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AGL vs Kleenheat: Natural Gas Cost Comparison

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Natural gas competition is on fire in Western Australia, as a handful of suppliers battle to be the cheapest with some huge discounts frequently on offer. In fact, WA is known for having some of the country’s biggest gas discounts, which is great for customers chasing a better deal. And considering that discounts are applied to pretty much the same rates across the board (thanks to the regulated price cap), it’s easy to find the best deal.

Considering customers in the west don’t get to choose their electricity provider, Western Australians can at least pick their natural gas supplier. That’s why we’re comparing AGL and Kleenheat based on plans, prices, as well as other incentives that add to their overall value. As these two gas suppliers go toe-to-toe, you’ll be able to see which offers a product best-suited to your personal circumstances.

AGL vs Kleenheat – Cheapest Gas Deals

Here are the cheapest published deals currently on our database for AGL and Kleenheat in Western Australia, with any conditional discounts factored in.

Western Australia – quick comparison

Here are the AGL and Kleenheat gas deals on our database for WA. These estimated annual costs are based on the ATCO Gas Network in Perth and yearly gas usage of 7,672 (units), but prices may vary depending on your circumstances. We show products from each retailer, listed in order of lowest estimated cost. This table includes products from a referral partner†. Our database may not cover all deals in your area, and please check retailer websites for up to date information.

About AGL

AGL is one of the ‘big three’ energy retailers in Australia, best known for its 24/7 phone support as well as its exclusive rewards program. Customers can generally choose from three gas plans in WA, all of which differ to suit personal needs. Here are some key features of AGL:

  • Large retailer offering big discounts off gas usage and supply charges
  • Access to AGL Rewards – a program packed with benefits and discounts to over 55 participating brands nationally
  • Variable rates for gas customers

About Kleenheat

Kleenheat is part of the Westfarmers Group, which includes retail brands like Bunnings, Kmart, Target and Officeworks. This gas supplier is notorious for headlining big conditional discounts, as well as having no exit fees or lock-in contracts. Below are some key features of Kleenheat:

  • Customer service and support based locally in WA
  • Flexible monthly or quarterly billing options with specific plans
  • Receive a welcome bonus when switching to an eligible plan, which includes flybuys points or a retailer gift card

Should I sign up to AGL or Kleenheat?

With plenty of experience in the retail gas market in WA, AGL and Kleenheat are both reasonable choices. If discounts sway your decision, then these two companies deliver, but just make sure you fulfil each condition that entitles you to a percentage off your next gas bill. Otherwise you could be paying more for gas than you need to. It’s important to reiterate that AGL and Kleenheat are not your only options, which is where our gas comparison tool can help.

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