Natural Gas Suppliers & Prices

The largest energy companies in Australia

Posted by August 6th 2020

You’ve probably heard about the ‘big four’ banks when it comes to finance, but what about the ‘big three’ in energy? We’re referring to Origin Energy, AGL and EnergyAustralia, who currently have the largest retail …

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How to claim your energy bills back on tax

Posted by July 2nd 2020

It’s tax time, and it’s safe to say we’re all a bit confused about how to go about claiming things back on our next tax return. With so many of us working from home (WFH), …

solar power in Queensland

A guide to solar power in Queensland

Posted by August 6th 2020

What is the price of solar in Queensland and should you buy? Canstar Blue looks at what Queenslanders need to know about solar.

Solar feed-in tariffs Compared

A comparison of solar feed-in tariffs

Posted by August 6th 2020

A guide to finding the best deal on solar. Canstar Blue compares feed-in tariffs from Australia’s leading energy retailers.

A guide to solar power in NSW

Posted by August 6th 2020

New South Wales solar costs, tariffs and benefits explained. Canstar Blue guides you through the NSW solar market.

Perth Energy Prices compared

Perth Electricity Prices Compared

Posted by July 21st 2020

Compare electricity tariffs and prices in the Perth area of Western Australia to find the cheapest deal for your household’s needs.

Electricity Price Rises & Changes

Electricity Price Rises & Changes

Posted by August 5th 2020

Keep up to date with new electricity plans, rates and discounts with Canstar Blue. We compare energy prices across NSW, QLD, VIC and SA.

Compare Natural Gas Prices in Queensland

Posted by August 6th 2020

The Sunshine State has roughly 187,000 natural gas customers, and if you’re one of them, you may have noticed there aren’t as many suppliers compared to the other eastern states. Despite having fewer gas providers …