural Solar claims its primary objective is to give its customers the highest quality products at the lowest prices. It uses Clean Energy Council accredited solar installers and says all its solar products are only purchased from tier 1 manufacturers.

What Natural Solar offers

Natural Solar offers a very wide range of solar panels, inverters and monitoring devices for both homes and businesses. Natural Solar is also one of the first Australian retailers to offer the Tesla Powerwall to its customers.

The Tesla Powerwall is offered in four packages, in 5kWh and 6kWh sizes with either a SolarEdge Hybrid inverter or a Fronius Symo Hybrid Inverter. Both inverters have standard energy conversion functionality, though in addition, the SolarEdge manages battery and system energy, while the Fronius Symo can serve as a small storage battery.

Natural Solar Managing Director Chris Williams said he is hoping to offer customers a 5kW Fronius hybrid inverter for around $13,990 or $14,990 for a 6kW solar system, with added meter costs. Coupling the Powerwall with a 5kW SolarEdge system would cost slightly more, at $15,390. At the time of writing, Natural Solar is offering these packages on special, waiving the standard 10% deposit.

These prices are just an estimate and may vary considerably depending on where you live. To find out how much a Natural Solar system will cost, you will need to contact the company for a quote.

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