Natural Gas Suppliers & Prices

Electricity Price Rises & Changes

Electricity Price Rises & Changes

Posted by December 10th 2019

Keep up to date with new electricity plans, rates and discounts with Canstar Blue. We compare energy prices across NSW, QLD, VIC and SA.

Electricity bill and light bulb

Energy Tariffs and Charges Explained

Posted by October 31st 2019

Looking for a better electricity plan? Make sure you understand the tariffs and charges that are in your electricity contract.

Energy Customer Hardship Policies Explained

Posted by October 14th 2019

Experiencing financial hardship and struggling to pay your energy bills? Learn about your rights as a consumer in this Canstar Blue guide.

Red Energy Qantas Points

How to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points with Red Energy

Posted by November 28th 2019

Red Energy has teamed up with Qantas to offer two new electricity and gas products that bring bonus Frequent Flyer points. With the Qantas Red Saver and the Qantas Red Plus, customers can accumulate up …

Switching Gas Suppliers Guide

Posted by September 26th 2019

Whether it’s natural gas or LPG, find out how switching gas suppliers may help you find a better deal. Learn more with Canstar Blue.

Energy companies that no longer exist

The energy brands that no longer exist

Posted by November 18th 2019

Canstar Blue reveals what happened to energy brands that no longer exist, such as Integral Energy, TRUenergy and Country Energy.

Red Energy Rewards

Red Energy Rewards Review

Posted by November 28th 2019

Red Energy gives customers access to a range of discounts with its Red Energy Rewards program. Get all the details at Canstar Blue.

Natural gas vs LPG: What should you get?

Posted by September 25th 2019

Natural gas and LPG are both reliable sources of power, but which is best for your home? Compare LPG and natural gas with Canstar Blue.

solar power in Queensland

A guide to solar power in Queensland

Posted by November 29th 2019

What is the price of solar in Queensland and should you buy? Canstar Blue looks at what Queenslanders need to know about solar.