Natural Gas Suppliers & Prices

Natural Gas Prices in Victoria

Compare Natural Gas Prices in Victoria

Posted by October 13th 2021

Find the cheapest natural gas supplier in Victoria using Canstar Blue’s guide. We calculate gas retailer prices to show you how to save.

Electricity Price Rises & Changes

Electricity Price Rises & Changes

Posted by October 13th 2021

Keep up to date with new electricity plans, rates and discounts with Canstar Blue. We compare energy prices across NSW, QLD, VIC and SA.

Energy Switching Myths Debunked

Energy Switching Myths Debunked

Posted by September 30th 2021

Switching energy providers is not as complicated as you may think. Canstar Blue explores common questions and misconceptions.

Compare Natural Gas Prices in NSW

Compare Natural Gas Prices in NSW

Posted by September 22nd 2021

New South Wales has more than 1.3 million natural gas customers, and if you’re one of them, you’ve probably noticed that gas isn’t as cheap as it was just a few years ago. Finding a …

Electricity bill and light bulb

Energy Tariffs and Charges Explained

Posted by September 27th 2021

Looking for a better electricity plan? Make sure you understand the tariffs and charges that are in your electricity contract.

Young lady looking disappointed at laptop screen

How to dispute your energy bill

Posted by September 16th 2021

Just when it seems your budget is in order, the energy bill arrives. Wait, surely those numbers can’t be right… Did I really use that much power this quarter, or is something amiss here from …

Lumo Ameego Rewards

What is Lumo Rewards?

Posted by September 28th 2021

Lumo Energy is giving customers access to a range of rewards in new loyalty program, Lumo Ameego. Canstar Blue review.