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Kleenheat Review and Rates

Kleenheat has a long history in the Australian gas industry with 60 years of retailing and distributing LPG and LNG behind it. But in 2013, Kleenheat expanded into the residential WA natural gas retail market, stepping up as the first major challenger to Alinta Energy’s monopoly.

Kleenheat now serves thousands of residential and business natural gas customers connected to the distribution network between Geraldton, Perth and Busselton. Kleenheat’s retail service is claimed to be characterised by down to earth service and unmatched discounts. In this review, we look at Kleenheat’s products and prices to help decide whether Kleenheat is the right gas provider for you.

Kleenheat Gas Plans

Kleenheat has three natural gas products in WA – the Standard Form Contract, the Monthly Smart Saver and the Monthly Energiser. All three products charge the same usage and supply rates, however there are some differences elaborated below.

  • Standard Form Contract: As the name suggests, this product is Kleenheat’s standard product. Customers on this plan receive a 12.5% discount on gas usage charges when their bill is paid on time. Bills are issued quarterly by mail or email. Customers may pay using either BPAY, MasterCard, Visa or AMEX. There is no contract term, so customers are free to leave if they choose.
  • Monthly Smart Saver: Customers on this plan receive their bills by email and pay monthly using direct debit. In exchange, they receive a 25% discount off gas usage charges every bill for two years. Once again there is no contract term or exit fee, so you’re free to leave if you’re not happy.
  • Monthly Energiser: This plan beefs up the conditional discount to 35% for the first 12 months, before reverting back to 25% for the next 12 months. Like the Smart Saver plan, customers must receive bills via email, pay by direct debit and pay monthly.

RAC members can also enjoy an extra 3% off their natural gas usage charges.

If you’re not connected to a gas network, then Kleenheat has you covered. It delivers LPG across most of Western Australia. Order online and you will receive a neat 5% discount.

Kleenheat Rewards

If you switch to Kleenheat’s Monthly Smart Saver or Standard Form Contract, you will receive one of the following rewards of your choice:

  • $50 Kmart Gift Card
  • $50 Target Gift Card
  • $50 Natural Gas Credit
  • $50 Bunnings Gift Card
  • 10,000 flybuys Points

In addition, customers can collect one flybuys point per $1 spent on their home natural gas bill.

Other Kleenheat Services

Kleenheat has been around long before it launched its natural gas retail services.  It produces Kwik-Gas canisters said to be ideal for barbecues and outdoor heating. It also sells Autogas and specialty gases for business.

Kleenheat is also an electricity retailer for contestable customers on the SWIS network. Businesses using more than 50MWh of electricity per year can sign up their electricity with Kleenheat.

Is Kleenheat right for me?

Kleenheat is one of only three retailers in the Western Australia gas market. Although gas rates are almost identical across gas companies, Kleenheat’s Monthly Smart Saver 25% discount is the largest there currently is in the market, potentially making it the most affordable gas retailer. To receive this discount however, you must be comfortable with Kleenheat automatically withdrawing money from your account.

Of course, big discounts don’t tell the whole story. To find the right retailer, be sure to compare gas companies using Canstar Blue’s satisfaction ratings.

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